Canada Student Visa Processing Time [2023 Guide]

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Canada Student Visa Processing Time

Canada is notable for encompassing some of the best academia in the world. It has led to the country becoming a hub for international students over the course of time. Therefore, when it comes to enrolling in Canadian institutes, certain factors aside from academic scores that must be considered prior to applying are the Study Permit and the Study Visa. These vital documents streamline the procedure of acquiring permission from the Canadian government to allow students to pursue their education in Canada and enter Canada. In this blog, we have mentioned the Canada student visa processing time including the important details about the visa for study in Canada.


What is a Canada Study Permit?

Prospective students who wish to pursue their education in Canada are mandated to acquire their Canada study permits. The study permit, which is issued by the Canadian Immigration Authorities, is physical proof of the Canadian Government’s permission to allow international students to study in Canada. Study Permits even facilitate the students’ enrollment process in Designated Learning Institutions. Such institutes have been acknowledged by the government for housing international students.

It is to be noted that a study permit is not the same as a study visa. A study visa is needed to allow international students to enter Canada, whilst a study permit simply grants them permission to pursue their education in the said nation. 

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates prospecting to pursue their education from a Canadian institute are first required to apply for a student visa. It is imperative for prospective candidates to meet the eligibility criteria to get their visas issued. It should be noted that due to the nation’s strict policies following the Covid 19 pandemic, the authorities will not entertain applications from students who have not been vaccinated. Some of the other requisites are: 

  1. Candidates must have acquired acceptance by a designated learning institute (DLI) in Canada. 
  2. It is imperative for prospective students to provide evidence of their funds (Tuition fee, living expenses, return transportation). 
  3. Candidates must qualify for the background verification round and should not have a prior criminal history. It is a mandate for candidates to procure their police verification certificates during the application procedure. 
  4. It is imperative for candidates to go through a complete health checkup and acquire a medical certificate stating the condition of their health.
  5. During the visa interview, candidates must assert to the authorities that they will leave Canada once their studies are completed.

Documents Required

Prospective candidates must apply for their student visa once they acquire the college acceptance letter. Individuals aspiring to join during the September intake must commence the visa process around the month of June. It is imperative for applicants to procure the following documents for the registration process. 

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution
  3. Proof of funds
  4. Passport Size Photographs 
  5. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  6. English Language Proficiency Exam Score
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. Credit Card

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What is Canada Student Visa Processing Time?

The processing time is the time it takes for the body known as ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ to process prospective candidates’ visa applications. The processing of an application commences when the aspirant files the application and continues until the final decision day.

A study visa application to Canada typically takes 9 to 12 weeks to process. Canadian embassy has to meet the target of processing 80% of applications in the decided weeks. The process may take longer for candidates who have made certain application mistakes.

How to Check Student Visa Processing Status?

Individuals who are applying for a visa can evaluate the status of their application through  MyCIC accounts. They have to enter a unique tracking ID allotted to them.

Factors Affecting the Canada Student Visa Processing Time

 The processing time is calculated from the day the application reaches the authority responsible for granting the visa. There are some of the aspects which can impact Canada student visa processing time:-

  • The kind of application submitted
  • Whether asked information is completed or not
  • Various documents presented or not
  • Number of applications received by the visa authority
  • Candidates with criminal history will face delaying
  • Any travel ban imposed by the country
  • Change in the political power

What’s Next After Canada Student Visa?

Apart from the student visa, applicants must keep the following points in mind as well: 

Canada Study Permit Renewal

If a candidate wants to stay in Canada, he/she must acquire a valid study permit along with their study visa. It is imperative for students to renew their study permits if the document expires prior to the completion of the programme.

Dependent Visa

A dependent visa is needed when spouses of candidates wish to accompany them to Canada during the period of the course. It is imperative for students to highlight that they are holding adequate funds. If the duration of stay is for a year or more, spouses will be permitted to work full-time.


What is the Canada Student visa processing time?

According to the official website of the Government of Canada, the process of a student visa takes around 20 days once they receive the biometrics data of the candidate.

How can I get a Canadian student visa fast?

To get a Canadian student visa faster, you need to apply through Student Direct Stream. Candidates need to fulfil the eligibility before submitting the application.

What are the documents required for a Canada Student VISA?

Below we have mentioned the list of documents required for a Canada Student VISA.
Valid Passport
Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution
Funds proof
passport size photograph

We hope that you have got all the information related to Canadian student VISA processing time. It includes eligibility, required documents, FAQs and more. If you are planning to study abroad in the upcoming intakes get in touch with our study abroad experts at 1800-57-2000.

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