Informative Guide On Doctor Salary In USA

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Doctor Salary in USA

The United States has always been an attractive destination for medical professionals due to its renowned healthcare infrastructure and immense opportunities. The medical degree in the USA is worth it seeing the growth pathway in the field. The doctors in any specialization are always in a very high demand. It is one of the most steady and well-respected professions in the USA and worldwide. And the best part is that the USA is one of the top countries paying the highest to doctors. Read this blog to get complete information on Doctor salaries in the USA.

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Average Yearly Doctor Salary In USA

The average salary of a doctor on a yearly basis in the USA with both the highest and lowest averages are given below:

Average annual salary229,600 USD
Highest annual salary360,200 USD
Lowest annual salary114,600 USD

Average Monthly Doctor Salary In USA

The average salary of a doctor on a monthly basis in the USA with both the highest and lowest averages are given below:

Average monthly salary19,113 USD
Highest monthly salary30,016 USD
Lowest monthly salary9,550 USD

The salary can differ from the average brackets based on several factors like skills, education, experience, etc.

The average salary also includes other benefits like housing and transport.

Experience-Based Doctor Salary In USA

The salary of a doctor in USA will vary widely based on experience. 5 years of experience gains you a 65% approximate hike in salary when compared to that with no experience. A lot of skills and expertise develop with experience leading to better pay.

Doctor Salary in USA

Gender-Based Doctor Salary In USA

The average pay of a female doctor when compared to that of a male doctor is less by 5%. The difference in certain sectors in salary on based on gender still exists despite various efforts to remove all the gender-based differences from the workplace. Medicine is one such sector and comes with differences in pay based on gender.

  • The average salary of a female doctor in the USA is 223,800 USD
  • Whereas, the average salary of a male doctor in the USA is 235,300 USD

Education-Based Doctor Salary In USA

Education level plays a very important role in the salary decision of an individual in the medical profession. 

  • An employee with a bachelor’s degree is expected to earn 17% more salary than the diploma holder.
  • Whereas, an employee with a master’s degree is expected to earn 25% more salary than that of a bachelor’s employee and 42 % higher than that of a diploma-holding employee

Sector-Based Doctor Salary In USA

Private and public sectors have seen to be showing a salary difference when it comes to the pay for doctors. The doctors in the public sector are earning 6% more than the doctors in the private sector on average.

Doctor Salary in USA

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Doctor Salary In USA Compared On Speciality Basis

The salary of doctors differ based on the specialty, through the table let’s see the salary of a doctor for different top and highest paying specialties:

Specialization Salary 
Orthopedics 557,000 USD
Cardiologist 490,000 USD
Plastic surgeon 576,000 USD
Otolaryngology 469,000 USD
Urology 461,000 USD
Dermatologist 438,000 USD
Ophthalmology 417,000 USD
Gastroenterology 453,000 USD
Radiology 437,000 USD
Oncology 411,000 USD

Doctor Salary In USA Compared On Cities Basis

Different cities have differences in pay. Following is the table showing pay for a doctor based on cities:

City Salary 
Baltimore 241,800 USD
Austin 262,600 USD
Atlanta 225,500 USD
Boston 245,600 USD
Chicago 286,700 USD
Cincinnati 211,200 USD
Cleveland 206,700 USD
Dallas 274,700 USD
Denver 254,400 USD
Honolulu 197,600 USD
Houston 278,500 USD
Indianapolis 248,400 USD

Doctor Salary In USA Compared To Other Similar Professions

Let’s compare the salary of a doctor to other similar professions in the field of medicine:

Profession Salary 
Medical director223,700 USD
Medical equipment preparer75,900 USD
Medical insurance manager158,900 USD
Nurse 78,200  USD
Nutrition Assistant75,800 USD
Admitting officer70,000 USD
Oncology specialist92,400 USD
Optician 172,100 USD
Admitting Representative45,000 USD 
Pathology Assistant 74,100 USD
Patient care manager140,200 USD
Ambulance dispatcher68,200 USD

Pay Raise And Bonus On Doctor Salary In USA

The job of a doctor is a high bonus-based job with a bonus range of 5% to 9%. Approximately 85% of the employees have claimed to be receiving the bonus every year.

The pay raise or increment that a doctor can expect on average in the USA is 10% in 12 months. The pay raise can vary based on your performance and other factors.


Do self-employed doctors earn better than full-time job doctors?

Yes, self-employed doctors earn better than full-time doctors on a job. Self-employed doctors can earn around 50% better salary.

Which is the highest-paid specialty of the doctor?

Doctors with MD in Plastic surgery earn the highest salary in the USA.

How many hours do doctors work in the USA?

Doctors work 40-60 hours per week in the USA.

The blog was a detailed description of the Doctor salary in USA. To know about the salary of other professions abroad and to read more such blogs follow Jobs Abroad, to get any information on studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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