Entry-Level IT Jobs That Can Transform Your Career: Requirements & Salary 2024

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Entry-Level IT Jobs

If you are a recent IT graduate, you would be very hopeful about your career. But do you also need clarification because every job you see online requires some experience? At the start of a career, it is natural to not know everything, however, researching and networking can solve most of your problems. Therefore, here are some entry level IT jobs to embark on your career and we have also covered some nice tips to help you land those careers. 


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Help Desk Technician 

Help Desk Technicians help people who have issues with their hardware, software or network. They are responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting any issues with the computers. They offer computer support to the customers and are known by different names. It is a good role to start working on computers. Hence, this entry level IT job is easily available to freshers and also helps them work on the grassroots level to learn the systems in and out. 

Requirements and Skillsbachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems management.
Growth6% annual growth

Junior Web Developer

The job role is pretty much the same as normal web developers. They create codes to run websites and applications. They also help in scaling up the sites and their performance over time. For this, they might need to work with designers and achieve the targets together. Junior web developers or junior web engineers work under senior developers or team leads to learn and upskill to more prominent roles. 

Requirements and SkillsKnowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python.
Growth5% annual growth

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IT Technician

IT Technician is also a help desk job. But instead of supporting people on computers and hardware, these people rather deal with the technical issues within the computer systems of an organisation. They focus more on the actual technical issues rather than to focus on resolving user issues. They are people who understand IT Networks. At a junior stage, their role is more on the ground dealing with the technicalities of various systems. 

Requirements and SkillsKnowledge of computer systems and troubleshooting. Certifications, associate degrees,
Growth6% annual growth

Digital Marketeer

Digital marketing and Social media marketing is overseen by the Digital marketer. They usually work for a brand or company but can also be freelancers dealing with different clients at a time. Their job is to ensure sales and brand awareness as well as marketing. Their work is also responsible for bringing customer loyalty. Once set into the role they also look for opportunities for expansion of platforms for marketing. You can become a digital marketing manager later in this role. 

Requirements and SkillsSearch engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Conversion tests and experimentsMarketing database apps, Email, social media, and online advertising
Growth6% annual growth

Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts make the computing systems of a company as efficient and effective as the resources allow. They constantly look out for opportunities for improvement in the system and advancement in technology and design. System Analysts also keep working on running tests and deploying systems and software to implement all improvements.   

Requirements and SkillsCertifications, bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. 
Growth9% annual growth

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Systems Administrators 

They are also commonly known as Computer Administrators. They are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the operations. They do so for multi-user computer systems and servers. They often also work with or as network administrators. System Administrators keep up with the latest network technologies and therefore it is a constant learning on the job for system administrators. This also means that there is lifelong growth for the people on the job. 

Requirements and SkillsKnowledge of computer systems,Certifications, associate or bachelor’s degree in relevant fields.
Growth3% annual growth

Database Administrator

Storing, organising and securing data is the responsibility of Database Administrators. They work for companies that have essentially large administrative systems. This involves banks and hospitals as well. They make sure that the company’s database operates smoothly and allows easy usage of data for growth. 

Requirements and SkillsStructured Query Language (SQL)Certifications, associate or bachelor’s degree in relevant fields.
Growth9% annual growth

Best Countries for Entry level IT Jobs

Following is a list of the best countries for IT jobs. 

Things to Consider Before Taking an Entry level IT Job Abroad 

It is different to take up an IT job in your home country than taking it overseas. If you want to get entry level IT jobs abroad, keep in mind the following information. 

  • IT rules, regulations and laws of the country. Moreover, you should also be aware of the rules for staying in a country for work and how long you can work there. 
  • Be patient, only a few companies and organizations are looking for employees from overseas. Although many of them accept your candidature otherwise as well, the process becomes longer and patience is important. 
  • Be sure you fulfil the language requirement. It is mostly English that is used in most countries for administrative purposes but if there is another language that is required you must be aware of the criteria. This can differ for different employers. 
  • Make sure you also fulfil other visa and entry requirements based on health, educational qualifications, salary and other things. 


What are the best entry-level IT jobs?

Help desk technician, junior web developer, IT Technician, system analyst, Junior Software Developer, Site reliability engineer Cloud Engineer and many more entry-level IT jobs are available in the market. 

What is the salary of an entry-level web developer?

The average annual salary of an entry level web developer is $70,079. 

Are entry level IT jobs also offered in foreign countries?

Yes, countries like UAE (Dubai), Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Australia offer many entry level IT jobs.

This was all about entry level IT jobs. Follow our Jobs Abroad page for more information on careers, international part-time and full-time jobs and internships.

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