Know About Germany Student Visa Success Rate

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germany student visa success rate

Students choose Germany due to its renowned STEM programmes, low tuition and various scholarship opportunities. Germany stands tall in this regard, boasting a reputation for its world-class universities and research institutions. In Germany, people emphasize practical experience and research which makes it an attractive option for students. Some of the popular courses in Germany are MIM, MS, BBA, MBA/PGDM and BTech.In this article, we will explore the German student visa success rate.


Comparison between German Student Visa Success Rate and Rejection Rate

The visa acceptance rate in Germany is 95 per cent which is quite higher as compared to other countries like the USA and the UK. Among international students, Germany is quite famous due to high-class methods, low educational costs, great career opportunities and huge research infrastructures. The rejection rate for German student visas is 10 per cent. However German student visas can get rejected due to various reasons.

germany student visa success rate

How to Improve Germany’s Student Visa Success Rate?

After knowing about the German student visa success rate here are some of the tips to improve German student visa success rate-

Incorrect Visa Application

it is crucial to choose the correct type of visa before applying for it. There are three types of student visas make sure to choose carefully-

Language Course This visa is for students who are willing to study the German language course.

Student Application Visa- This visa is for students who need to be in German universities and are about to start their full-time course at a German university.

Student Visa- This visa application is for international students who are willing to be admitted to German universities and are about to start their full-time course at a German university.

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Poor Financial Condition

Applicant who is applying must maintain sufficient funds in the bank account and if the applicant fails to do the same then the visa rejection chances become high.

Insufficiency In Language Skills

If the applicant has chosen the program which will be taught in Germany then the applicant must be good in the German language and if the applicant fails to communicate with the officer in the visa interview then the visa will be rejected.

Academic Performance

 Candidates are advised to focus on their academic performance if the applicant gets low marks in the exam then the applicant must start to focus on the interview and also inform the embassy about the reason for their lower marks. If you have any experience certificate or diploma you must attach it with your application.

Choice Of Study

Applicants are required to choose only those programs which are related to their previous studies but in case the applicant wants to choose a program which is not related to the previous study then the applicant must convince the visa officer about any work experience that will be a good support to the officer.

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Poor Interview Preparation 

As the saying the first impression is the last impression and to improve your German student visa success rate you should dedicatedly focus on the interview because in an interview not only your answers will be reviewed but your behaviour will also be reviewed.

Sate Future Needs

 Applicants are required to acquire some of the skills which will be of the state requirements as the visa acceptance or rejection is not only in the hands of the visa officer but also the immigration officer so if they find that the applicant doesn’t have a skill which will be of the state benefits then they reject visa.

German Student Visa Processing Time

germany student visa success rate

It is necessary to apply for a German visa as soon as possible to be in Germany on time. A German student visa takes around 12 weeks which is 3 months. The countdown of the visa application process starts as soon as you apply for the application.

How to Reapply for a German Student Visa After Rejection?

It can be possible that your visa gets rejected, at this time you must focus on the reasons for your visa refusal. However, it is necessary to not lose hope and give yourself a second chance. You can follow the steps below and reapply for a German student visa-

  • Applicants are advised to sincerely understand the reasons for their visa rejection and try hard not to repeat any of them.
  • Appeal Letter- If the applicant feels that the reason for the visa rejection is not justified and needs to be considered again then the applicant must write an Appeal Letter and strongly justify the reason why the visa must not be rejected.
  • Reapply Visa- You should apply for the visa again if you think you can perform better and this time ensure that your application won’t have any reason to get rejected.


Who approves a German student visa?

The German mission abroad forwarded the visa application to the foreign authority in the town housing the University. Once the foreign authority has given its approval then only the German mission abroad can only issue the visa.

How much bank balance is required for a German student visa?

Applicants must show the German Embassy they have at least 11,208 Euro which is 1,013,333,26 INR per year to apply for a student visa.in majorly cases, you must open a blocked bank account in a German bank and transfer the money there.

Do we need IELTS for Germany?

The IELTS exam is widely accepted as proof of English language proficiency across the world, including Germany. Some Universities in Germany don’t require IELTS although the government in Germany requires an IELTS score as part of the visa application process for non-EU students.

How to get PR in Germany?

If the applicant possesses an EU Blue card and meets general eligibility requirements, you can secure a permanent residence permit in 33 months.

Here we end with our article which was about the German student visa success rate. For more information about jobs abroad, study, university and visa abroad do follow Leverage Edu’s page.

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