Explore The Video Game Designer Salary in Canada In 2024

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Video Game Designer Salary in Canada

Canada is the right choice of place if you plan to start a career in video game designing. Around 61% of the country’s population plays video games hence the industry always flourishes. You can get exposure as good as no other place and gain high-end development giving a kick start to your career. The career in this industry is exciting and guess what? Rewarding in terms of pay too. Let’s read about the video game designer salary in Canada and know what the does the industry holds for you.


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Average Video Game Designer Salary In Canada

The pay in the field of video game designing is highly rewarding. The average salary earned by a game designer in Canada is 94,800 CAD per year.

  • 45,000 CAD is the average lowest salary per year
  • 151,800 CAD is the average highest salary per year

The average monthly salary for a game designer in Canada is 7,900 CAD

  • 3,750 CAD is the average lowest salary per month
  • 12,650 CAD is the average highest salary per month

Your salary as a video game designer may differ from the averages as the determination of the salary is done on several factors on an individual level.

Video Game Designer Salary In Canada Based On Experience Level

The first and foremost important salary determiner is the level of experience of the employee. The skills that are gained through the years of experience are paid a good amount of salary. It also gives the employees proficiency at work and gives them needed exposure. The designers holding experience of 2 to 5 years in the industry earn around 42% higher salary comparatively. The following image will give you more clarity on the topic:

Video Game Designer Salary in Canada

Video Game Designer Salary In Canada Based On Education Level

The level of education is a highly important factor in the determination of salary. Highly educated people have a better understanding of the concepts and a good hand at work naturally leading to high demand for the pay. A video game designer with a bachelor’s degree earns around 59% higher salary compared to a diploma-level qualification holder.

Educational Qualification Average Salary Per Year
Diploma 67,900 CAD
Bachelor’s degree107,700 CAD
Master’s degree 142,300 CAD

Video Game Designer Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The government and the private sectors have differences in the amount of the salary that is paid to the employees. The public sector is most likely to pay a higher amount of salary. In this field, the difference ratio is 6% i.e. the public sector employees earn a 6% higher salary compared to the private sector employees.

Sector Average Salary Per Year
Public sector123,000 CAD
Private sector 115,600 CAD

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Video Game Designer Salary In Canada In Different Cities

Different cities in Canada show differences in the average pay for the same profession. The following image contains the names of different cities in Canada and the average salary paid to the video game designer for you to know which cities are highest paying and are best to work in.

Video Game Designer Salary in Canada

Video Game Designer Salary In Canada Compared To Different Professions

The profession’s average salary can be understood more clearly if compared to other similar professions to know if the hype is worth it. The following table contains some professions similar to the game designers and the average salary paid to them for comparison:

Profession Salary Per Year
Android developer108,200 CAD
Application developer118,900 CAD
Blockchain associate115,600 CAD
Business intelligence analyst130,500 CAD
Change administrator 107,300 CAD
Computer programmer115,600 CAD
Database analyst121,800 CAD
Java developer119,700 CAD
Network analyst108,200 CAD
Network support specialist92,600 CAD
Program lead146,700 CAD
IT engineer 97,200 CAD

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What is the average pay raise expected in the profession of video game designer in Canada?

The pay raise in the profession of a video game designer is completely dependent on the performance, creativity and the employer. However, on average you can expect a raise of 8% every year.

Is there any difference in the pay of male and female game designers in Canada?

Yes, Despite several efforts in progress to eradicate workplace differences based on gender certain factors like salary still face certain minor levels of differences. The women in the profession of video game designing earn around 3% of lower salary compared to men in the same profession.

Are video game designers in demand in Canada?

Yes, the industry of game designing has a demand for highly skilled and creative designers in Canada. The industry not only offers job opportunities but also very good pay and growth potential.

This was all about the Video game designer salary in Canada. To read more such blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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