What is the Student Visa Australia Age Limit in 2024

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Student Visa Australia Age Limit

Australia is a very popular study destination among students who are now aiming to study abroad. This country is known for its quality education and different cultural experiences for its students. The students who are willing to move to Australia are granted a student visa that ensures their study period in the country. Other than student visas, there are many types of visas in Australia.  Candidates should check the eligibility of the student visa and then apply for the same. One such important factor before applying for a Visa is the age limit of the student. In this blog, we will learn the eligibility, age limit and how to process the application. 

What is a Student Visa in Australia?

A student visa in Australia is a type of visa that ensures that students from across the world can study at a recognized university in Australia. A student who is applying for a student visa should meet some eligibility criteria. If they pass this eligibility, they are granted a student visa to study.

The validity of the student visa is the tenure of your course. To apply for the visa, you must submit documents like sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the tuition fee. 

Student Visa Australia Age Limit

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Student Visa Australia Eligibility

To be eligible for a student visa in Australia, an applicant must fulfil some requirements: 

  • Should have admission proof from a recognized university in Australia
  • Should have Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC): It is medical insurance that covers all the medical expenses during your study period in Australia. 
  • Clear the medical examination. The candidate should be medically fit.
  • Evidence of English proficiency tests
  • The students must provide a Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE) to prove that they will stay in Australia temporarily for educational purposes and will use the Australian visa for its intended purpose only.
  • Financial capacity: The candidates should provide enough evidence of their financial capability to pay the tuition fee. 

Student Visa Australia Age Limit

There is no student visa for Australia age limit. The candidates can apply for a student visa at any period of his/her life. 

However, there are some scenarios when the candidate moves to Australia for a Master’s program after taking a gap. In these cases, the candidates need to justify their gap years and abscond from the study. This justification can be through work experience or anything. 

However, for the latest updates, you can visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs for more information related to the student visa Australia age limit. 

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Funds Required for Student Visa Australia age limit

All the applicants for the student visa in Australia must have enough funds to cover expenses for themselves and the accompanying family members until they stay in Australia. If the student fails to submit proof of their required funds then in that case the application might get rejected. The student can provide evidence of their annual income but the demonstrated income must be the income of the student’s primary applicant:

  • Spouse
  • Income of single parent or both the parents but not parent’s in-law

The amount of funds that a student needs to demonstrate for the first 12 months is a living cost of AU$ 21,041, an annual course fee, and travel costs. If the family members of the student are included in the application then the living cost for the first 12 months will be AU$ 21,041 for a student and the accompanying family members (AU$ 7,362 for an adult and AU$ 3,152 for a child) along with annual course fee of the student and travel costs.

How to Apply for a Student Visa in Australia?

Applying for the student visa can be very easy if you follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Apply to a recognized university in Australia and have a confirmation of Enrolment
  2. Give English proficiency tests and clear the exam with the required marks in all the sections.
  3. Create an account with the Department of Home Affairs. Apply online and also track the progress of your application online through the dashboard.
  4. Pay the visa fee. The fee for international students is $575. After successfully paying the application fee, you will get a Transaction Reference Number (TRN). 
  5. Get your health checkup done and appear for the interview. 

English Language Requirements for Student Visa Australia

If the student belongs to a non-English country then he/she has to take the English Language Test (ELT). There are different types of ELT but the student must take the ELT as specified by the University of Australia the student is planning to study. Check below the details about different types of ELT for student visas in Australia:

English Language Test (ELT)Overall Score (Minimum)
Cambridge English Test162
Occupational English Test‘B’ for each test component

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Documents Required for Student Visa Australia

The immigration and citizenship department of the Australian government will require certain documents to process the student visa application. The students should start with the preparation process 90 days before applying for the visa. Check below the list of documents for a student visa to Australia:

  • Long stay application form for more than 90 days
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Letter of registration from the Australian University applied for
  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form
  • SOP or a cover letter explaining the project that the student intends to study and also a CV/resume
  • Proof of funds that the student can manage the expenses of their tuition fees and other living expenses
  • Copies of degrees, certificates, and other educational qualifications required for studying in Australia
  • Receipt of payment of application fee

Students belonging to non-English speaking English countries will have to submit proof of English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc

Processing Time for Student Visa Australia Age Limit

The students must apply for the Australian student visa at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the course. The students should start preparing their documents at least 90 days before applying for the visa for a smooth visa application process. The processing time of student visas for Australia depends upon the volume of applications, the country from which the student is applying, and the type of course he/she is applying for. The processing time for student visas in Australia may range from 10 days to 4 months. The candidates can check the status of their student visa Australia application through their ImmiAccount.

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What is the name of the student visa in Australia?

The name of the student visa in Australia is Student Visa (Subclass 500). 

What is the maximum age to go to Australia on a student visa?

There is no age limit for student visas in Australia. However, if you have taken a break from your studies, you need to justify the education gap with relevant documents.

What are the courses for which I can apply for a student visa in Australia?

There are several courses for which you can apply for a student visa in Australia like English courses, Vocational courses, and University courses ( Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs). 

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