Comprehensive Guide About Anesthesiologist Salary In US In 2024

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Anesthesiologist Salary In US

The career of an Anesthesiologist is highly rewarding in US. The profession is even higher earning than doctors and physicians. And the country of the US for profession choice is even more excellent considering the increase in the medical requirements of the country. The job can give a very comfortable life with stability and career growth opportunities. To get a better picture of how the career is a great choice, let’s know all about the Anesthesiologist salary in the US.


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Average Anesthesiologist Salary in US

The average pay of an anesthesiologist in the US lies in a very good bracket. The average yearly pay is 367,800 USD which is considered a very good salary.

  • The highest average salary is 577,600 USD per year
  • The average lowest salary is 175,200 USD per year

To understand the average even better, let’s know the monthly averages:

  • The average monthly salary of an anesthesiologist is 30,650 USD
  • The average highest monthly salary is 48,133 USD
  • The average lowest monthly salary is 14,600 USD

Your salary as a mechanical engineer might differ from the average as the salary is highly affected by factors like education, experience, etc.

Anesthesiologist Salary in US Based On Experience Level

Level of experience is the major driving factor of the salary of an individual in all of the industries including medicine. The highly experienced employees with better knowledge of the subject and practice are considered to be paid higher. An anesthesiologist with 2 years of experience in the field can expect to earn 42% of a higher salary.

Anesthesiologist Salary In US

Anesthesiologist Salary in US Based On Education Level

Salary can not be determined without considering the education level of the employees. High-educated employees earn better pay with higher knowledge and well-functioning. In this field of medicine, an individual with a master’s degree can earn a 30% higher salary compared to a bachelor’s level of education.

Similarly, employees with a PhD can expect an even higher income of about 22% on the income level at master’s level educational qualifications.

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Anesthesiologist Salary in US in Different Sectors

The pay in different sectors in a country is usually different. The private sector is commonly seen paying a lower salary compared to the public sector. In the field of medicine, the difference is around 6%.

Sector Salary Per Year
Public sector98,800 USD
Private sector93,100 USD

Anesthesiologist Salary in US in Different Cities

The salary in different cities is different in the US for anesthesiologists. To know which city is best for you to work in, refer to the following image that contains the highest-paying cities and the average pay in them.

Anesthesiologist Salary In US

Anesthesiologist Salary in US Based On Compared To Similar Professions

The comparison of the salary of the anesthesiologist to similar professions will help get an even better understanding. The following table contains the salaries of different professions of the same industry along with their average pay:

Profession Salary 
Cardiac technician 65,500 USD
Clinic manager137,100 USD
Critical care nurse 84,800 USD
Dentist 238,300 USD
Doctor 229,600 USD
Gynecologist 267,200 USD
Optician 172,100 USD
Periodontist 258,700 USD
Physician 205,700 USD
Psychiatrist 254,400 USD
Surgeon 309,800 USD

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Is it good to be an anesthesiologist in the US?

Yes, the profession is highly rewarding and comes with an abundance of growth opportunities. You can expect to get a worthy and comfortable life being an anesthesiologist in the US along with good pay and work-life balance.

Is there any difference in the pay of male and female anesthesiologists in the US?

Anesthesiology is a field of profession that does show average pay differences in the salary of male or female employees. Women in the industry earn around 6% lower salaries compared to males in the same industry.

How is the average pay raise in the profession of mechanical engineering?

The average pay mostly depends upon the employer and the performance of yours. However, an average pay raise that can be expected in the job of anesthesiology every 12 months is 8%.

This was all about the Anesthesiologist salary in US. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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