Factors Affecting Average Salary in Australia 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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Average Salary in Australia

Are you aware of the major factors that you need to consider while moving to Australia for a job? Before deciding to choose any career, it is important to learn about the work regulations, requirements, and average salary in your chosen field. Here we will explain to you in detail the various factors, such as education level, experience and skills, geographical location, demand and supply, inflation, government regulations, and labor unions, that help you decide your average salary in Australia. In this blog, our analysis looks at the average salary by state and territory, as well as the salaries for some of the most popular industries in the nation.


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What is the Average Salary in Australia in 2024 ?

A person working in Australia will typically earn around 91,900 AUD per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of about 23,800 AUD to the highest average salary of 405,600 AUD.

If you are working in Singapore, you can earn an average annual salary of around 91,900 AUD, an average monthly salary of 7,658 AUD, and the lowest annual salary of 23,800 AUD. The lowest monthly salary is 1,983 AUD. On the other hand, the highest annual salary you can earn while working in Singapore is around 405,600 AUD, and the highest monthly salary you can earn is 33,800 AUD.

Average Salary in Australia

Average Salary in Australia Based On States

Here is the state-by-state breakdown of average salary in the detail below. Check which state is high-paying.

Sates Average Salary Per Year 
New South Wales (NSW)65,000 AUD
Queensland 62,970 AUD 
New South Wales (NSW)65,000 AUD
Tasmania55,900 AUD 
Queensland73,000 AUD 
Northern Territory71,000 AUD 

Average Salary in Australia Based On Cities 

Australian cities have a high standard of living, and one of the primary indicators of its prosperity is the average wage of the residents. So, let’s look at the average salary in the different cities in Australia.

Cities Average Salary Per Year 
Sydney98,000 AUD
Melbourne96,000 AUD
Adelaide90,000 AUD
Brisbane94,000 AUD
Canberra95,000 AUD 
New Castle 89,000 AUD 
Perth 92,000 AUD 

Average Salary in Australia Based On Gender 

The gender pay gap is the disparity in the average income of men and women. The overall pay disparity in wages due to discrimination based on gender in Australia

Gender Average Salary Per Year 
Male 94,800 AUD
Female 89,500 AUD 

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Average Salary in Australia Based On Industries 

The table below shows the sectors with the highest average salary per year for a full-time employee in Australia:

Industries Average Salary Per Year 
Information Technology110,837 AUD
Law Enforcement & Security83,779 AUD
Marketing & Sales100,881 AUD
Banking, Finance & Insurance102,055 AUD
Architecture & Creative Arts87,289 AUD
Administration & Human Resources89,448 AUD
Engineering76,600 AUD
Oil/energy/mining81,800 AUD
Automotive59,300 AUD
Telecommunications80,000 AUD
Rental, hiring & real estate services75,000 AUD 

High-potential industries in Australia 

These Industries are considered to have the potential for high earnings in Australia: 

Average Salary in Australia

Average Salary in Australia Based On Positions 

The difference in compensation for various occupations is influenced by the job description and duties. The fundamental reason is that various jobs pay differently. 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Ophthalmologist457,687 AUD 
Credit Analyst 100,008 AUD 
Biomedical Engineer100,314 AUD 
Dental Hygienist103,740  AUD 
Business Intelligence Analyst111,704 AUD 
Journalist86,000  AUD 
Cashier 64,285 AUD 
Lawyer119,350  AUD 
Chief Marketing Officer400,000 AUD
Customer Service Representative 64,403 AUD 
Archaeologist100,000 AUD 
Data Scientist 121,823 AUD 
Biologist101,635 AUD 
Digital Marketing Manager110,000 AUD 
Registered Nurse90,000 AUD 

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What is the average annual salary in Australia

Australia Average Income 2024. Do you know that $37.86 per hour is the minimum wage in the country and $73833 is the average payscale of an Australian on an annual basis.

What is a good salary in Australia?

By most measures, nevertheless, a wage that is higher than the national average—roughly 90,000 AUD annually—might be regarded as good. In Australia, what is the minimum wage? Australia’s national minimum wage is 23.23 Australian dollars per hour, or 882.80 Australian dollars per week for a typical 38-hour workday. 

Is Australia expensive to live in?

In Australia, the average household spends $2,200 each week on expenses. This estimate is based on a weekly average of $600 for rent or house loans, $400 for food and dining out, and $200 for insurance and other financial services. Since 2006, utility costs have increased gradually.

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