Study in Australia: Government Fixes Student Visa Delays, Processing Time Reduced to 16 Days

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Study in Australia: Government Fixes Student Visa Delays, Processing Time Reduced to 16 Days

Universities are always open to flexibility towards visa delay problems, however, now countries are also coming up with solutions to cut delays. Every country is trying its own method but Australia has already knocked down the visa processing time to 16 days. 


It is not only in Australia, but all major study-abroad destinations are dealing with visa processing delays. This is a post COVID-19 impact where the students are now sending bulk study abroad applications again. 

News pours in daily reiterating the record number of students applying for study abroad and visas. As visa processing involves careful evaluation, it is leading to delays due to a large number of applicants. 

To address this, Australia has secured funds worth $48.1 m over 12 months along with a series of changes for progress in the visa process. These funds come from the country’s budget and aim at accelerating the visa process. 

Measures Taken to Cut Visa Delays

First of all, nearly 600 were recruited with the funding received from the country’s budget. This recruitment was carried out from 01 July 2022 to 30 June 2023. The new recruits are now helping with temporary and migration visa applications. 

They have also reduced the time taken to evaluate each visa application. For this, the government has also urged international students to apply at least 08 weeks before the commencement of their program and not be complacent about their application. 

The home affairs department also boasted of the actual average processing time being 13 days only. They have mentioned 16 as the upper limit. Additionally, the backlogs of on-hand visa applications have now been cleared. This implies that the ongoing visa process is now completely on track. 

This was Australia’s way of dealing with the visa delays let’s see what other countries would come up with. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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