18 Feelings You Will Have as a College Fresher

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College Fresher

Starting college soon? Congratulations and have a blast! Ever since childhood, we await the first of college. A new life, independence, the world right ahead to explore, and numerous mysteries yet to uncover, college life is heaven on or earth. Being a college fresher is a feat in itself, it comes with new feelings, the need to find one’s identity and live the life one has always dreamt of. If you are starting college soon and looking to know the uncountable new and familiar emotions you are likely to feel like a college fresher, this blog is for you. Dive in, to discover the emotions you are going to experience in a major phase of your life that you have always fantasized about.

Feeling of Trepidation and being Terrified

As a college fresher, the first day of your new life is a landmark day. It is the night before and it is an onslaught of emotions. Trepidation reigns over your heart as you’re scared of what to expect, and whether you’ll like the new feeling. It is normal to feel this way before trying a new thing. Feeling terrified is a natural phenomenon, terrified of what to expect, how to adapt to the new life, and how to make a niche for oneself. Do not stress yourself too much, this will pass!

A Sensation of Anxiety

Can you feel the butterfly in your stomach? Never fear, they will abate once you get used to the new life that awaits you. Before the first day of college, anxiety can rule one’s heart, the anxiety of making new friends, feeling adequate, and liking the college itself.  Everything can feel inordinately newer than it is, and that can cause a sense of anxiety for the unknown.

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Unbound Excitement and Elation

An emotion that predominates the heart of a college fresher alongside trepidation and anxiety is excitement, ‘jump-up-and-down’ excitement. A new beginning, a new life, what’s not exciting? The tripping of the heart because of excitement passes as the moment of officially beginning a college life comes closer. The excitement to make new friends, discover latent talents and explore the world at large is bound to make any college fresher delirious. Happiness knows no bounds, new happenings and opportunities are on their way.

Onrush of Nostalgia

With the new college life starting, bidding adieu to the old school life is at the corner. Nostalgia hits you like never before, as memories from school days, lessons with friends, and every moment spent walking down the corridors of your school come crowding in. Friends moving apart, saying goodbye to every known face and one’s life till then can be hard, to say the least. Nostalgia is but natural in a situation like this and every college fresher has gone through this.

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Feeling Homesick

For all those college freshers living away from the family, goodbyes can be the hardest. On one side there is excitement to meet the people you will be sharing your home with but can anything beat the pain of leaving one’s family? Feeling homesick in the first week is extremely normal and craving for one’s old room, family dinners, or just the feeling of being at one’s home as usual. Everybody is! After all, there’s no place like home.

Overwhelmed and Overpowered by Doubt

The first day of college comes around and for any college fresher, it is a day of being supremely overwhelmed. A new atmosphere, new people, uber-cool everything, and no sense of belongingness can all cause one to be overwhelmed. Following this comes the doubt of being unable to keep pace with it. It is natural to feel self-doubt but know that the power lies in you and you will excel in it.

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Energized and Ready to Take on the World

The first few days of college pass in a blur as any college fresher will tell you and you are ready to take everything in your stride. A high level of enthusiasm prevails and the energy increases with the freshers’ day and the week coming along. Optimism and to accept all the challenges life throws is the new attitude.

Confused and Disoriented

With too many options available and everything changing very fast, feeling confused for a fresher is the natural reaction. Dizzy and disoriented is the sentiment that closely follows with having made numerous decisions in the first few days of college. For a college, fresher making so many decisions together independently can be bewildering.

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Productive- At All Times

For a college fresher, nothing is more hectic than the initial days of college with the need to be a part of every club and every association in existence. The need to prove oneself and make the most of college life is high in any college fresher as it weans to settle in a lull and more feasible schedule gradually.

Curiosity and Need to Try

Being a college fresher comes with the urge to discover the world which was yet out of reach.  New things to discover, new emotions to feel and enjoy the freedom to the fullest. Discovering new things and exploring is great till the time it is done with one’s friends and in the right moderation.

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The Feeling of Belongingness

As days pass, friends become closer and bonds become stronger. As a fresher, finding one’s group and having a sense of belongingness is imperative and that develops as camaraderie grows. The new surrounding feels more like home and the sadness abates. From this point, there is no turning back!

Exhausted and Emotionally Drained

With a new life to settle in, college freshers are often physically and emotionally drained. The copious amount of work, incessant note-making, and endless drafts later, feeling tired is the expected consequence. Trying to cope with the new lifestyle can be tiring and sometimes having a night in, in the bliss of solitude can do the trick.

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Insecurity and Feeling Lonely

Being a new student in the college comes with a host of questions often leading to self-doubt. It is standard to feel a certain degree of self-doubt but know this, you have the ability in you to overcome every hurdle, and sometimes the best way is to spend some time alone with your own self.

Disappointed and Annoyed at Times

Feeling disappointed as a college fresher is nothing new. Life is often not how you expect it to be and the disenchantment can lead to despondency. The repeated same life, the regularity of the course of time, and rigidity in lifestyle can be limiting and can be exasperating, however like every individual you can always exercise your freedom of expression and live the life you dream of.

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At Ease

As days pass, things fall more into place and every doubt evaporates into thin air as life makes more sense. The schedule settles in, the turmoil of emotions subside and life becomes more scheduled. Everything becomes more enjoyable and the diverse opportunities that are thrown one’s way are seized with no hesitation. The worry recedes to the back of the mind and life becomes more pleasurable. Live it up!

How to be Friends with Seniors?

Woah! That seems like a block of tough ice to break, isn’t it? As a fresher in college, this question really makes us feel nervous and anxious. It is obvious that you are adjusting to an altogether new ecosystem and environment and for starters, you will just try not to be around seniors or avoid crossing their paths. However, your seniors will be the ones who will actually understand what you must be going through as a fresher. They will be having answers to all those hundreds of questions that are attacking your brain again and again. So, one way or the other, college freshers have to figure out how they can be friends with their seniors in college. Begin with a simple hello and introduction, and you’ll be amazed at how nice and helpful they can be. Of course, there may be an exception from time to time, but don’t let that discourage you. You will need to make friends with seniors in order to have a nice time at college.

Becoming Socially More Active

If there are any social issues in which you strongly believe, you can participate in them and encourage other students to do the same. It is always beneficial for newcomers to be socially engaged and raise awareness. However, being socially engaged isn’t enough to ensure your college survival. Be engaged in your college to make a difference, to create a unique identity, or to make your presence worthwhile, and you will realize that you can make a difference and meet some wonderful people along the road.

Will I be able to Attend Classes Regularly?

It is yet another question among many questions that will bother you as a college fresher. You would constantly be in a dilemma of attending your classes regularly or bunking lectures and going out with your friends and peers. Let’s just say that bunking classes once in a blue moon is fine, but on the other hand, making it into a habit is totally not acceptable. It is common for students to go crazy in college soon after high school and bunk their classes and lectures.  This might develop a terrible habit and have a negative impact on college freshers or students. Regular attendance will guarantee that you do well and gain a good reputation among your fellow students and instructors at your college.

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Important Things that College Freshers Must Know

Enlisted below are some important things and tips that every college freshman should know and must keep in their mind.

  • Be yourself and don’t be pretentious
  • Research about your college history, the faculty, and departments
  • Follow the college rules and regulations
  • Dress and groom well in college
  • Be well mannered
  • Always respect your faculties and your seniors
  • Don’t forget to respect the helping staff of your college
  • Always gel and mix with like-minded people
  • Help others and seek help if you’re in any trouble
  • Apart from your academics, also take part in extracurricular activities
  • Join college clubs and societies
  • Always know the support staff
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to ENJOY your college life!

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