10 Best Paying Jobs in Major Banks & How to Get Them

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Ask 80’s people how to earn money fast and they will be like, ‘Go, loot a bank’. But wait, they might be partially correct. Yes, bank jobs have impressive salaries and a lot of perks and facilities along with it. You don’t have to loot them though, but getting hired can be a major financial shift in your career. Here’s more, Finance and banking is also becoming a popular course choice worldwide. Furthermore, systems are shifting online and new skills, a fresh mindset and an in-depth knowledge of finances are required by banks to create a job market. In short, if money is on your mind, this might be your best chance to land one of the best-paying jobs in major banks. 

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Benefits of Bank Jobs

This need not be said, but just for the sake of it, here is the list of benefits of working at Major Banks.

  • How about we start with job security?
  • The most satisfying competitive salary. 
  • Chances of promotion are manifolds. 
  • Perks like medical insurance, sick leave and maternity leave are obvious. 
  • Career development opportunities are like no other.
  • Plenty of job roles to choose from. 
  • And the showstopper – ‘Great Work-Life balance’.  

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Average Pay of Best Paying Jobs at Major Banks

Before overloading you with information let’s get an overview of best-paying jobs as well as their salary outlook. 

Job RoleSalary 
Financial analyst$74,406 per year
Investment banker$88,664 per year
Wealth manager$92,724 per year
Foreign exchange trader$131,077 per year
Budget analyst$71,804 per year
Internal auditor$88,539 per year
Finance director$104,566 per year
Senior direct sales representative$65,700 per year
Fixed income analyst$71,416 per year
Asset manager$89,402 per year
Equity trader$94,081 per year
Hedge fund analyst$119,652 per year
Credit Analyst$88,030 per year
Loan Officer$63,380 per year

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How to Get Best Paying Jobs In Major Banks

To get a job in a major bank one must prepare well and follow the following steps for the smooth process of getting a job:

  • Research the types of banks you want to join. At your convenience decide if you want an international or international bank job. Make the list of banks that you want to get a job in.
  • Decide upon the type of job role that you want to join. Understand the educational qualifications that are required under it. Prepare yourself based on the requirements.
  • Clear the written test according to the requirements of the bank job eligibility criteria with every good preparation considering the competition level in the industry. Post the exam, if qualified, prepare yourself for the interview and other proceeding rounds.
  • Go for the interview prepared and confident. Once the interview is done, wait for the employer’s decision; you will be informed if you are selected.
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List Of Best Paying Jobs at Major Banks

Financial Analyst

Staying updated with economic trends and implementing them while advising clients and businesses. They help clients know where they should invest and maximize their profits. Examining the risk factors and opportunities to analyse and improve the financial state of the customer. 

Investment Banker

Want to help corporations, governments and banks to raise capital? An investment banker is your ideal role. They help organisations develop new ventures and projects. Their job role also involves fishing investors who can pay for the project. As an investment banker, you will get the opportunity to help organisations navigate through legalities.

Wealth Manager

Help clients plan their finances. You will make sure that your clients possess adequate insurance coverage and also maintain external collaboration with lawyers and accountants as a wealth manager. Moreover, you will also inform your clients about tax benefits on their estates. 

Foreign Exchange Trader

Trading currencies for your clients will be your primary duty as a foreign exchange trader. You will help them buy or sell stocks and assets. You will also have to analyze the investment scene in foreign countries before investing to understand how it would be impacted globally. 

Budget Analyst

Accounting and budgeting reports are required to ensure they are in coordination with the laws and rules. As a budget analyst, you will take care of this and assist senior management in evaluating the strategies being discussed and looking for potential solutions related to it.  

Internal Auditor

Bank’s own finances also need to be analyzed and it is the role of an internal auditor to do so. It ensures the efficacy of the bank and ways in which it can improve its profits and simplify the procedures for the clients. They also secure the assets of the company against fraud and theft. 

Finance Director

Monitor the financial activities of the company as a finance director. You will be responsible for budgeting, revenue reporting, funds disbursements to departments, accounting staff training, risk management, policy implementation and financial process improvement. Also, maintaining a positive relationship with the investors is required in this position. 

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Major Banks in the World

Several major banks hire internationally and operate globally with multiple branches in many countries. the following is the list of few major banks that hire international employees:

  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan
  • Wells Fargo 
  • Bank of China
  • HSBC
  • CitiGroup 
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Barclays
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
  • Goldman Sachs


Which bank job has the highest salary?

Bank jobs such as Foreign exchange trader, Finance director, Hedge fund analyst, Internal Auditor and Wealth Manager are the highest paid. 

Who is the highest paid banker in India?

Sashidhar Jagdishan of HDFC Bank is the highest paid banker in India. He earns 150 times that of an average HDFC Bank employee. 

What are the bank jobs that pay well without a degree?

Following are the bank jobs that pay well without a degree; Accounting assistant, Personal banker, Bank teller, Payroll specialist, Bill collector, Office administrative assistant, Bookkeeping clerk and Receptionist.

Which bank pays the highest salary in the world?

The highest paying banks in the world are Lazard, Rothschild, Guggenheim, Bank of America, Citi, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

This was all about the best-paying jobs at major banks. Follow our Jobs Abroad page for more information on careers, international part-time and full-time jobs and internships. 

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