An Overview of Morgan Stanley Careers

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Morgan Stanley Careers

Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935, as a partnership firm. It is now a global financial firm operation with over 80,000 employees in more than 40 countries worldwide. Morgan Stanley offers rewarding opportunities for both students and graduates. It allows students to collaborate with various industry leaders and innovators to get guidance in their career paths. Candidates can choose to do both internships and full-time jobs at Morgan Stanley. Keep reading to know more about career opportunities at Morgan Stanley. 

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Why to Work at Morgan Stanley?

Check below why the individuals should choose to work at Morgan Stanley:

  • Morgan Stanley offers a wide range of benefits to their employees in terms of reimbursement for tuition or licensing along with discounts for exams like GREs, GMATs, LSATs, etc.
  • The organization offers a wide variety of healthcare options such as medical, and dental, along with flexible spending and other healthcare benefits.
  • Candidates are offered various financial services such as loan refinancing, insurance plans, and salary continuation in case of emergencies.
  • Employees are offered 4 weeks of paid leave to take care of any ill family member, 16 weeks of parental leave, a free college admissions support program, etc.

Morgan Stanley Careers – Global Offices

Morgan Stanley is operating worldwide. Students planning to get a job abroad must check the destinations at which Morgan Stanley is offering Jobs:

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Highest Paying Morgan Stanley Careers

Here are some salaries offered by Morgan Stanley Careers. 

Job Profile Average Annual Salary
Vice President$187K-$275K
Executive Director$237K-$411K
Operations Analyst$63K-$96K
Assistant Vice President$124K-$178K
Business Analyst$86K-$128K
Senior Manager$153K-$229K
Managing Director$361K-$657K
Note: These salaries are given as reported by Glassdoor

Current Openings at Morgan Stanley

Candidates can apply for various internships as well as full-time programs at Morgan Stanley. Check below some of the latest openings at Morgan Stanley:

Job TitleLocation
Investment Management Off-cycle Internship – Global Risk & Analysis London
Investment Banking MBA Associate ProgramSydney
Investment Banking Summer Analyst Program Taipei
Investment Management Off-cycle Internship – Real Estate Investing Madrid
Administration Off-cycle Internship Budapest
Technology Professional Degree – IT Management for Business (Apprenticeship)Glasgow
Investment Management Off-cycle Internship – Real Estate InvestingParis
Asset Liability Management Off-cycle Internship London
Global Capital Markets Summer Associate Program New York
Global Capital Markets Strats Summer Associate ProgramNew York
Sustainable Finance Summer Analyst Programme London
Investment Management Off-cycle Internship – Emerging Markets Equity Saudi Arabia
Technology Full-Time Analyst Program obstetricsSingapore
Technology Summer Internship – Institutional Securities TechnologyParis
Investment Banking Full Time Analyst ProgrammeFrankfurt
Internship – Project Management and Data Analytics Frankfurt
Sales & Trading Full Time Analyst Rotational ProgrammeFrankfurt
Global Capital Markets Industrial Placement Program Sydney
Human Resources Internship Program São Paulo
Summer Internship ProgramTaipei

Tips to Prepare for Career Opportunities at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley accepts online applications. Interested candidates can check out the application process at Morgan Stanley:

  • Students must keep a check on the campus jobs that Morgan Stanley offers at various universities abroad.
  • From the available opportunities, candidates must check properly and choose the right type of job suitable for them.
  • To apply the candidates must prepare a proper CV as per the job requirements and then apply by visiting the official website.
  • After this, the candidates will get a call for interview rounds. 

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How to get a job at Morgan Stanley?

The candidate’s CV should demonstrate good academic skills. The cover letter should explain why they are interested in joining Morgan Stanley. 

Does Morgan Stanley hire freshers?

Morgan Stanley offers rewarding career opportunities for both students and recent graduates ranging from internships to full-time opportunities.

What is the average package of Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley offers an average salary ranging from approximately £24,220 per year for Desk Assistant to £142,284 per year for Director of Technology. The average Morgan Stanley daily wage ranges from approximately £140 per day for a Sales Analyst to £600 per day for a Lawyer.

This was all about Morgan Stanley Careers and how you can achieve one. If you want to know more about building a career abroad, follow Leverage edu.  

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