Open Universities in Australia 2024: Intake, Admission, Application Deadline

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Open Universities in Australia

Are you thinking of enrolling on one of the open universities in Australia this year? In the dynamic landscape of higher education, open universities have emerged as a beacon of flexibility and accessibility. In Australia, open universities have gained significant traction, offering a wide range of UG and PG programs, diplomas, and certificates across various disciplines. So if you plan to study in Australia, this blog will act as a comprehensive guide. We will cover the top open institutes in the country, their intake, and the entire admission process. Read on to know more!

Number of Open Universities in Australia14
Intake PeriodFebruary and July
Acceptance Rate60-75%
Average Tuition FeeAUD 20,000 – 45,000 per year (for UG programs)
AUD 22,000 – 50,000 per year (for PG programs)
Employability Rate82.3%
Average SalaryAUD 62,000 per year

What is an Open University?

An open university refers to a university that provides learners with flexible learning methods. These methods can be online or offline, making higher education accessible to a wider range of students in faraway regions/countries. People with jobs, family commitments or residing in remote areas are usually the ones who enrol in open universities.

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Why Enrol in Open Universities in Australia?

So why should you choose to study at open universities in Australia? Apart from the quality education offered by these institutes at affordable rates, there are numerous reasons why students should consider learning remotely from the “Land Down Under”:

  1. Studying at open universities allows people with busy lifestyles, work commitments, or limited access to traditional educational institutions to study at their own pace and schedule.
  2. Distance learning from an open university in Australia is more affordable than a traditional one for students, with lower tuition fees and almost no associated costs.
  3. Australia’s open universities are accredited and recognized throughout the world by employers, increasing their chances of employability. 
  4. Australian open universities offer a variety of UG, PG, Diploma and certification programs for different disciplines, catering to the diverse academic and career goals of students worldwide.
  5. Most open universities in Australia resort to advanced technologies and online platforms to deliver their courses and support student learning. This provides international students with access to interactive learning experiences, virtual classroom environments, and online collaboration tools, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment.
  6. With strong connections to industry partners, the courses offered by these open universities are aligned with the skills and knowledge employers seek. It helps students gain practical experience and develop marketable skills, enhancing their employability prospects.
  7. Even though the learning mode is remote, students from different nationalities can connect, creating a multicultural and enriching learning environment. It fosters skills like global understanding, communication skills, and adaptability.
  8. Open universities often serve as a springboard for further studies, providing a strong foundation for international students to pursue advanced degrees or specialized qualifications.

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Top Open Universities in Australia in 2024

There are a total of 14 open universities in Australia as of 2024. Along with those, there are also several online platforms in collaboration with Australian universities that provide distance learning to students around the globe. Some of these universities are listed below, along with their QS World Rankings and the disciplines that they are best known for:

UniversityQS World Rankings 2024Popular Disciplines
Open Universities Australia (OUA)NABusiness, Arts, Science, and Health
Central Queensland University (CQUniversity)=590Business and Education
Charles Sturt University (CSU)801-850Nursing and Social Work
Curtin University183Engineering and Business
Edith Cowan University (ECU) 529Education and Nursing
Federation University Australia (FedUni)NABusiness and Law
Griffith University243Health and Business
La Trobe University242Business and Education
Macquarie University=130Business and Law 
Murdoch University=431Engineering and Business
RMIT University140Business and Technology 
Southern Cross University (SCU)651-660Environmental Science and Tourism
Swinburne University=285Design and Business
The University of Adelaide89Wine Science and Agriculture 
The University of New England (UNE)951-1000Agriculture and Education
The University of South Australia (UniSA) =326Business and Engineering
The University of Tasmania (UTAS)=307Environmental Science and Marine Biology
Western Sydney University (WSU)=375Nursing and Social Work

Open Universities in Australia: Intake

Open universities in Australia typically have two main intake cycles per year: the February intake and the July intake. These intake cycles allow international students to start their studies at different points in the year, providing flexibility in planning their academic journeys.

