MIT University Indian Alumni: List of Prominent Indian Personalities 

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most renowned and prestigious universities in the world. Located in Cambridge, United States, this top-notch institute has a long track record of generating competent professionals and leaders. The list of successful MIT graduates includes many Indians. In this blog, we will talk about some of the most prominent MIT University Indian alumni. These notable figures have carved a name for themselves in their respective fields. This demonstrates how excellent the education at MIT is. Pursuing a degree at this world-class education positions you for a bright and thriving career. So, without any further ado, let’s see who are some notable Indian alumni of MIT. 


Raghuram Rajan

Among the most prominent figures on our list of MIT University Indian alumni is Raghuram Rajan, Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Born on 3 February 1963 in Bhopal, the Indian economist has carved a name for himself due to his competencies. He became one of the most famous central bankers in India due to his lethal combination of superior performance and charisma. He is famous for bringing down the double-digit inflation in 2013 to below 6% by 2016 in India. 

Raghuram Rajan

Source: Black Hat Talent Solution

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Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran is one of the most prominent MIT University Indian alumni. Born on 5 April 1969 in Chennai, he is currently the global energy and climate innovation editor of The Economist. The acclaimed journalist and author has editorial responsibilities, ranging from business and finance to technology and innovation. Moreover, he has produced numerous cover stories and received awards for his reporting. 

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran

Source: The Aspen Institute

Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar

Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar was an Indian businessman who played a significant role in the rapid growth of the Kirloskar Group. He was the son of Laxmanrao Kirloskar, who founded the Kirloskar Group. He was born on 28 May 1903 in Solapur and passed away on 24 April 1994 in Pune. He is among the most well-known MIT University Indian alumni due to his successes. Some of his milestones include that he established Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited in Pune and Kirloskar Electric Company in Bangalore in 1946. 

Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar

Source: PeoPlaid

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Vaidyeswaran Rajaraman

Vaidyeswaran Rajaraman is an Indian engineer, writer and academic, renowned for his pioneering efforts in the area of Computer Science Education in India. Rajaraman is among the most notable MIT University Indian alumni. Born on 8 September 1933 in Erode, he is currently serving as an honorary professor in the Supercomputer Education Research Center (SERC) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

Aditya Vikram Birla

Aditya Vikram Birla was one of the most renowned Indian industrialists. He was born into one of the largest business families in India on 14 November 1943 in Kolkata. He oversaw the diversification of his group into petrochemicals, textiles, and telecommunications. He was among the most successful MIT University Indian alumni. He passed away on 1 October 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. 

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Q.1 Who went to MIT from India?

Ans. Some of the prominent figures who went to MIT from India are:
1. Raghuram Rajan
2. Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran
3. Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar
4. Vaidyeswaran Rajaraman
5. Aditya Vikram Birla

Q.2 Does MIT accept Indian students?

Ans. Yes, Indian students were reportedly the second-highest international student community at MIT in the 2023-24 admission cycle. 

Q.3 How much do Indians pay for MIT? 

Ans. The average tuition cost at MIT is approximately $53,450. This cost can be reduced for Indian students through MIT Scholarships and fellowships. 

So, this was all about the MIT University Indian Alumni. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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