Information About Data Entry Operator Salary In Dubai For The Year 2024

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data entry operator salary in dubai

A career in the field of data entry operation is highly suitable if you’re somebody who has a good hand in writing and has skills in typing. The professions have a positive edge for everybody and are mostly suitable for people from all different industries and even specially-abled individuals have a scope in the field. Working as a data operator is suitable for those working on a contractual basis considering the opportunities and pay in the field. You may find the job flexible in the matter of the work hours leaving you with plenty of time to grow personally and professionally. Let’s take a deep insight into the Data entry operator salary in Dubai.


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Average Data Entry Operator Salary In Dubai

The job of a data entry operator is a pretty good part-time option for the students and a full-time hustle for the interested professionals. The average pay in the profession lies in an average manageable ratio. The annual average salary of a data entry operator in Dubai is 78,400 AED.

  • The average data entry operator’s highest annual salary is 125,100 AED
  • The average data entry operator’s lowest annual salary is 39,080 AED
  • The monthly average salary is 6,533 AED
  • The monthly highest average salary is 10,425 AED 
  • And, the monthly lowest average salary is 3,256 AED

Suppose you are planning to work in Dubai as a data operator and you have been offered a package different from the packages mentioned above. In that case, it is considerable as the average salary in any profession is decided considering many other factors also including years of experience and educational qualifications, etc.

Data Entry Operator Salary In Dubai By Different Experience Levels

The expertise in the field comes with the years of experience gained over the years of experience. The employees get an opportunity to demand a good salary package if they have experience in the field and have developed skills through it. In the profession of a data entry operator, individuals can gain a package hike of 28% with 2 to 5 years of experience in the field. The image below gives an even better understanding of the salary for the data entry operators based on several years of experience.

data entry operator salary in dubai

Data Entry Operator Salary In Dubai By Different Education Level

The upper hand of the employees is also gained if the level of education they have is higher. There can be noticeable differences that can be observed based on the educational qualification in almost all the professions. Employees with higher education have better knowledge. In the job of a data operator. The employees can earn a salary 43% higher if they possess a diploma rather than high school certification.

Educational QualificationAverage Salary
High school57,860 AED
Diploma 83,100 AED
Bachelor’s degree116,380 AED

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Data Entry Operator Salary In Dubai In Different Sectors

Different sectors of a country may show a difference in the average pay for the employees. Most of the time it is the public sector that pays the higher salary. In Dubai, the public sector is seen paying the employees a salary of 5% higher compared to the private sector.

Sector Average Salary
Private sector 228,500 AED
Public sector 239,300 AED

Data Entry Operator Salary In Dubai In Different Cities

Several cities of Dubai have different average pay for employees in the data entry profession. Through the help of the image given below, we can find out if the country that you have chosen has a good average pay. If not then you can learn about the several other cities with higher pay that can be considered.

data entry operator salary in dubai

Data Entry Operator Salary In Dubai Compared To Similar Professions

The similar professional of a data entry operator is considered and the average salary is compared, it will give a very clear picture of whether the profession is paying sufficiently and is profitable for you. The following table will help you for comparison purposes.

Profession Average Salary
Admin clerk78,940 AED
Administrative receptionist116,420 AED
Board Secretary 108,080 AED
Clerk 72,700 AED
Corporate receptionist 123,400  AED
Data entry clerk 78,960 AED
Creditors clerk 112,560 AED
Data entry specialist 112,440 AED
Executive assistant 128,900 AED
Executive secretary 128,500 AED
File clerk 72,740 AED 

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What is the difference in the male and female data entry operator salaries in Dubai?

The efforts to reduce the difference in pay are being made yet certain countries and professions observe the difference. The female in Dubai as data entry operators earn a salary 11% lower compared to males in the same profession. 

Can a good pay raise be expected in the job of a data entry operator?

The pay raise that you can expect in the job of a data entry operator is not very high. The annual pay raise observed is 5% every 12 months, but it can vary on your performance.

Is it good to be a Data entry operator in Dubai?

Yes, the country provides professionals with several open opportunities and a development scope. By working as a data entry operator, you can not only earn but also get plenty of time for personal and professional development.

Above are all the details about the data entry operator salary in Dubai. Hope you found the blog helpful. To read more such informative blogs on salaries in different countries and different professions, follow Jobs Abroad. Follow and contact Leverage edu for any doubt regarding studying abroad. 

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