Cost of Living in Krakow: A 2024 Guide

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Are you an international student thinking of living in Krakow in 2024? With its origin dating back to the 7th century, Krakow has always been the leading centre of Poland’s academic scene. While this makes it a popular destination to study abroad, what does it cost to live in this city? This blog will explore all the living expenses in Krakow, such as living quarters, food, entertainment, and so on. We will also discover the average tuition fees and some tips that will help you prepare for your relocation to the Polish city. Read on to know more!


Why Study in Krakow?

Apart from the living expenses in Krakow being affordable, there are a host of reasons why you should consider studying in one of the “Europe’s most beautiful cities”:

  1. Krakow houses many prestigious universities like Jagiellonian University, one of the oldest in Central Europe, and AGH University of Science and Technology, known for its engineering programs. These institutes also rank among the top universities in the world, according to QS World Rankings 2024.
  2. The city has a vibrant art scene, fascinating museums, and centuries-old architectural wonders like Wawel Castle and Cloth Hall.
  3. Krakow offers a significantly lower cost of living compared to Western Europe, making it a budget-friendly choice for international students.
  4. The Polish city brims with youthful energy, thanks to its large student population, seen in its thriving nightlife scene, bustling cafes, and numerous entertainment options.

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Living Expenses in Krakow for International Students

Living expenses in Krakow are remarkably affordable, with an average monthly cost of living for a single student estimated at €500-€800, excluding rent. Here’s a breakdown of typical expenses:

CategoryAverage Monthly Cost (EUR)
Utilities and Bills€50-€75

Living Accommodation

Finding comfortable and affordable student accommodation in Krakow is easy. Several options are available, such as:

Accommodation TypeMonthly Rent (EUR)
Dormitory Room€150-€200
Shared Apartment€200-€300
Studio Apartment€300-€400


Krakow’s culinary scene is a delightful blend of traditional Polish fare and international influences. Supermarkets like Lidl and Biedronka offer budget-friendly grocery options, while local markets provide fresh produce. Here’s a glimpse into everyday grocery costs that can help reduce the living expenses in Krakow:

ItemAverage Price (EUR)
Bread (500g)€0.50
Milk (1L)€1.00
Eggs (dozen)€1.50
Chicken Breast (1kg)€4.00
Rice (1kg)€1.00
Apples (1kg)€1.50
Potatoes (1kg)€1.11
Domestic Beer (0.5L)€0.81
Red Table wine, good quality (1 bottle)€11.26
Coca Cola (2L)€2.06


Krakow’s cultural scene thrives with affordable entertainment options. Catch a movie for €7, enjoy a night out at a pub for €10, or explore art galleries and museums for a mere €5 entry fee.

Utilities and Bills

Monthly utility bills for a student apartment in Krakow typically range from €50 to €75, covering water, electricity, and garbage disposal.


Krakow’s efficient public transportation system makes getting around the city a breeze. Single bus tickets cost €0.75, while a monthly pass is a steal at €20. Cycling is also a popular and inexpensive way to navigate the city.

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Living Expenses in Krakow: Average Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Krakow vary with the university and program you choose. However, compared to other European countries, they are generally lower. Public universities generally have lower tuition fees than private ones, charging as little as €1,500 for some Bachelor’s programs, while the latter can soar up to €8,000 for the same level.

Different fields attract different costs. Medicine and MBA programs usually command higher fees, ranging from €8,000 to €12,000 annually. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in humanities or social sciences might fall within the €2,000 to €6,000 range. Here’s a summary:

Course LevelAverage Tuition Fee 
Bachelors€2,000 – €5,000 per year
Masters€2,500 – €6,000 per year
Medicine and MBA€8,000 – €12,000 per year

Things to Consider/Keep in Mind Before Moving to Krakow

Living expenses in Krakow aside, you also need to know some crucial things before you prepare to move to the Polish city. Here are some of them:

  1. While English is becoming increasingly common, basic Polish knowledge will enhance your experience.
  2. Non-EU students need a valid student visa to study in Krakow.
  3. Winters in Krakow can be harsh, so pack accordingly.
  4. Be prepared for cultural differences and embrace the opportunity to learn and adapt.

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Q1. How much does it cost to live in Krakow per month?

Ans: This is a common question, but it doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer! Your monthly expenses will depend on your lifestyle and spending habits. However, here are some rough estimates:
1. Around 2,500 PLN (550 EUR) per month can cover basic needs like rent in a shared apartment, groceries, and local transport.
2. Between 3,500 – 5,000 PLN (750 – 1,100 EUR) allows for more comfort, including dining out, social activities, and occasional travel.
3. 5,000 PLN+ (1,100 EUR+) opens doors to a higher standard of living, like private apartments, regular restaurant visits, and hobbies like skiing or fitness classes.

Q2. Is Krakow expensive compared to other Polish cities?

Ans: Krakow falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to living costs in Poland. It’s slightly cheaper than Warsaw, the capital, but pricier than smaller towns.

Q3. How much should I budget for groceries in Krakow?

Ans: Grocery costs largely depend on your dietary choices and shopping habits. Expect to spend between 600 – 1,200 PLN (130 – 260 EUR) per month on groceries, depending on your needs.

Q4. Can I live in Krakow comfortably on a student budget?

Ans: Absolutely! Krakow is a student-friendly city with plenty of affordable housing options, discounted meals, and student transportation passes. By taking advantage of these resources and budgeting wisely, you can live comfortably on a student budget. 

We hope that this blog gave you all the information regarding the living expenses in Krakow for international students in 2024. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu to get more updates on student life abroad. Thank you for reading!

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