A Complete Java Developer Salary in Dubai 2024

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Java developer salary in dubai

Java is a well-known and extensively used programming language, and there is a growing need for Java developers. Knowing your Dubai Java developer salary is crucial if you want to make a career out of this field. The world of Java development in Dubai offers a compelling combination of engaging work and a strong financial outlook. If you are looking for a job in Dubai as a Java developer, use this information to help you find better-paying jobs. This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate Java developer salaries in Dubai.


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Java Developer Salary in Dubai

The job outlook for Java Developers in Dubai is quite strong financially. While the average annual salary sits at a comfortable 279,400 AED (translating to roughly 23,283 AED per month), it’s important to consider the range. Entry-level positions might start at around 148,300 AED annually (12,358 AED monthly), while experienced developers can command salaries exceeding 424,900 AED per year (35,408 AED monthly). There are a number of variables that could affect Java developers’ pay in Dubai. Let’s examine some important factors that affect pay.

Java Developer Salary in Dubai By Experience Level 

Experience level has an impact on Java developer pay as well. In accordance with their level of experience, Java developers can make the following: 

Java developer salary in dubai

Java Developer Salary in Dubai By Education Level 

While formal education can be an asset, experience often trumps education level when it comes to salary. However, a university degree (Bachelor’s) can still lead to a higher average salary compared to a high school diploma.

Education Average Salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma108,600 AED
Bachelor’s Degree271,300 AED
Master’s Degree385,300 AED

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Java Developer Salary in Dubai By Companies 

In the US, there are many options for you to consider. Currently seeking Java engineers in the US, these are a few of the highest-paying organizations:

Companies Average Salary Per Month
TPConnects5,000 AED-8,000 AED
Landmark Group9,000 AED-11,000 AED
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)3,000 AED-9,000 AED
Omnix International11,000 AED-13,000 AED
Information Systems Associates9,000 AED-11,000 AED
TASC11,000 AED-13,000 AED
Medas Middle East Software Systems4,000 AED-6,000 AED
Ahdab International Luxury Transport5,000 AED-7,000 AED
Precision Industries5,000 AED-8,000 AED
Summit Real Estate Management9,000 AED-11,000 AED
Etisalat9,000 AED-14,000 AED
Revolut4,000 AED-8,500 AED
CSC10,000 AED-11,000 AED
Al Ansari Exchange12,000 AED-14,000 AED
Paysend13,000 AED-15,000 AED
Cognizant Technology Solutions5,000 AED-8,000 AED
AirRetailer7,000 AED-9,000 AED
BitOasis18,000 AED-22,000 AED
Brilliant Star Technology8,000 AED-12,000 AED

Java Developer Salary in Dubai By Cities 

The cities listed below are great locations for business hubs due to their wage and competitive environment. The top cities for Java developers’ salaries are listed below:

Java developer salary in dubai

Java Developer Salary in Dubai By Positions

Due to Java’s ongoing popularity growth, the pay for Java software developers is increasing. These are a few of the highest-paying jobs for Java developers in Dubai.

Positions Average Salary Per Month
Full Stack Developer5,719 AED 
Software Engineer6,119 AED
Application Developer5,406 AED
Back End Developer6,562 AED
Front End Developer6,407 AED
Developer6,722 AED
Java Software Developer10,000 AED
Java Developer 8,000 AED
Junior Java Developer12,500 AED
Developer C/C++11,850 AED

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Q1: What is the salary of a Java Developer in Dubai?

The compensation range for a Java Developer in Dubai is 142,222 AED to 213,333 AED, with an average monthly salary for employees with two years of experience ranging from 160,000  AED to 195,555 AED.

Q2: How much does a developer make in Dubai?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a developer makes, on average,  13,000 AED per month. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, developers often receive an additional 3,000 AED in financial compensation, ranging from 550 AED to 78,600 AED.

Q3: Is Java in demand in Dubai?

In the UAE job market, some of the most sought-after programming languages and technologies are Java, Python, 

Q4: Which job in IT is the highest paid?

Full stack developers, cloud architects, blockchain engineers, data scientists, software engineering managers, cyber security experts, and big data engineers are among the most sought-after and well-paid IT jobs in India.

This was all the information about Java Developer Salary in Dubai. For more such articles on salary follow Leverage Edu and Jobs Abroad.

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