PhD in Geography Abroad: Eligibility, Duration, Admission Process, Universities, Fees, Scholarships

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phd in geography abroad

Pursuing a PhD in Geography abroad offers a unique opportunity to delve into the intricate study of Earth’s landscapes, cultures, and environments. Different branches of Geography involve different research, fieldwork, and interdisciplinary exploration, fostering a deep understanding of our world’s complexities. This international academic journey encourages global perspectives and contributes to addressing pressing global challenges. Read this blog to find everything related to a PhD in Geography, ranging from fees of the top colleges, skills required and more.

Course NamePhD in Geography
Duration3-4 years of full-time study
Mode of studyOnline and Campus-based
Fees RangeINR 39,000 to INR 53,00,000
Job ProfileWater Conservation Specialist,
Geospatial Analyst,
Average Salary RangeAround $15,000 to $30,000 per year

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Why Study PhD in Geography Abroad?

Here are the points on why studying a PhD in Geography abroad is beneficial:

  • Global Employability: Geography graduates are in demand in both government and private sectors worldwide.
  • GIS Expertise: Training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is particularly sought after.
  • Awareness of Place: Geography education fosters an awareness of locations and spatial relationships.
  • Critical Thinking: Geography equips you to analyze current and historical events from economic, political, and social perspectives.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Geography often intersects with fields like environmental science and urban planning.
  • International Networking: Studying abroad expands your academic and professional network.
  • Funding Opportunities: Many countries offer scholarships for international PhD students.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Living abroad offers personal growth and cultural immersion.
  • Relevance in Daily Life: Geography’s influence spans urban planning, climate change, and more.

Remember that the decision to study abroad for a PhD should align with your academic and career goals. It’s important to research potential programs and institutions thoroughly to find the best fit for your research interests and aspirations.

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Top Universities Offering PhD In Geography Abroad

S.NO.University NameLocationQS RankingTuition Fees
1University Of ChicagoUSA11USD 56,043
2University of SydneyAustralia19AUD 30,000
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
USA132USD 36,984
4Cardiff University UK154Euro 34,450
5University of SussexUK218Euro 17,668
6Massey UniversityNew Zealand239NZD 10,000
7University Of SaskatchewanCanada345CAD 7,644
8University Of Lincoln UK362Euro 24,000
9University of DundeeUK441Euro 16,800
10University of HuddersfieldUK567Euro 14,400


The core curriculum of leading PhD Geography programs typically follows a similar structure, although minor variations may exist among colleges. 

These programs offer students the opportunity to delve into a range of fascinating subjects. These include

  • The study of landforms (Geomorphology),
  • The examination of climate patterns (Climatology),
  • The exploration of oceanic systems (Oceanography),
  • The understanding of ecosystems and species distribution (Biogeography),
  • The analysis of political landscapes (Political Geography), and
  • The exploration of diverse cultures and their geographical contexts (Cultural Geography). 

Thus, the comprehensive syllabus provides PhD Geography students with a rich and well-rounded educational experience.

Skills Required

The top 5 Skills required to pursue a PhD in Geography are stated below :

  • Research Proficiency: Strong research skills to design, execute, and analyze complex geographic studies.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Proficiency in GIS software for spatial analysis and mapping.
  • Cross-Cultural Competence: The ability to work in diverse international environments and collaborate effectively.
  • Critical Thinking: Analytical and critical thinking skills to address complex geographical problems.
  • Academic Writing: Strong academic writing and communication skills for publishing research and presenting findings.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility requirements for a PhD in Geography Abroad can differ across universities. Here is a broad outline of the typical criteria students need to meet to pursue this program:

  • Completion of undergraduate and master’s degrees
  • Prior degree in geography/ related subject
  • Overall GPA > 3.5 in at least one prior academic degree program
  • International students from non-English speaking countries need to submit IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores to demonstrate English proficiency
  • Depending on the university, you might need to submit GRE or GMAT scores
  • Certain institutions might have their entrance exams, and a personal interview could be part of the selection process after meeting the eligibility criteria

Application Process

As a rule of thumb, several steps have to be followed very carefully when applying for a PhD abroad. Some of the steps of the application process are listed below:

  • Collect your college transcripts or final mark sheet of the 12th before starting the process.
  • Make sure you have your passport handy and can fill in all the information according to the same.
  • A Statement of Purpose with one or more essays will be required to understand your reason for studying psychology at a particular university.
  • The first step will be to decide on the college or university along with the course you wish to study. The AI Course Finder of Leverage Edu can help you with this!
  • Register on the website of the University and start your application process by filling in all your information.
  • When you are offered a seat in the course you applied to, accept the offer and begin arranging for the funding.
  • After this, the visa application process begins. 

Documents Required

To help you get started with your PhD in Geography Abroad, below we have mentioned a list of documents that you will need during the application process- 

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Scholarships to Study PhD in Geography Abroad

Scholarships for a PhD in Geography abroad are crucial because they facilitate international collaboration and research in areas like climate change, urban planning, and environmental sustainability. These scholarships empower students to address pressing global issues, fostering expertise that can shape policies and solutions for a more sustainable and interconnected world. Some of the scholarships are stated below:

  • Neporany Doctoral Fellowship 
  • Postgraduate Scholarships At Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK 
  • AUT Vice-Chancellor Doctoral Scholarships
  • Country-related cooperation program with Mexico
  • Regione Veneto Scholarships

Career Scope

A PhD in geography abroad can lead to diverse career opportunities, such as academia, research, urban planning, environmental consulting, or government roles. Specializations like GIS, climate science, or sustainable development can enhance prospects. Below we have shared the list of some of the most demanding jobs along with the average salary they offer.

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Environment Consultant$66960 
Nature Conservation Officer$54,360

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Top Recruiters

Geography, a remarkably versatile field, holds a strong connection with various disciplines. Its vast applicability extends seamlessly into both the corporate realm and government sectors. Here are the top recruiters who offer some enticing opportunities that await Geography graduates:

  • UltraTech Cement
  • Goibibo
  • Ecolab
  • Seventh Generation
  • Unilever
  • Panasonic


Q1. Which country is best for PhD in geography?

Ans. The choice of the best country for a Doctorate in Geography (PhD) depends on one’s research interests and career goals. However, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are renowned for their esteemed geography programs, offering diverse research opportunities and world-class faculty in the field.

Q2. Is it worth doing a PhD abroad?

Ans. Pursuing a Ph.D. abroad can be worthwhile if it aligns with your career goals, offers unique research opportunities, and provides access to renowned faculty and resources. Additionally, international exposure can enhance your academic and personal growth, but it’s crucial to carefully evaluate program specifics and funding options before deciding.

Q3. Is it difficult to get PhD abroad? 

Ans. Getting a PhD abroad can be challenging due to fierce competition, stringent admission requirements, and limited funding opportunities for international students. However, with dedication, strong research proposals, and meeting eligibility criteria, many aspirants succeed in securing admission to prestigious programs.

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