Complete Information On Security Guard Salary In Dubai

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security guard salary in dubai

Finding a job in Dubai can be a bit challenging if you are from another country and have no experience. While you stay in Dubai and get skills and knowledge the job of Security guard seems beneficial to many. The country offers a very good package for the security guards and time for personal development and growth. A lot of students who want to make an extra income look for such part-time jobs. Through this blog learn about all about the security guard salary in Dubai.

security guard salary in dubai

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Average Security Guard Salary In Dubai

The average salary of a security guard is 68,900 AED annually, below are the highest and lowest averages:

Average annual salary68,900 AED
Highest annual salary102,620 AED
Lowest annual salary37,740 AED
Average monthly salary5,741 AED
Highest annual salary8,551 AED
Lowest annual salary3,145 AED

The salary can differ from the average depending on several factors like education, experience, etc.

Average Security Guard Salary In Dubai By Experience

The average salary differs based on experience in all professions, the same goes for the salary of a Security guard. The salary keeps increasing with the increasing experience. Two years of experience gets you 23% more salary, following is the experience-wise salary for the security guard:

security guard salary in dubai

Average Security Guard Salary In Dubai Based On Gender

The profession of the security guard faces differences based on gender, especially in the matter of pay. Several efforts have been made to eradicate these differences of gender in the workplace. The neutralization has come to a great extent but is not complete.

A female security guard earns around 12% of a lesser salary when compared to a male security guard.

Gender Average Salary Per Year
Male 65,760 AED
Female 58,800 AED

Average Pay Raise And Bonus On Security Guard Salary In Dubai 

The average pay raise expected in this profession is around 5% every year. However, the pay raise is dependent on the performance of the employee and can differ from employer to employer.

The job of a security guard is a low bonus-based job, only 32% of total employees have reported receiving a bonus and the amount of it lies between 0-4%. 

Average Security Guard Salary In Dubai By Education Level

The level of education always makes a huge difference in the salary of an employee. In the case of a job security guard, an employee with a high school level education earns around 61% better than a diploma holder.

security guard salary in dubai

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Difference In Security Guard Salary In Dubai Based On Sector

The public sector i.e. the government sector pays the employees in this role an income 5% better than the private sector.

Sector Average Salary  Per Year
Private sector228,500 AED
Public sector239,500 AED

City-Based Comparison Of Security Guard Salary In Dubai 

Different cities have different pay for the employees, through the table let’s see the pay for a security guard in different cities of Dubai:

City Average Salary Per Year
Ajman 61,680 AED
Abu Dhabi66,680 AED
Al Ain64,640 AED
Um Al Khaimah59,480 AED
Sharjah66,140 AED
Ras Al Khaimah 61,620 AED
Fujairah 60,480 AED

Comparison Of Security Guard Salary To Other Similar Professions 

For an understanding of the salary and to let you choose a better profession, let’s compare security guard salaries in Dubai to other similar professions:

Profession Average Salary  Per Year  
Company guard 77,640 AED
Armed security officer172,200 AED
Control room operator66,940 AED
Correctional officer 125,100 AED
Criminal investigator257,700 AED
Facility Monitor139,100 AED
Fire chief249,600 AED
Security manager361,600 AED
Security Officer 79,240 AED
Security supervisor195,200 AED
Traffic controller136,200 AED
Surveillance operator 101,020 AED

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What is the average security guard salary in Dubai?

68,900 AED is the average annual pay for a security guard in Dubai.

Do years of experience count in deciding the salary for the job of a security guard?

Yes, the years of experience play a very important when it comes to salary. The pay keeps on increasing along with the increase in the number of years of experience. You can earn up to 45% of more income with 5 years of experience.

What qualification do you need to be a security guard?

You need a high school completion certificate or a training diploma from a security school.

Is security guard a good job in UAE?

In general, security guard positions in Dubai are both rewarding and hard. Plus, you would be getting paid more handsomely. The best instruction possible would be given to you to complete the assignment. Since the security guard industry is heavily regulated, the pay will exceed what the government requires.

This is all the details about the Security Guard Salary In Dubai, to know about the salary of other professionals in different countries or to read about any job-related information, follow Jobs Abroad. To read about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu

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