  1. February Intake: For students applying for February intake, the semester starts in late February or early March and ends in late May or early June. 
  2. July Intake: For students in July intake, the semester starts in late July/early August and ends in late November/early December.

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Eligibility Criteria

While all the open universities in Australia might have specific criteria for eligibility, here are some general ones that aspiring students must fulfil:

Academic Requirements

For Undergraduate Courses: 

  • Students must have completed their secondary education.
  • They must have achieved an equivalent Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of at least 65.

For Postgraduate Courses:

  • Students must have completed a relevant bachelor’s degree with an average grade of at least 7.0. 
  • Students must also have relevant work experience (if applicable).

English Language Requirements

Since all the degrees and subjects offered through open universities in Australia are taught in English, students must fulfil the following English language requirements by taking proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL:

For UG courses: IELTS – 6.5

For PG courses: IELTS – 7.0

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Open Universities in Australia: Application Process

All the open universities in Australia might have a different application process from each other for international students. But there are some general steps that you can follow to enrol yourself in the university of your choice and pursue your studies:

Step 1: Choose your course

The first step is to choose the course you want to study. After picking one, check the entry requirements to make sure that you are eligible to apply.

Step 2: Create an account

Most open universities require you to create an account on a common application portal before you can apply. It will allow you to save your progress and track your application status.

Step 3: Complete the application form

The application form will ask you for your details, academic qualifications, and work experience. You will also need to upload any supporting documents.

Step 4: Pay the application fee

There is usually an application fee to apply for a course at an open university. The fee will vary depending on the institution and the course.

Step 5: Submit your application

Once you have completed the application form and paid the fee, you can submit your application. You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been received.

Documents Required

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Tuition Fees

Open universities in Australia charge an average tuition fee of AUD 20,000 – 45,000 per year for students pursuing their bachelors’. For those pursuing their postgraduation, the tuition fee ranges from AUD 22,000 – 50,000 per year.

Open Universities in Australia: Application Deadline

International students must check the specific application deadlines and semester dates for their desired courses or programs on the respective university websites. It is important to submit applications early to ensure consideration for admission. Here’s a general timeline for the last application date for open universities in Australia:

Application deadline for Feb Intake: October/November of the previous year

Application deadline for July Intake: April/May of the current year

Career Scope

The employability rate of students graduating from open universities in Australia is generally high. Around 80% of graduates find full-time employment within 4 months of completing their studies. A 2022 Graduate Destinations Survey by the Australian Government found that 82.3% of graduates from open universities were employed full-time 4 months after graduation. This was slightly higher than the overall employability rate of 81.6% for all graduates. 


The average salary for graduates from open universities in Australia is generally comparable to the average salary for graduates from traditional universities. According to the Graduate Careers Australia 2022 Survey, the median starting salary for all graduates was AUD 65,000 per year. Graduates from open universities tend to have a slightly lower median starting salary, at around AUD 62,000 per year. However, this difference is relatively small and may vary depending on the specific course or program.


Q1. What are the benefits of studying at an open university in Australia?

Ans. Open universities in Australia offer a range of benefits to students, including:
Studying at their own pace and schedule
Lower tuition fees and associated costs.
Accessible study material from any corner of the world.

Q2. What is the application process for open universities in Australia?

Ans. The application process for open universities in Australia typically involves the following steps:
Create an account on the application portal
Complete the application form
Upload supporting documents
Pay the application fee
Submit the application

Q3. What are the application deadlines for open universities in Australia?

Ans. Application deadlines for open universities in Australia vary depending on the specific course or program. However, general deadlines for the 2024 intakes are typically as follows:
February intake: Applications typically close in November or December of the previous year.
July intake: Applications typically close in May or June of the current year.

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We hope that this blog gave you a complete overview of the open universities in Australia in 2024. For more information on universities to study abroad, subscribe to Leverage Edu today. Thank you for reading!

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