Know How to Get a Student Visa for Georgia in 2024

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student visa for georgia

Georgia is known for its warm and welcoming people so students who are going to study there can make true life-long relations which is gonna help them to know the country and its culture better. Apart from education, Georgia is a beautiful country that is rich in its culture, landscapes, and historical landmarks. Among all benefits, there is a major benefit that the living cost in Georgia is also lower than in other countries. We will get to know about student visas for Georgia and its entire process while going ahead in this article. 


Benefits of Student Visa for Georgia

To obtain a student visa for Georgia applicants can make themselves familiar with the visa application procedures, eligibility criteria, and any additional criteria, and any additional requirements, prospective students can enhance their chances of securing a student visa for Georgia and pursuing their academic goals in this country.

Students who want to do their higher studies in Georgia and live there for more than six months need to apply for a study visa which is called a D3 category visa. A D3 visa is granted for 90 days to one year only and this visa can be extended for the next 5 years. The validity of this visa is not only to help you in academics but also in exploring Georgia through its roots and growing in the culture too. After entering Georgia via D3 visa students can go further to apply within 45 days for (TRC)Temporary Residence Permit At Public Service Hall and it can be renewed thereafter. The visa permits students to take up part-time jobs but for the limited number of hours and certain other restrictions. 

student visa for georgia

Student Visa For Georgia Application Process

For students who are planning to visit Georgia for higher studies, their first step is to get a visa. Application steps for a student visa for Georgia are mentioned below-

  • Before submitting a visa application students must do a quick check for their age and academic qualifications.
  • Students should make a checkout list for all documents listed on the website of MFA or on the Public Service Hall Website.
  • Fill out the application form for a student visa for Georgia, this application process can be done in two ways one is online apply can be done by applying via the e-visa portal and the second is IN-PERSON – You can apply in person by visiting Public Service Hall.
  • Pay the Georgian visa fee and submit your application.
  • Applicants who is applying via in-person mode can make an appointment with a counsellor officer through their number or website.
  • Attend the interview answer questions properly and nail it.
  • Wait for the Georgian student visa processing time then collect your visa once it gets approved from the point of application.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for a student visa for Georgia are mentioned below-

Students must have a valid passport

Students must be enrolled in an authorized Georgian University.

Having an acceptance letter from a recognized educational centre in Georgia is a must

Students have to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cope with their expenses.

Student must be 18 yr old at the time of applying for a student visa in Georgia. 

Documents Required for Student Visa for Georgia

Students who aspire to get their higher education in Georgia and their academics must follow visa requirements to apply for the visa. below study visa requirements are mentioned you can check it out 

student visa for georgia
  • Filled and signed national visa application form
  • Valid national passpor
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Three recent biometric portrait photographs
  • Birth certificate 
  • Payment proof done to the university
  • Declaration form for additional contact and legal representation information
  • Original certificates of previous education
  • Proof of Admission – proof of admission le
  • Proof of Financial Resources
  • Cover Letter
  • Demand Draft for the student visa fee
  • Proficiency score

Application Fee for Georgia Student Visa

As per the Georgian Embassy, all applicants must pay the required fees to the Georgian Embassy. fee for the application is mentioned below

Visa type Application fee
D3 visa for Georgia1500 INR


Q1. How much bank balance is required for a Georgia student visa

Studying abroad is a dream for many but there are many obstacles, one of them is financial status. Applicants need to show sufficient bank balance which will demonstrate you are highly able to manage your expenses. Maintaining 10,000 USD in a bank account is required for a student visa for Georgia.

Q2. How long does it take to get a visa in Georgia?

10 days is the processing time for short-term visas, long-term visa processing time is 1 month and the D5 visa application processing time is also 10 calendar days.

Q3.Is Georgia expensive to visit?

If we start to compare Georgia with other countries Georgia is way more budget-friendly from visa visa-free policy to the low cost of food you can have there along with it travel expenses are also low so you can enjoy the rich diverse and friendly culture over there without any burden on your pocket.

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