PhD in Australia: A Complete Guide

PhD in Australia

Endearingly popular as ‘the Land of Kiwis’, Australia is rapidly becoming a preferred student destination of many. The country has emerged as a hub for higher education because of its higher standards of education and the importance given to research and development. Australian colleges and universities provide students with a wide belt of degrees and programs in an array of specialisations and areas of study. Moreover, with an array of scholarship opportunities offered by the academic institutions of the country, you can explore a vast number of educational opportunities without worrying about financial constraints. Unlike other most sought-after study destinations such as the USA or UK, the cost of living, as well as the tuition fees in Australia, are relatively lower from its counterparts. When it comes to the doctoral degrees, the country offers an array of programs in almost every academic discipline, be it Arts, Commerce or Science. Through this blog, we will take a look at the essential aspects of pursuing a PhD in Australia, the specialisations you can choose from as well as the career scope you can avail.

Every year thousands of students apply for numerous PhD courses offered by Australian universities and institutions. From Computer Science, IT to Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, you can choose from an array of doctoral degree programs offered by universities and institutes in Australia. Further, the fields of Art and Design, Humanities, Business, Management and Law are also frequently chosen by those aspiring to pursue a PhD in Australia. Let’s take a look at the popular specialised doctoral degrees offered by academic institutions in Australia.

  • PhD in Agriculture and Forestry 
  • Doctor of Professional Studies 
  • PhD in Technology Innovation – Health, Arts and Design 
  • Doctor of Professional Engineering 
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology 
  • PhD in Economics 
  • PhD in Global, Urban and Social Studies 
  • PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • PhD in Medical and Molecular Sciences 
  • PhD in Legal Science (Research) 

PhD in Australia: Top Universities and Colleges

Selecting the right university for an intensive degree like a PhD is extremely crucial. There are numerous universities and colleges in Australia that offer varied PhD courses and below we have mentioned some of the popular ones that are renowned for their academically diverse and eminent faculties as well as the immense research exposure they offer the students with:

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Job Prospects 

Getting your PhD in Australia can boost your career journey by providing you with an array of opportunities in a varied range of sectors. As most of the Australian universities offer plentiful scholarships, scholarly students can focus on their research projects without worrying about financial issues. Opting for a scholarship would not only help you financially but it will also work as an incentive thus motivating you to dedicate yourself to the doctoral degree and begin the journey of becoming a competent professional or scientist with the right support. After successfully completing a doctoral degree in Australia, you can pursue the following career prospects: 


One of the most commonly chosen paths after a doctorate degree is to dive deeper into the pool of research. For those willing to extend their stay in Australia, there is a multitude of research opportunities you can go for. Further, the country has numerous research institutions where you can apply for after completing your PhD in Australia.


Teaching is another significant career profile you can explore after attaining a doctoral degree. Many students often apply for the position of lecturers at the university they studied at and you can also explore teaching profiles in varied range of academic institutions in the country.

Technical Specialist/Scientific Advisor

As a doctorate diploma holder in a technical field like Computer Science or Engineering or any course pertaining to Life Sciences, you are eligible to be hired as the technical expert in technological firms. You can also work as an advisor at a law firm if you completed a PhD program in any law-related specialisation.  

Thus, going for a PhD in Australia can equip you with an immense exposure into your field of interest and you can avail a wide range of research opportunities delving deeper into your chosen area of study. If you are planning to study in Australia and don’t know where to begin, the experts at Leverage Edu are here to guide you in choosing a suitable course and university as well as assisting you in drafting impressive SOPs and LORs thus helping you take the first step towards the career of your dreams.

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