Average Cardiologist Salary in United States 2024

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Cardiologist Salary in US

There is a growing demand for highly skilled cardiologists. As this is one of the most in-demand medical specialties, cardiology ranks seventh in terms of earnings. The average US income for a cardiologist increased by 3.8% in 2024. They get a bonus that is equivalent to 14% of their gross yearly pay. In general, there are three categories of cardiologists: interventional, non-interventional, and invasive. But what is the typical United States wage for a cardiologist? That is the main focus of this essay! Let us examine the mean salary of cardiologists in the United States.


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What is the Cardiologist’s Salary in USA?

The average annual pay for a cardiologist working in Guam is approximately 65,760 USD; however, this can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being approximately 31,400 USD and the highest average salary being 102,160 USD.

Highest HSalary Per Year USD102,160
AverageSalary Per YearUSD65,760
Lowest Salary Per YearUSD31,400

Cardiologist Salary in US: Experience Level 

You can get an idea of how the average fluctuates after working for a while by looking at the average cardiologists salary based on years of experience.

Cardiologist Salary in US

Cardiologist Salary in US: Organisation 

Here is a list of some of the highest-paying institutions that provide a good salary to cardiologists in the United States. 

Organisation Average Salary
Mayo ClinicUSD2,61,729
Northeast Cardiology AssociatesUSD2,61,894
Cardiovascular Institute of the SouthUSD2,58,686
Cardiovascular Associates PCUSD2,84,745
US Department of Veterans AffairsUSD2,37,013
University HospitalsUSD2,51,980
Appalachian Regional HealthcareUSD2,65,230
Hattiesburg ClinicUSD2,64,006
Northern Light HealthUSD2,60,401
Marshfield ClinicUSD2,77,068
The Guthrie ClinicUSD2,67,032
Geauga Regional HospitalUSD2,64,105
The Heart ClinicUSD2,56,162
St Bernards Medical CenterUSD2,58,254
Crystal Run HealthcareUSD2,56,107
Hays Medical CenterUSD2,65,311

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Cardiologist Salary in US: Education Level 

The income you can potentially earn from your degree depends heavily on where you live and the kind of work you want to pursue.

Level of Education Average Salary 
Bachelor’s degreeUSD48,920
Master’s degreeUSD70,500

Cardiologist Salary in US: Cities 

Cities also define the wage range. Here we have mentioned the list of some top-paying cities for cardiologist salaries in the US.

Cardiologist Salary in US

Cardiologist Salary in US: Positions 

The pay information for positions comparable to that of a cardiologist in the United States is included in the table below. 

Jobs PositionAverage Salary 
Nuclear Cardiologists  USD 3,334,000 
Vascular Medicine Specialist USD 3,037,159 
Pediatric CardiologistUSD 2,33,474
Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia Specialist USD 366,403 
Physician, CardiologyUSD 2,42,338
Heart Failure Specialist USD 282,000 – USD 340,000 
Physician/Cardiologist USD 241,324 
Cardiology USD 225,048

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How much do cardiologists make in the US?

In the US, a cardiologist makes, on average, $3,24,709 annually. In the US, a cardiologist’s supplemental monetary remuneration ranges from $57,666 to $1,07,643, with an average of $76,888.

Which country pays the highest salary for a Cardiologist?

Cardiologists can find some of the greatest salaries in the world in the US, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The average yearly compensation for a cardiologist in the United States is USD 459,000, according to the Medscape 2024 Cardiologist Compensation Report.

What is the highest salary of a cardiologist in the USA?

Salary ranges for interventional cardiologists start at $187,199 and go up to $750,000 annually. An interventional cardiologist typically earns $425,000 per year in compensation. With one to three years of experience, an invasive cardiologist makes $289,711 annually.

This was all about Cardiologist salaries in the USA for 2024. If you want to read much more updated salary articles, follow our page Jobs Abroad and Leverage Edu. 

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