A Complete Guide To Part Time Jobs In Manchester For International Students

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part time jobs manchester

Manchester is a city considered to be a students’ paradise because of its beautiful nightlife, gigs, shopping, restaurants, and vibrant culture. The student life is one of the best if compared to all other cities in the UK and it also costs less. The quality of education is good and so are other factors. The living expenses in Manchester are also slightly lower when compared to other cities like London. But to get the best out of the amazing life the city provides there is always a need for good funds, and what is better than part-time jobs for students to do this extra side money and take your financial responsibility on their own. The following blog is all about part-time jobs in Manchester for International students that a student needs to know.


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Benefits Of Working Part Time In Manchester

part time jobs manchester
  • Gaining experience 

Working part-time while studying gives you good exposure to the work like adding on your experience which would be helpful when working full-time post your studies.

  • Earning a side income 

One of the major reasons students work part-time is to earn a side income for their personal or leisure expenses needed to enjoy student life in Manchester.

  • Supporting your education

You can use your hard-earned money with the help of a part-time job to pay for your course fee or other educational needs along with the course

  • Career clarity

Working in your expertise, part-time will give you clarity regarding whether the industry is perfect for you or if you need to switch the industry. It gives you a very early career check helping reduce the wastage of time later in life switching careers.

  • Skill development

Working part-time will help you develop a lot of skills that you would have otherwise only learned after your studies working in a full-time job. These skills will later help you get a better position post-education in a reputed company.

  •  Building connections

The exposure comes with opportunities to connect with a lot of experienced people who can help you with referrals or knowledge purposes.

  • Resume improvement

Part-time work experience can be added to your resume making it stand out when looking for a job post-education. 

Types Of Part Time Jobs In Manchester

part time jobs manchester

There are many types of part-time jobs students can choose from in Manchester, The following are some of the most preferred jobs:


Being a tutor is one of the most popular ways amongst students to earn money. You can start teaching younger students in the subject of your expertise. It is a very flexible freelance job. You can decide upon the hours you want to teach and the amount you want to charge. The skills required to be a tutor are to have a good knowledge of the subject you are going to teach, a lot of patience, and knowledge of curriculum development.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerk is a backend job provided by all the companies dealing in large data. Companies need employees to segregate and assemble their data into sheets and documents for efficiency in the company. This is a famous part-time job. A data entry clerk needs a good typing speed of 50 words per minute approximately and proficiency in Microsoft suite.

Library Assistant

Library assistant is a part-time job that requires you a few hours a day of work. It is mostly on campus. Your responsibilities would be assembling books, answering queries, and maintaining the organization of various library materials. The skills you need are organization, patience, and communication to be a library assistant.

Warehouse Worker

The job of a warehouse worker is to perform various warehouse duties like managing storage in the warehouse, performing tasks of packaging, unpackaging, and organizing inventory. You need patience as one of your key skills along with hard work and teamwork spirit.

Customer Service Representative 

A customer service representative is responsible for dealing with the queries of customers through emails or calls. This job can be online or offline. Almost all companies hire CSR employees to deal with their customers and provide them with post-sales services. A Customer service representative requires very good communication skills, patience, basic knowledge of computer and language proficiency.


Receptionists handle the administrative tasks, maintain the reception duties for the office and customers, and communicate with the customers in person and over calls. To be a receptionist you need to be very fluent in English, have good communication skills, and be good at soft skills.

Dog Walker

A lot of people in the city own poets but due to hectic schedules are not able to manage time to walk their dogs. You can walk their dogs by being a dog walker and earn good money by just working a few hours a day. All you need is love for dogs, patience, and the ability to work with a dog.

Local Jobs 

If your goal is just to earn money then you can also try your hand at jobs like being an assistant in a retail store helping in the organization of the store or billing or can be a barista in a coffee shop helping in serving and cleaning jobs at the store. No hard-learned skills are required in these jobs except patience and consistency.

Rules Regarding  Part Time Jobs In Manchester For International Students

part time jobs manchester
  • The student should not compromise on studies while working
  • The attendance criteria should be fulfilled
  • Students should have student visas at the appropriate time 
  • Work allowed for students in part-time jobs is 20 hours a week
  • Students can work full-time on holidays 
  • There is no specific work permit required along with a student visa if the study duration is more than 6 months.
  • Retail, hospitality management, catering, customer service, administration, and data entry are permitted jobs in Manchester.
  • Self-employed roles, full-time positions during term time, and managerial roles are prohibited.

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Average Salary For Part Time Jobs In Manchester

The average salary range for part time jobs in Manchester is approximately 10- 15 British Pounds per hour.

The average salary range for different jobs is as follows:

Jobs Salary range per hour
Library assistant 8-9 British Pound
Warehouse worker8-9 British Pound
Data entry clerk8-9 British Pound
Dog walker10-12 British Pound
Tutor 15-20 British Pound
Receptionist 8-9 British Pound
Retail Assistant8-10 British Pound 
Barista 8-9 British Pound
Customer service representative 9-10  British Pound
Waiter 8-9 British Pound

Average Working Hours For Part Time Jobs Jobs In Manchester

The average working hours in Manchester for part-time jobs are 4 hours a day and the permitted hours to work for students in a part-time job are a maximum of 20 a week.

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Places to Look For Part Times Jobs In Manchester

  • University placement cell

Most of the universities have a placement cell that has a list of companies looking for employees, current openings, and other job-related queries. Finding a job through a university cell is the best and most reliable source.

  • Company website 

Apply for the job directly through the desired company’s website if you are clear with the company you want to apply to along with the job role.

  • Through locals

Find out about various jobs through the locals of the city. Most of the retail, reception, and non-administrative jobs are mostly located by locals as they are well aware of openings in such roles.

  • Through friends

Use your friends who are already working to find out about openings and getting referrals to get a smooth entry into the job.

  • Online job portals 

Several job portals list several job openings across the city making it much easier to find and apply for the the job.

Job Search Portals For Part Time Jobs In Manchester

Here are some of the online job search portals to find jobs easily: 

  • Indeed.com 
  • studentJobUK.com
  • GOV.UK
  • SimplyHired.com
  • JoobleUK.com
  • Totaljobs.comIndeedFlex.com
  • Gumtree.com 


Is it easy to find a part-time job in Manchester for students?

Yes, the the use of correct means to find part time jobs in Manchester is quite easy for students.

How many hours are students allowed to work part-time in Manchester?

The students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week and full-time on holidays.

What if students apply for restricted jobs?

This can lead to fines, visa restrictions, or deportation of students.

This was all about the part time jobs in Manchester. The students moving to various countries for studies may have a lot of such doubts, to get clarification on various jobs-related information follow Jobs Abroad, and to know about Studying abroad kindly follow Leverage Edu.

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