All The Details About Real Estate Agent Salary in Canada in 2024

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real estate agent salary in canada

The job of a real estate agent is not only a good option for your career but can also be a very good side hustle for you as a student or a part-timer, especially in a country like Canada which has numerous opportunities in the field of real estate considering the country’s all-time development. You will not only be exposed to endless opportunities but also you will get good exposure which can teach you a lot of things. Before you embark on your career in the industry, let’s look deep into the Real estate agent salary in Canada and see if the career is rewarding as well. 


Average Real Estate Agent Salary In Canada

The job of a real estate agent is pretty exciting as well as rewarding. The pay lands in the range which is pretty good and worthy. You can also land very good and above-average pay if you have a higher level of education, experience and preferred skills. The pay you may be offered can be different from the averages based on other factors too. The average that a real estate agent earns a year is 105 CAD.  The average monthly salary of a real estate agent is 877 CAD.

The averages based on the higher and lower factors are given below:

Real estate agent’s highest monthly salary13,411 CAD
Real estate agent’s highest yearly salary161,600 CAD
Real estate agent’s lowest monthly salary 4,258 CAD
Real estate agent’s lowest yearly salary 51,100 CAD

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Real Estate Agent Salary In Canada Based On Level Of Experience

The experience level is a very important and necessary factor in the determination of salary brackets. The higher experience is the bonus if you are seeking a higher salary. With each experience year, the salary or average pay keeps increasing. The experience in the real estate agent’s profession fetches individuals with high knowledge of skills and work proficiency at work leading to a hike in productivity. With just two to five years of experience in the field, you can earn approximately 29% of your energy in the field. The following image gives a clear definition of the salary and the effect of experience on it. 

real estate agent salary in canada

Real Estate Agent Salary In Canada Based On Level Of Education

The second most important factor in the salary determinant of the level of the salary is the level of education. The presence of the right education in the subject makes you fit the job position well and gives you the authority to get better pay considering your knowledge and skills. If you have a bachelor’s degree in the profession of a real estate agent, then you can expect to earn a 38%  higher salary comparatively. 

Education Average Salary
High school78,100 CAD
Diploma 111,700 CAD
Bachelor’s degree 152,900 CAD

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Real Estate Agent Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

All the countries have different working sectors divided into two. One is public and the other one is the private sector. The public sector usually pays a higher average pay when compared to the private sector. In Canada, the difference in both sectors is 6%. The employees in the private sector earn a 5% lower salary compared to employees in the private sector.

Sector Average Salary 
Public Sector 123,000 CAD
Private Sector 115,600 CAD

Real Estate Agent Salary In Canada In Different Cities

Canada is a country that has several cities. All the cities have differences in the working and functioning in terms of professional work. The number of employees in each city and the demand differ. To know which city can pay the best to you and has high demand we can have a comparison of the cities based on the average pay in them and decide the best. The following image gives information about various cities and the average pay in them. 

real estate agent salary in canada

Real Estate Agent Salary In Canada Compared To Other Professions

To know even better about the salary of a real estate agent and see if the job is worthwhile and rewarding, let’s compare the salary of a real estate agent to other professions from the same industry and watch out if the salary paid to them is equal in comparison to the one paid to the real estate agent or not. The following table contains a list of several professions and the average salary paid to them:

Profession Average Salary
Assistant property manager 139,100 CAD
Brokerage clerk 54,100 CAD
Commercial leasing manager 210,600 CAD
Acquisition associate 92,100 CAD
Leasing Consultant 124,500 CAD
Director of Real Estate 218,500 CAD
Real estate analyst 130,400 CAD
Property Manager 152,900 CAD
Town planner 212,500 CAD
Residential advisor 123,300 CAD
Research Analyst 97,200 CAD

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Are both males and females earning the same salary in Canada as real estate agents?

No, the pay of both males and females differs. Though many efforts are being made to remove such differences from the workplace, some factors still suffer. At present females in the profession earn 7% of a lower salary compared to men for the same work.

What is the pay raise that can be expected in the job of a real estate agent in Canada?

The pay raise of an individual in this profession is based on their performance throughout their year and several other factors. However, the average pay rate that can be expected is 9% every 12 months which is pretty moderate. 

Is it good to be a real estate agent in Canada?

You as a real estate agent have a lot of opportunities available in Canada that can give you experience, financial rewards as well as a very good exposure in the industry. Considering several factors, Canada is a really good country to opt for a career as a real estate agent there. 

These were the complete details on the Real Estate Agent Salary in Canada. To read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. you can provide your views or doubts in the comment section below. 

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