Factors Influence Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai 2024

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Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai

The best designers are employed by some of the world’s leading graphic design companies, especially those in Dubai, to help them with digitally focused services like branding and logo creation. They offer competitive pay, perks, and incentives to entice top graphic design talent with the perfect blend of energy, inventiveness, and style. With the help of an appropriate educational background, practical experience, and a firm grasp of tools such as Photoshop, Canva, ProofHub, and Illustrator, graphic designers in Dubai can realize their career goals.

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Average Salary of a Graphic Designer in Dubai

According to Indeed, a graphic designer in Dubai makes, on average, 3,941 AED a month, or 55,659 AED annually. Therefore, the base pay, bonuses, compensations, and other benefits make up the total compensation. 

Also, the average monthly salary for entry-level positions is between 2,000 AED and 5,000 AED. Salaries in Dubai range from 5,000 AED to 8,000 AED hence mid-level designers have more room for advancement. Subsequently, reputable senior graphic designers in Dubai might anticipate monthly wages between 8,000 AED and 15,000 AED or higher. 

The following is the typical total salary for a graphic designer (Pay Scale):

Graphic Designer Salary Based on Educational Qualification

Following is a comparison of graphic designer salaries based on a person’s education level: 

Education Level Average Salary Per Month
High School 6,500 AED
Certificate or diploma9,000 AED
Bachelor’s degree 12,500 AED
Master’s degree 18,000 AED

Highest Paying Graphic Designer Jobs in Dubai 2024

Here is a list of some high-paying graphic designer jobs in Dubai that you can explore and earn a competitive salary: 

Job Position Average Salary Per Month
Assistant Graphic Designer15,000 AED
Freelance Graphic Designer5,000  AED
Motion Graphic Designer7,500  AED
Visual Designer3,912  AED
Designer5,111  AED
Digital Designer 4,416  AED
User Interface Designer 5,425  AED

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Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai By Experience 

In the following picture, you can see the experience-wise graphic designer salary in Dubai. 

Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai By Companies 

Here is a list of some top companies that pay a good salary to graphic designer professionals in Dubai: 

Companies Average Salary Per Month
Dubizzle 4,800 AED
Property Finder 4,000 AED 
Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group 5,000 AED
Apparel Group 5,250 AED 
Emaar Properties 4,833 AED
Transguard Group 3,900 AED
Alsayegh Media 8,500 AED
Al-Futtaim Group 10,000 AED 
The Hanging House 11,500 AED
KOJ Group 6,000 AED 
Axiom Telecom 10,000 AED
The Giving Movement 13,500 AED
Impact BBDO 4,900 AED

Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai By Cities

The pay of a graphic designer is mostly influenced by the company’s location. The table below illustrates which towns offer a lesser income, while some pay more.

Cities Average Salary Per Year
Dubai Silicon Oasis  50,152 AED
Al Barsha73,198 AED
Dubai55,814 AED
Al Quoz47,277 AED
Jumeirah 55,066 AED
Abu Dhabi 40,000 AED

Factors Affecting Graphic Designer Salary

Graphic designers in Dubai can better navigate their professional pathways and optimize their income potential by considering the following variables.

  • Certifications from top universities
  • Experience in the industry
  • Educational background
  • Relevant skills of the candidate 
  • Company’s status
  • Location of the company
  • A candidate’s performance in the current position  
  • Prevalent market rates

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How much does a Graphic Designer earn in Dubai?

The average salary for a Graphic Designer is 15,200 AED per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The average additional cash compensation, however, for a Graphic Designer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 9,700 AED with a range from 2,202 AED – 26,900 AED.

Is Dubai good for graphic designers?

Ans: Dubai is home to some of the best graphic design companies that hire the best designers who can help them with digitally-focused services, especially logos and branding.

What is the salary of an entry-level Graphic Designer in UAE?

The average Graphic Designer salary in UAE is 5,000 AED per month. Moreover, the highest salary of a Graphic Designer in UAE is 11,000 AED and the lowest salary is 2,500 AED. This data is based on 196 Graphic Designers located in the UAE who have also recently registered with GulfTalent.

This is all the information about Graphic Designer Salary in Dubai 2024, for more updated blogs on salary follow Leverage Edu

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