MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost: Scholarships, Eligibility

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MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost: It is no more a secret that pursuing MBBS degrees in India is extremely expensive, and the competition to get into low-cost medical colleges in India. Thus most students opt for an alternative to get an MBBS degree from a recognized institution at an affordable cost. One of the most common alternatives to this problem is pursuing an affordable MBBS degree abroad at a reputed university. Getting enrolled at MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost provides ample career opportunities and helps you overcome financial crises or pursue MBBS on budget. If you want to know more about MBBS abroad for Indian students at low cost, the top ten universities for MBBS abroad for Indian students at low cost, eligibility requirements, the application process, and much more, then Keep Reading!

Scholarship for MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost

Here are the medical scholarships for Indian students to study MBBS abroad: 

  • Algoma University Chancellor’s Award
  • NCI Master’s Edge Scholarship
  • JGC-S Scholarship Foundation
  • Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation
  • Pearl International Award

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Why Pursue MBBS Abroad?

Having highly competitive and career-oriented degrees, Pursuing MBBS from a foreign University includes many benefits. Some of the major benefits are as follows;

  • There are higher chances of getting employment opportunities that are not only high paying but also at high positions in foreign organizations after completing the MBBS degree. 
  • Another major benefit includes the excellence in education offered by top universities in the USA, UK, Australia, etc. 
  • MBBS abroad features excellence in teaching and a precise curriculum that helps students gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the course. 
  • Besides the benefits mentioned above, one of the most common and popular benefits includes affordable fees; numerous students opt for MBBS abroad due to the affordable fee structure compared to MBBS in their domestic country. 

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Top Countries for MBBS Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost

Numerous universities offer excellence in education as well as affordable fees structure that helps students pursue their dream course. Some of the popular universities that offer MBBS abroad for Indian students at low cost are as follows; 

Name of the UniversityWorld QS Rankings 2023 Type of InstitutionDuration of MBBS Average Fees of MBBS Location World QS Subject Wise Rankings 2023 
National University of Singapore 24Private 5 years 66,650 S$/year  (INR 37.05 Lakh/year)Singapore 11
University of Copenhagen 79Public 3 years Denmark 47
University of Bern119Public 6 Years 750 + 200 CHF/per semester (61,052 + 16,282 INR/per semester)Switzerland114
Dalhousie University272Public 4 years22,710 CAD/year (INR 13.71 Lakh/year)Canada 201-250
University of Dundee 322Public 5 years47,475 £/year (INR 46,97 Lakh/year)UK151-200
University of Manchester 38Public 5 Years 29,000 £/ (Year 1 and 2) (INR 28.69 Lakh/Year 1-2)48,000 £/ (Year 3) (INR 47.49 Lakh/ Year)
Fees will change accordingly based on the years you enter
United Kingdom27
University of Bristol 62Public 5 years36,800 £/year (INR 36.42 Lakh/year)UK64
Shantou UniversityPublic5-6 yearsEnglish medium- 40,000 RMB/year (INR 4.74 Lakh/year)
Chinese medium- 30,000 RMB/year (INR 3.55 Lakh/year)
Bashkir State Medical UniversityPublic6 years282,816 RUB (INR 2.53 Lakh)Russia 
Kharkiv National Medical University Public6 yearsEnglish medium- 3500 US$/year (INR 28.7 Lakh)Russian medium- 2500 US$/year (INR 20.5 Lakh)Ukraine

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Top Countries for MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost

When opting for a particular course you are highly suggested to check for the top countries for MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low-cost universities as these provide you with an idea about the cost of studying in a particular country. Some of the top countries for MBBS abroad for Indian students at low cost are as follows; 

Name of the Country Average Cost of Studying MBBS INR Conversions 
USA$200,0001.64 Cr for four years 
Australia AU$630,0003.46 Cr for four years 
UK£38,00038.55 lakhs 
New Zealand NZD 72,00037.03 lakhs 
Russia 4000 USD per year3.28 lakhs 

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Eligibility Requirements 

After reading all the information as mentioned above, knowing more about the eligibility requirements to pursue MBBS abroad is important. Some of the basic eligibility requirements include the following; 

  • You must first pass high school, preferably with a science stream and physics, chemistry, and biology as core subjects.
  • You must have a minimum of 65% marks in your high school from an officially recognized board. 

These eligibility requirements are basic and may vary depending on the universities and courses. You are first suggested to check your preferred university’s official website to check your eligibility. 

Documents Required 

To pursue the application process or to submit the application form of your preferred university, you must submit a list of required documents. Some of the basic documents include; 

Language Score Requirements 

Since English is not your first language, you must qualify for language proficiency tests accepted by universities abroad to determine your English language proficiency. 

Language Proficiency TestsScore Requirements 
IELTS7 bands 

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Admission Process 

To pursue education at foreign universities or enroll at MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost, you are first required to research and select a few preferred universities to which you want to apply. Then you must check the official websites of your preferred universities for the latest updates and notifications. The next step is to accurately fill out the application form on the official website and pay the application fees. As mentioned above, you must submit a list of essential documents for the application process. After successfully submitting the documents required, the application form, and application fees, you will be notified by your preferred university through email or contact number as submitted at the time of application. 

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Ques. Which country is best to concentrate on MBBS abroad for a minimal price?

Ans: In countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and others, numerous MBBS programs are accessible at low costs.

Ques: Which is the least expensive country for MBBS?

Ans: The most affordable countries for MBBS degrees include Denmark, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Canada, among others.

Ques: Is MBBS in India more affordable than abroad?

Ans: When compared to India, there are numerous universities abroad that have the lowest mbbs fees.

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