Universities in Montreal

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Universities in Montreal

Popularly known as Canada’s cultural capital because of its diversity and bilingualism. The city of Montreal welcomes over 35,000 international students every year and is ranked amongst the world’s best student cities in terms of living standards, friendliness and accessibility. It is home to universities like Université de Montréal and McGill University which are considered among the world’s top universities. Let’s find out more about this unique city and the best universities in Montreal and campuses that it offers for international students!

Number of Universities Ranked by QS3
The Institution with the Highest-RankingMcGill University (35th in the world)
Average Fees for Foreign Travel INR 4,221,000
Average International Fees (at ranked unis)CAD 14,400 (INR 10,68,033)
Desirability Rank13th
Employer Activity Rank33rd
Rank of Affordability52nd
Student View Rank10th

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Fun Fact: The world’s most popular computer game- Assassin’s Creed, was made in Montreal!

Why Study in Montréal, Canada?

  • Montreal is home to some of the best universities like the University of Montreal, McGill University and Concordia University and thousands of international students from across the globe.
  • An affordable city with immense opportunities, the average cost of living n Montreal is 70,757 per month which makes it extremely pocket-friendly in comparison to cities like Toronto!
  • A cultural leader, the city hosts over 120 festivals a year! From art, music, and dance to cross-play, you can find an activity or cultural event that will bowl you over!
  • The city of Montreal is an economic power with industries and jobs in diverse sectors like aerospace, visual effects, video games, big data, virtual reality, life sciences and health technologies, and even fintech.
  • The city is a cultural melting point for 80 dialects spoken in the Montréal district, including French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Creole and Vietnamese!
  • Students can easily find jobs, internships and part-time positions during the semester for 20 hours per week with minimum wage.

Top Universities and Colleges in Montreal

UniversityQS Ranking 2022
McGill University #27
Université de Montréal #111
Concordia University#521

Fun Fact: Altogether, 80 dialects are spoken in the Montréal district, including French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Creole and Vietnamese. 

Université de Montréal

YouTube: University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is a premier research institution located in Montreal. The University of Montreal is among the leading university systems in North America, with its associated institutions Polytechnique Montreal (engineering) and HEC Montreal (business). It receives over $500 million in funding for research, putting it one of the most successful institutions in the world. The University of Montreal has approximately 66,500 undergraduates and 2,400 academics and scientists throughout its 13 colleges and associated institutions. 

Fun Fact: Montreal is home to the tallest cross on Mount Royal Mountain and the world’s popular Cirque du Soleil. 

McGill University

YouTube: McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada’s top universities in Montreal, drawing several additional pupils each year from almost 200 cities and having the largest proportion of Doctoral students of any national research university. McGill University’s culture is built on its 50 research institutions across the country, 500+ programmes, long tradition, and 250,000-strong alumni association. 

Fun Fact: Montreal has the most noteworthy number of cafés per capita in Canada and the second most noteworthy in North America after New York City.

Concordia University

YouTube: Concordia University

Concordia University is one of the best universities in Montreal. Concordia Institution is an English-language college located in the centre of Montreal, Canada’s world-class metropolis. The Concordia family is strongly linked to the real world – open and engaged, selfless — from school to lab, in our library and on-campus neighbourhoods. We’re known for our adaptable learner and willingness to look at sustainability needs from a variety of perspectives.

Fun Fact: Montreal was home to the 1976 Summer Olympics. They were the main Olympics at any point held in Canada. 

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Highest Subject Rankings of Universities in Montreal

SubjectUniversity of MontrealMcGill UniversityConcordia University
Arts and Humanities12333200
Engineering and Technology10940281
Life Sciences and Medicine7131
Social Sciences and Management11843388

Cost of Living in Montreal

Here is the breakdown of the cost of studying at top universities in Montreal. Montréal is listed in the top 60 places in the world for pricing, outranking great International cities as a low-cost graduation requirement.

ParticularsCost (per annum)
Average fees$20,400 CAD (12,00,000 INR)
Transportation$1,020 CAD (60,000 INR)
Food$2,500 CAD (1,50,000 INR)
Accomodation$1,020 CAD (2,40,000 INR)

Fun Fact: Montreal is every hockey fan’s go-to destination! The first-ever hockey game was played in Montreal on March third, 1875 at the Victoria arena.

Life and Culture in Montreal

YouTube: Expedia

Montréal is a lively international metropolis, suitable for those living with a variety of perspectives. It is ranked among the greatest in the world for students ’ perspectives and popularity. Montréal has important historical gatherings every year, including jazz, theatre, and comedian conventions.

Fun Fact: There are 11 college-level establishments in Montreal including four that are elite. Students pay probably the least expensive educational cost in Canada.

Careers in Montréal

Montréal, which is ranked 46th in terms of employer activity, continues to be the hub of various industries in Quebec, including technology, finance, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation, and business.You can apply to dozens of regional and international companies situated in the area depending on your educational background. Remember that it helps to be bilingual in English and French!


Is Montreal useful for worldwide students? 

Positioned number one in North America and 6th on the planet among the best student urban areas in the Americas (QS 2019), Montréal invites nearly 35,000 worldwide students each year.

Is McGill difficult to get into for worldwide students? 

McGill is extremely difficult to enter. The organization likes to collapse the student’s grades. McGill additionally blows up its acknowledgement rate because the establishment loves tolerating global students.

What is Montreal known for? 

Montreal is most popular for being French. And it is the biggest French-speaking city in Canada and North America. Montreal is likewise the fourth biggest french speaking city on the planet.

Would I be able to get into McGill with a 3.5 GPA? 

It’s fine. If you’re above 3.2, you’re acceptable. 

We hope that this blog has helped you learn more about the top universities in Montreal. If you need help applying to any of the above-mentioned colleges, reach out to the Leverage Edu experts on 1800 572 000 for more details!

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