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Dubai Student Visa

Post-pandemic, Dubai has emerged as a popular choice among Indian students due to its proximity, top-ranking universities, lucrative job opportunities and excellent educational facilities. Some of the most opted courses in Dubai are Engineering, Architecture, Management, IT and Law. However, to Study in Dubai, you must submit a list of documents, including SOP, LORs, transcripts, and visas. Let’s explore everything you need about the Dubai student Visa, its application process and other essential details.


A student visa is a legal document issued by a foreign country that allows international students to reside and study within that country for a specified duration, typically tied to their academic program. To obtain a student visa, applicants must provide proof of enrollment in an accredited educational institution, demonstrate financial capacity to cover living and tuition expenses and comply with any additional requirements set by the host country. These visas enable students to pursue their academic goals abroad while adhering to the country’s immigration laws. Student visas often come with restrictions on working during studies and may require periodic renewals to maintain legal status.

Dubai Student Visa

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers some of the best universities in the Gulf area and is a safe, friendly, and peaceful nation. It boasts excellent academic standards and a global reputation for excellence in all areas of education and training. A student visa to the United Arab Emirates permits students from all over the globe to pursue their studies. If you wish to study in the United Arab Emirates but don’t know where to start, here are some helpful and instructive tips.

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Type of Dubai Student Visas

There are 3 types of Dubai student visas available:

Dubai Student Visa Sponsored by Family

Students who are enrolled in an educational institution can apply for a UAE visa with their parents’ sponsorship. Full-time students are eligible for this option. Unmarried females can be of any age, whereas males must be under the age of 18.

Dubai Study Visa Sponsored by an Educator

If the educational institution qualifies, full-time students can be sponsored by the institution. Students can get a Dubai study visa for the duration of their degree with this sort of visa.

Dubai Student Visa for a Short Stay

Students can apply for a short-term Dubai student visa if they are only studying for a few months. This allows for a 60-day stay, which can be extended if needed.

Golden Visa

The UAE government also came up with a new Golden Visa. The benefits of the improved visa programme in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) include a 10-year extended golden visa programme, a five-year green residence programme that supports bright employees, and a new multiple-entry tourist visa that would allow visitors to stay in the country for up to 90 days. These reforms may have a big impact on both tourists and anyone looking to work in the UAE.

Dr Vajahat Hussain, CEO of Amity Education Middle East, said: “We have seen better enrolments of foreign and local students this academic year. The three-fold surge is an optimistic articulation of this trend. The UAE has definitely proven to have good growth potential and numerous opportunities for students looking to grow personally and professionally.”

Eligibility Criteria

A student visa is for students attending university or college in the UAE. Dubai student visas are available to expatriate students living in the UAE under the sponsorship of their parents or relatives, as well as overseas international students who wish to attend one of the UAE’s higher educational institutions. To avoid potential mistakes, it is recommended that candidates review the Dubai Visa rules and regulations. 

  1. Admission to one of the UAE institutions does not imply that a student visa will be issued.
  2. A medical fitness exam, a security check, and clearance from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the respective emirate are all required before a visa may be issued. 
  3. These are the options for obtaining a student visa in the UAE. Male students above the age of 18 can continue to be sponsored by their parents for a residence visa. 
  4. They must show proof of at least one year of attendance at a higher educational institution. 
  5. Regardless of their child’s age, expatriate parents may continue to support their female children in education.

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Validity and Visa Renewal

Dubai student visas for residences are often only valid for one year and must be renewed each year while enrolled in college. Official proof of continuation of study is issued by the relevant higher educational establishment in the UAE where the student is studying. A student’s student residence visa becomes invalid if they leave the UAE for more than six months. The students will not be able to enter the UAE until the old visa is cancelled and a new one is issued. Typically, the visa holder will be reported to immigration officials by the sponsor.

Documents Required

  • A passport must be valid for at least six months and include two blank visa pages (one to endorse the visa and one for entry stamps)
  • Photographs (about 12)
  • Copy of passport (about 2 copies)
  • Passport copies and an entry visa to the United Arab Emirates must be presented upon arrival (about 3 copies)
  • Acceptance letter from a higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates (offer letter)
  • Bank statements that provide evidence of funds in the UAE are a possibility.
  • A lease agreement (or letter from the university if staying in university accommodation)
  • a copy of the current academic year’s tuition fee receipt
  • For the current academic year, a copy of the visa fee receipt is required.
  • Students who are pursuing a postgraduate degree will need to have their undergraduate degree attested.

Application Process

Step 1: Before applying for a Dubai student Visa, make sure you are clear about what your “purpose of visit” is.
Step 2: Fill out your visa application and attach your photo.
Step 3: Double-check that the photos fulfil the criteria.
Step 4: Attach all needed supporting documents according to the checklist. Double-check that your application is complete. Applications that are not complete will not be accepted.
Step 5: Submit your application together with the required payments in cash to the Dubai Visa Application Center.
Step 6: Once the visa is accepted, the PNR will be updated, and a copy of the visa will be available at the applicable facility.

Application Fee

Even though the UAE Government Services Office (GSO) sets the Dubai student Visa processing fee, each university charge varies. Some Dubai institutions include the cost of health/medical insurance coverage, while others need you to arrange for it separately:

Fees for visa processingAED 2300 to 2700 (INR 42,000 – 50,000 approx.)
Visa deposit refundableAED 2500-3000 (INR 45,000 – 55,000 approx.)
Medical insurance costsAED 1300 and 1400 (INR 24,000 – 25,000 approx.)

How Long Will It Take to Receive a Dubai Student Visa?

Dubai student Visa application procedure should begin at least 1–2 months before the semester begins. This gives students plenty of time to prepare for the remaining documents on the departure checklist. Dubai student Visa generally takes 15–20 days to process, however, this varies from university to university. International students may choose express processing, which is more expensive than regular processing. Students can receive a UAE Student Visa in as little as 10 days if they apply for rapid screening.

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Can someone with a student visa work in Dubai?

Only those who also secure a UAE Work Permit are permitted to work in the UAE while on a student visa. You are also only permitted to labor for a total of four hours in a row; you cannot work full-time.

What minimum bank balance is needed for a student visa in Dubai?

The cost of a student visa application might reach AED 3,000 (INR 66k). Additionally, a deposit of AED 1,000 (INR 22k) is needed.

When can I get a student visa for the UAE?

In order to grant an entry visa, the new visa application process typically requires 7 to 14 working days, and all applications are subject to security inspection by UAE government agencies.

We hope you know about the Dubai student visa, the application process, fees, documents required, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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