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Sports Marketing

Reality shows on sports and major sportspersons becoming international sensations are creating great opportunities for individuals getting degrees in sports marketing. These individuals work on the business side of sports. It is the credibility of these professionals that sports have become such a big industry today. Also, the opportunities that these sports marketers create engage a lot of young minds in the profession. Business schools provide specialized masters in sports marketing. The enthusiasts are trained in various areas of the decree.



CourseMaster’s in Sports Marketing
Course Duration2 years
Course TypeRegular On-campus
Top UniversityAISTS (International Academy of Sport Science and Technology)
Global Revenue$450 billion yearly (INR 372,444,750 LPA)
Highest DesignationSports Marketing Director
Most Common DesignationSports Event Coordinator
Average Median Salary21 Lakhs p.a.

What is Sports Marketing?

Masters in Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is the field of marketing that allows individuals to focus on the business side of sports. These professionals not only promote the field to other enthusiasts of sports but also reach out to sponsors for sports events, create sports-based adverts, sports public relations, sports lobbying, and much more. The careers keep getting interesting with time which is the best part of getting a master’s in sports marketing. This is because the industry is hugely expanding creating a wholesome set of opportunities for people specializing in this field.

What Creates the Demand for Sports Marketers?

Let’s start with the statistics! Sports is such a huge industry currently. In the US, the sports industry drives a gross revenue of nearly $450 billion yearly according to a report by Plunkett Research. Compared to the automobile industry, this industry creates $200 billion more revenue! Public engagement in the reality of sports is what drives the industry. Also, there are enough betting companies that also coherently survive in the sports industry. For a reasonable fact, Super Bowl advertisements are the most expensive adverts. Media deals, especially in sports marketing rights, make up the greatest contribution to the revenue of the industry.

Top Colleges for Masters in Sports Marketing

The table below represents top colleges/universities that offer Masters in Sports Marketing:

RankUniversity/ProgramDegree OfferedCountry
1AISTS (International Academy of Sport Science and TechnologyMaster of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Sport AdministrationSwitzerland
2KEDGE Business SchoolMS International Sport & Event ManagementFrance
3University of Cape Town – Faculty of CommercePG Diploma in Sports ManagementSouth Africa
4Audencia Business SchoolMS Management of Sport OrganizationsFrance
5University of Ljubljana: Faculty of EconomicsMaster in Sport ManagementSlovenia
6University of Virginia – Darden Graduate School of BusinessMBA: Media, Entertainment & Sports Management ElectiveUSA
7Arizona State UniversitySports Law & BusinessUSA
8Keio UniversityMaster of Sports ManagementJapan
9The University of AlbertaMaster of Arts in Physical Education and RecreationCanada
10Emlyon Business SchoolMSc in Sports Industry ManagementFrance

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Admission Procedure for Sports Marketing Masters

Applications would directly be made according to the individual Universities declaring intakes for this course. The procedure to apply would be present on the websites of the Universities. Students are hence suggested to keep a good track of the dates and the other essentials for gaining entry into the Universities with Applied Economics in countries abroad. You can make the complicated admission process easy by reaching out to Leverage Edu:

  • Firstly you need to Select the course that best aligns with your interest. You can take help of our AI Course finder for this purpose.
  • Experts at Leverage Edu will then start with your application process at the respective university.
  • Documents such as SOPs, LORs, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. are an important part of your university application. So you’ll have to gather and compile all the necessary documents.
  • Experts at Leverage Edu will then start with the application process for accommodation, student visas, and scholarships/student loans after submitting your application and the required documents. 
  • After completing the application process you need to generally wait for your offer letter which usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility factor depends from University to University for the institutions that are abroad. For Indian colleges, some colleges take admissions based on academic merit while some base their decisions on the ranks in entrance examinations. Some common eligibility criteria are given below.

For Indian Colleges

  • More than 50% aggregate in examinations preceding the desired degree.
  • Ranks above the cut-off for Universities having entrance examinations.
  • Merit-based entry

For Universities Abroad

The eligibility criteria may change based on the University that the candidate chooses.

UG CoursesClass 12 transcripts
Pass Certificate
Minimum marks requirement as declared by the University of choice
English language proficiency scores
PG CoursesGraduation transcript
Pass Certificate of Class 12
Minimum marks requirement as declared by the University of choice
English language proficiency scores

English Language Requirements

You might also be required to submit English Proficiency Test scores. The basic English language test scores must be met to get admitted to any of the abroad Universities. Follow the table below to get an idea of the minimum requirements.

Test NameMinimum Score
TOEFL (Paper)525
PTE Academic45-50 (36 minimum in each section)
IELTS Academic6.0 band

Documents Required

The students planning to study in prestigious colleges in India, the documents required are the same as the ones required for admission in any stream in any college with any course. However, the requirements are a little different for the colleges and Universities abroad. Here is the set of documents required for studying abroad. While every University has its list of documents that are required for admission, there are some common documents that all Universities require during the application process. These are the following documents that the students would need to produce.

Careers & Salaries

Masters in Sports Marketing

A career in Sports Marketing means that a person can blend the love for sports and use the knowledge to sell sports-related content, services or products to the audience. Thus there is both passion for sports and the earning through marketing profession. What can be better than such a vibrant and dynamic career? Here, we have made a collection of the best careers after a master’s in sports marketing and the corresponding salaries.

Sports Advertising and Marketing$141,490
Sports Event Management$51,560
Sports Marketing Research$65,810
Sports Merchandising$132,290
Sports Public Relations$62,810
Sports Restaurants and Hospitality$65,420
Sports Sales Manager$132,290

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Sports Marketing Masters: Future Scope

The sports industry will have a CAGR of 13.5% with current revenue of more than $450 billion globally. By 2025 however, the market is expected to reach $599.9 billion with a CAGR of 8%. Thus, there is a huge scope for people who are interested in this industry.

With a whole lot of partnerships and sponsorships entering the sports section, there is a huge scope for individuals planning to pursue Masters in Sports Marketing. It can be hugely beneficial not just for the individual divulging into core sports but now, reality shows based on leisure sports also need these services that an individual with a master’s in sports marketing can provide. In all honesty, reality shows based on sports have more payouts than field sports. Also considering field sports, one can target a whole portfolio of sports to start a marketing career. thus, the probabilities are endless with a master’s in sports marketing.


Q1. What are the 3 types of sports marketing?

Ans. There can be three types of marketing in sports. One is marketing sports as a product. Second is marketing brands in sports and the third is grassroots marketing.

Q2. Is a Master in Sports Management good?

Ans. The sports industry is ever-increasing. There is a whole dimension of chances as a marketer in the sports industry. The positions are also very lucrative and rewarding for one’s career. With a marketing degree in sports marketing, a person can be a sports communicator, in the media house, and a lot more.

Q3. Is getting a master’s in marketing worth it?

Ans. There is a chance that a person with a master’s in marketing has 20% more CTC than a person with just a bachelor’s degree. Thus, on any given day, a master’s is far more rewarding than a solo bachelor’s degree.

Q4. What can I do after my master’s in sports management?

Ans. A person with a master’s degree in sports management can earn experience in any marketing field like marketing communications, media, or just branding in the sports industry and opt for great careers later. These can be named contract managers, athletic directors, or even sports event managers.

This was everything about Masters in Sports Marketing! If you are dreaming of studying abroad then experts at Leverage Edu can help you throughout the application process. To connect with us, either register on our website or call us at 1800572000.

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