The Felix Scholarship: Eligibility, Application Process and Benefits of the Scholarship

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The Felix Scholarship

Are you aiming to pursue a postgraduate degree and make a positive impact in your home country? The Felix Scholarship programme helps brilliant students from India and other developing nations. It is offered by well-known universities like Oxford, Reading, and SOAS and covers full tuition coverage and living expenses for a variety of Postgraduate Programs and specialisations. 


Whether your passion lies in Climate Science, International Law, or Sustainable Development, the Felix Scholarship could help you reach your academic potential and fuel positive change. Keep reading to discover about the Felix Scholarship’s eligibility requirements, application process, selection process, and how the Felix Scholarship can help you build your future.

Scholarship Name The Felix Scholarship
Level of StudyPostgraduate (Master’s or PhD)
Target AudienceTalented students from India and other developing countries
AwardFull Coverage
DeadlineFalls in January
Offered UniversitiesUniversity of Oxford, University of Reading, SOAS, and University of London
Official linkhttps://www.felixscholarship.org/

Eligibility Criteria For The Felix Scholarship

The Felix Scholarship has eligibility criteria designed to support academically gifted students facing financial difficulties. Here’s a breakdown of the key eligibility requirements.

  • You’ll need a first-class bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.
  • Must be a citizen of India and not currently residing or studying abroad.
  • You must have a first-class bachelor’s degree from an Indian university.
  • Must be a citizen of a developing country (as classified by the World Bank) and not from an EEA country.
  • You’ll need a first-class bachelor’s degree from a recognised university outside of India.
  • You must show a clear financial need to qualify for the scholarship.
  • The Felix Scholarship aims to support individuals who will return to their home country and contribute their knowledge and skills after completing their studies.
  • There are limitations to past studies abroad.
  • Generally, you cannot have already completed a one-year postgraduate program outside your home country, except PhD applicants who are alumni of the Felix Scholarship program itself.
  • The Felix Scholarship is intended for postgraduate (master’s or PhD) degrees.
  • Strong spoken and written English language skills are necessary as the program is conducted in English.

Application Process For The Felix Scholarship

The Felix Scholarship application process is a two-step process. This process is managed by universities, and not through a centralized application portal.

  • First, explore the postgraduate programs offered by the universities (Oxford, Reading, or SOAS) that align with your academic interests and career aspirations.
  • Now, following the university’s application procedures, submit a complete application for your chosen postgraduate program.
  • Now submit your university application for the Felix Scholarship.
  • Once you’ve submitted your university application, each university will shortlist candidates for the Felix Scholarship based on their academic merit.
  • If shortlisted by the university, you’ll be invited to complete a separate application for the Felix Scholarship itself.
  • It may involve additional essays or questionnaires specific to the Felix scholarship program.

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Selection Process For The Felix Scholarship

The Felix Scholarship selection process is a multi-step procedure conducted by the universities offering the program, not by a centralised committee. Here’s how universities usually pick the winners of the Felix Scholarship.

  • Shortlisting is based primarily on academic merit.
  • It depends on your academic transcripts, reference letter, and program-specific application materials.
  • You will be contacted to complete an additional Felix Scholarship application if the university shortlists you.
    • Essays or questionnaires
    • Financial documentation is needed.
  • Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview.
  • The interview might cover.
    • Academic Abilities
    • Personality
    • Financial need
    • Suitability for the Scholarship

Selection Criteria

While universities conduct the selection process, the Felix Scholarship program emphasizes several key criteria.

  • Show strong academic performance throughout your undergraduate studies is essential.
  • Financial difficulty is a significant factor. Be prepared to present clear evidence of your need for financial support.
  • The scholarship aims for well-rounded candidates who are good at being themselves, can be leaders, and want to use their educational experience to help their home countries.

Benefits of The Felix Scholarship

Many benefits to the Felix Scholarship are meant to help bright students from developing nations pay for their higher education. Here is a list of the most important benefits.

  • The Felix Scholarship covers the full tuition fees for the duration of your postgraduate program (master’s or PhD) at the chosen university.
  • You’ll receive a good stipend to cover your living expenses during your studies.
  • It includes costs associated with accommodation, meals, and other necessities.
  • The scholarship also offers allowances for essential items like books, and clothes, and even return airfare to your home country.
  • Depending on the chosen program (master’s or PhD degree program), it can provide financial support for the entire duration of your postgraduate studies, typically up to three years.
  • The Felix Scholarship grants you admission to a well-known university – Oxford, Reading, or SOAS, University of London.
  • As a Felix Scholar, you’ll become part of a lively and diverse network of scholars from different countries.

Factors Affecting Selection for The Felix Scholarship

There is more than just your academic performance that is used to decide who gets the Felix Scholarship. Here is a list of the most important factors that can affect your chances of getting the Felix scholarship.

  • Academic Merit remains the most important factor.
  • Excellent grades throughout your undergraduate studies show your academic potential and ability to succeed in a rigorous postgraduate program.
  • The Felix Scholarship prioritizes students facing financial difficulties.
  • In your application and essays, showcase your motivations, career goals, and how the Felix Scholarship aligns with your aspirations.
  • A well-written personal statement can significantly impact your candidacy.
  • If shortlisted, make a positive impression during the interview.
  • Highlight how your academic interests and career aspirations align with the specific postgraduate programs offered by the universities (Oxford, Reading, or SOAS).

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Who is eligible for the Felix Scholarship?

Must be Indian citizens who are not living or learning outside of India at the moment.

How much is the Felix Scholarship stipend?

All of the course fees will be paid for by the scholarship. The selected candidate will also get an allowance for living costs worth about £17,800 and a round-trip flight from India to the UK.

How to win the Felix Scholarship?

The candidate must have an undergraduate degree with a first-class grade from an Indian university that is authorized.

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