Ireland Student Visa Processing Time in India

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Irish Student Visa

Ireland offers quality education, a friendly atmosphere, and post-study work opportunities, making it a favourable choice for Indian students. A student visa is required to study in Ireland for all International citizens of a foreign country who are not EU nationals. This blog will act as a one-stop solution to inform you about the conditions and requirements that are required to successfully process an Irish student visa.


Types Of Visa

The types of visa that you will need, depending on the length of your studies, must first be decided to keep in mind the conditions stated in the below table:

Types of VisaConditions Extra Information
‘C study visa’If you wish to study in Ireland for less than 3 monthsTraining visa; does not allow you to work, paid or unpaid
‘D study visa’If your course lasts more than 3 monthsWhen one plans to stay in Ireland.

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What are the Conditions to be Met?

Key conditions you need to fulfil for your student visa application to Ireland:

  • Purpose of Visit and Intentions: Your statement of purpose should clearly state your plan to return to India after completing your studies, rather than seeking employment or permanent residency in Ireland.
  • Ties to Home Country: Prove your strong connections to India through family, job prospects, bank accounts, or other assets, indicating your commitment to returning
  • Financial Support: You must demonstrate access to a minimum of 7,000 EUR beyond your course fees for one academic year. Additionally, you need to prove the same amount for each subsequent year of study, alongside your course fees.
  • Approved School Admission: Your acceptance letter from an accredited Irish institution is vital. It confirms your enrollment in a full-time course.

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When is the Time to Apply for an Irish Student Visa?

In Ireland, it is normally up to 4 weeks from the date of application before a student visa can be processed. However, up to three months before your intended trip to Ireland, you should seek a student visa in Ireland. This ensures that if your visa is refused, you will have a better chance of getting approval and give you ample time to revalidate the application.

Before applying for a student visa to Ireland, check that you have followed the Irish tourist visa checklist. If you do not provide all the supporting documents required, your supporting documentation needs to be checked or if it was because of an individual situation involving crime or a court conviction, this may take longer for your application.

Ireland Student Visa: Process

Steps to apply for an Ireland student visa:

  • Online Application Process: Begin by applying for your student visa through the AVATS online portal.
  • Accurate Information: Ensure your application is truthful and accurate. Any false or misleading details could lead to visa refusal, and in severe cases, a 5-year visa ban might be imposed.
  • Document Submission: Follow the Irish embassy’s guidelines to submit the necessary documents. Keep in mind that you might need to provide your biometric data at the visa application centre in your home country.
  • Payment of Visa Fee: Pay the appropriate visa application fee for your chosen entry type: single, multiple, or transit.
  • Explain Your Purpose: Craft an application explaining why you need the student visa. Highlight your study plans, future goals, and how this education aligns with your aspirations.

Remember, each step plays a crucial role in presenting your genuine intentions and increasing the chances of a successful student visa application. Have any questions about the process? Feel free to ask!

Ireland Student Visa: Fee and Charges

Below are the fees and charges required to get an Ireland Visa: 

Entry TypeLong Stay D visa Short Stay C visa 
Single Entry€60€ 60 
Multi entry€100 € 100 
Transit€25 n/a

Ireland Student Visa Processing: Documents 

Below stated are the documents needed for an Irish Student Visa application:

  • Recent passport-sized colour photos (within 6 months)
  • Current passport and past passport copies
  • Signed application letter with contact details and purpose of visit
  • Letter of acceptance or enrollment from an Irish educational institution
  • Proof of paid tuition fees
  • The explanation for any gaps in education history
  • Financial evidence (minimum 7,000 EUR)
  • Private medical insurance and relevant particulars
  • Clarification on past visa refusals, if applicable
  • English proficiency proof (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL scores)
  • Accommodation details and vetting certificate
  • Declaration of intent to return home post-study
  • All documents must be originals in English/Irish. Translations require the translator’s name, signature, and contact info

If you have any queries about specific documents or the application process, feel free to ask! Your success in securing a Student Visa is our priority.

Registration with IRP

  • After visa approval, register for IRP. IRP is the Irish Residence Permit which replaced the previous GNIB card. This step is compulsory for all international students.
  • Each IRP application costs 300 EUR.


Q1. How long does it take to get a student visa for Ireland from India?

A. Ans. The Student Visa processing time for Ireland varies from country to country. After you apply at the Consulate of the Embassy, it may take from 4 weeks to 8 weeks to process the visa after application submission.

Q2. Is an Ireland student visa easy to get?

A. As Ireland is currently accepting applications from foreigners to various universities, it is quite easy to get a student visa hassle-free. The rate of rejection of student visas is only between 1% to 4%, hence it is relatively easy to get compared to other countries.

Q3. Is there a visa interview for an Ireland student visa?

A. Ans. To verify the purpose of the visa and the motivation for choosing Ireland as the country, the Visa Facilitation Service Centre might invite a candidate to interview. A visit to a local Irish visa centre might also be scheduled once a person has applied for the student visa.

Thus, attaining an Ireland student visa is straightforward, though a long procedure. To ease the process reach out to us at Leverage Edu where the experts will assist at every step of Visa processing. Still unsure about the course to choose? Do attend a brainstorming session by booking 30 minutes of free career counselling with our study-abroad experienced professionals!

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