Ryerson University Scholarships: Get All the Scholarship Details Here!👨‍🎓

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Ryerson University Scholarships

Ryerson University offers various types of scholarships to the various international students studying there. The scholarships help students who face financial hardships in pursuing their higher education. Also, some scholarships are provided to encourage the creative part in students to come out and do something extraordinary. To get more related information, scroll through the given blog.

Geoff Boyes International Student Leadership Award💸

This scholarship award is made in memory of Geoff Boyes, who is a retired math professor and passed away in 2014. He remembered Ryerson in his will and left a legacy gift. This scholarship basically aims to solve the financial hardships faced by international students while pursuing their post-secondary education.

It is mainly provided by Ryerson University, and the students are awarded an amount up to $2,000. Refer to the given table for more such details.

Granted ByRyerson University
Amount Granted$2,000
Number of Rewards 2

International Student Merit Scholarships⬇️

This scholarship is awarded to students with International Visa student status and authorisation at time of registration and also during their fall semester, first-class standing, and not previously in attendance at an Ontario secondary school or a Canadian post-secondary institution.

The department responsible for this scholarship is the Student Awards and Scholarships/International Enrollment Office. For more details related to this scholarship, refer ti the given table.

Granted ByRyerson University
Amount Granted$5,000
Number of Rewards 7

President’s Entrance Scholarship👨‍🎓

This President’s Entrance Scholarship which is awarded by Ryerson University is one of the most sought-after scholarships. This scholarship is awarded to secondary school graduates who show academic accomplishment, leadership qualities, original thought, and creative ability. It encourages students to take part in other co-curriculum activities and be part of creative thinking. 

To know more related information, refer to the given table.

Granted ByRyerson University
Amount Granted$10,000
Number of Rewards 12

Scotiabank International Scholarships 💶

This scholarship was established in 2001 with the due support of the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank). Its aim is to enhance the cultural and ethnic diversity of Ryerson and the greater Toronto communities. Basically, the university wants to extend support to international students and motivate them to achieve success in their academic life. 

This scholarship is for upper-year full-time undergraduate international students. To learn more about this university, go through the given table.

Granted ByRyerson University
Amount Granted$1,500 – $1,800
Number of Rewards 12

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The Western Union Award for International Students⬇️

This scholarship is created to support international students who face financial hardships and carry leadership qualities at Ryerson and/or in their community. The department of this amazing scholarship is the Student Awards and Scholarships.

Refer to the given table to learn more about this scholarship. 

Granted ByEngineering Institute of Technology
Amount Granted$1,000
Number of Rewards 1

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Does Ryerson offer a full scholarship?

Yes, International students (on a study visa) who are pursuing studies at a Canadian secondary school, with final averages of 80% and higher, and who meet all the T&C for the scholarship, are entitled to get the fully funded scholarships.

What GPA do you need for the Ryerson entrance scholarship?

You need at least a bare minimum CGPA of 3.85 as of the prior winter semester.

Does the University of Toronto give 100% scholarship?

The university offers full-ride scholarships to National Scholars.

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