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netherlands post study work visa

The Netherlands is one of the most preferred destinations to study abroad by students. The country provides students with some of the best Universities in the world and a perfect student life attracting many students from across the world. Post-studies students are exposed to many work opportunities and career directions in the country. The student visa that the students come on comes with limitations. To work in the Netherlands, a work visa is required. Read the complete blog to learn about the Netherlands post study work visa.

netherlands post study work visa

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What Is Netherlands Post Study Work Visa

The students who have completed their education in the Netherlands and from an accredited Dutch University can apply for applying for ‘Orientation year’ also known as a post-study work visa. This permit is valid for one year and should be applied within three years from the completion of the educational program. Even graduates from the top 200 ranked universities are eligible to apply for this visa. This permit was started by the government of the Netherlands, as they consider it crucial to give the graduates sufficient time to get a good job or set up their business in the country.

Function And Importance

The punctuation of the post-study work visa are:

  • To give students a chance to get employed or start their venture in the Netherlands
  • To give students sufficient time of a year to decide and find the best opportunity for themselves
  • To give students 3 years of time for application so the student can go home and come back if required, though students can apply immediately too
  • To provide students with a hassle-free post-study work experience

Requirements for Netherlands Post Study Work Visa

netherlands post study work visa

The following are the requirements for the application:

  • You must have completed your bachelor’s or master’s degree from a Dutch higher education institution in the past 3 years, or
  • You must have completed your masters from Erasmus Mundus Masters Course, or 
  • You have completed your PhD from a Dutch University, or
  • You have completed your postmasters of a minimum 10 months duration, or
  • You have completed your research and fall under the highly skilled migrant category, or 
  • You have completed the Development Cooperation Policy Of The Dutch Ministery OF Foreign Affairs program, or
  • You have completed a study in the context of Cultural Policy, or
  • You have completed your education from the top 200 foreign universities as per the Times Rankings, the QS Rankings, and the Shanghai Rankings, to ensure English and skill language level proficiency is met 
  • Your diplomas mandatorily need to be evaluated by Nuffic
  • You should have scored at least 6.0 in IELTS, or 6.0 in TOEIC and Cambridge English grade and scale
  • You are living in the Netherlands
  • You had a valid student visa for the duration of your studies
  • You have the citizen service number
  • You should be registered with the personal records database
  • You should have DigiD for Internet banking and SMS Verification

Application Process For Netherlands Post Study Work Visa

netherlands post study work visa

The application process for the post-study work visa must be put in before the 3-months of the expiry of the student visa.

The following are the steps for application:

  • Compile all the documents that are required and make sure all other requirements are met
  • The application can be made online or by writing through a post
  • Make the payment for the application fee. The application fee is 211.00 Euro
  • Wait for the decision, the decision time is 90 days
  • After the residence permit is ready at the IND Desk, you will receive a letter. Make an appointment to collect the residence permit, and collect on the date of appointment.

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Permits On Netherlands Post Study Work Visa

Following are the rules, regulations, and permits on the post-study work visa:

  • The work visa is valid for one year and it can not be extended
  • The permit validity is renewed if you pursue another course of study
  • It allows the applicants to work in the Netherlands without any restrictions 
  • The monthly salary with holiday allowance must amount to 2,089.16 Euro and without holiday allowance to 1,934 Euro
  • You are free to pursue another study program 
  • Your employer does not require you to have a separate work permit apart from this permit
  • You can work as an independent entrepreneur 
  • You can also work as a self-employed worker

Permanent Residence Permit In Netherlands

You are eligible for a permanent resident permit if you have completed a stay of 5 years in the Netherlands. The following are the conditions for a permanent residence permit in the country:

  • You must have a valid 5 years dutch residence permit before applying for permanent residence
  • You are fulfilling the conditions of the resident permit and have always fulfilled
  • Should have residence permit even for any nontemporary purpose
  • Should have an independent  and sufficient income
  • Should have an uninterrupted 5-year stay in the country 
  • A diploma in civic integration 


What is the processing time for a Netherlands post study work visa?

The processing time for a Netherlands post study work visa by IND is of 90 days. Post 90 days when the visa is ready, you receive a letter for collection of the documents.

What is the fee for the Netherlands post study work visa?

The pay for the Netherlands post study work visa is 211.00 Euro. it is a one time application fee and is non refundable if the visa is denied.

What is the validity of a Netherlands post study work visa?

The validity of the  Netherlands post study work visa is of one year and it can not be extended. If you get a job or set up a business and have completed 5 years of stay in the country, you can apply for a permanent residence permit in the country.

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