IELTS Sample Essays

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IELTS Sample Essays

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is amongst the commonly accepted English language proficiency test for admissions into top universities in US, UK, Canada, amongst others. IELTS exam is classified into two types, i.e. IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. Further, it aims to evaluate candidates on their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills in English. Through this blog, we aim to IELTS sample essays and a detailed guide on their structure and format you should adhere to ace this exam with a higher band score.

IELTS Sample Essays

These IELTS sample essays have been organised so that it is simple for you to observe how specific essay question types call for specific solutions to be given in order to ensure the question is completely addressed. Particularly, these are:

  • Agree / Disagree
  • Discuss Two Opinions
  • Causes
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Other Types

IELTS Sample Essays: Types of Essay Questions

Listed below are the popular type of IELTS essay questions-

Agree or Disagree Type

The agree and disagree type of Essays are the ones where you are given are given one opinion and you have to tell if you agree or disagree to that opinion by stating some valid points. Check out some sample topics:

  • Advertising
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Spending on the Arts
  • Human Cloning
  • Social Interaction & the Internet
  • Airline Tax
  • Free University Education
  • Scientific Research
  • Banning Smoking
  • Employing Older People
  • Vegetarianism
  • Paying Taxes 
  • Examinations or Formal Assessment 
  • Multinational Organisations and Culture
  • Internet vs Newspapers
  • Technology Development 
  • Dying of Languages

Discuss Two Opinions Type

This type of essay question is given with two opinions, and you have to discuss both the opinions and then present your own view. Check out some sample topics:

  • University Education
  • Reducing Crime
  • Animal Rights
  • Child Development
  • Diet & Health
  • Childcare
  • Donating Money to Charity
  • Closing Zoos  
  • Becoming Independent 
  • Formal and Informal Education
  • Influence of Scientists and Politicians
  • Sources for Stories

Cause and Effect Type

There are different types of ’cause type’ essay questions. Such essays are addressed by first giving reasons or causes, then discuss the entirely different aspect of it, such as the effects, solutions or the extent to whether it is a positive or negative development. Have a look at the sample topics:

Causes & Effects:

  • Child Obesity
  • Skin Whitening Creams
  • Family Size
  • Having Children Later in Life
  • Time Away from Family

Causes and Solutions:

  • Youth Crime
  • Global Warming
  • Stress
  • Paying Attention in Class
  • International Travel & Prejudice 
  • Museums & Historical Places

Causes, Pros & Cons:

  • Family Closeness
  • Living Alone
  • Rural to Urban Migration

Problems & Solutions Type

The problems and solutions type of questions look at the problems related to the cause instead of discussing the causes of a problem. A particular issue in society, and then suggest what can be to solve these problems. Have a look at the sample topics:

  • Overpopulation
  • Competing for Jobs 
  • Professionals Immigrating

Advantage & Disadvantages Type

The advantage & disadvantage type of essays are to discuss the positive and negative sides of the given topic. Have a look at the samples: 

  • Traffic Problems
  • Food Additives
  • Computer Games
  • Age Discrimination at Work 
  • Children using Tablets and Computers
  • Cell Phones, Internet, & Communication 
  • Working from Home 
  • Eating Locally grown Produce
  • Oil and Gas Essay 


There are sometimes questions that don’t fit easily into a particular category as above. Have a look at some sample topics:

  • Protecting Old Buildings
  • Animal Testing
  • Fear of Crime
  • Communication Technology
  • Influence of Children’s Friends 

How to Write an IELTS Essay?

It is believed the key to improving one’s writing skills is to become a voracious reader. There is immense importance of reading in helping you improve your writing style as well as vocabulary. Moreover, it can also help you write impressive IELTS essays that showcase your flair for writing and familiarisation with grammar rules. Before providing you with some helpful IELTS sample essays, take a look at the format you must adhere to while writing one.

Introduction Before beginning with your answer, understand the question thoroughly. Then, begin with a crisp introduction on the topic.

Present a basic overview on the topic and briefly provide your opinion.

Justify your viewpoint Once you have provided a basic outline for the topic, the next paragraph should elucidate upon your viewpoints and thoughts on the topic.

Mention why you have formed a certain opinion about a particular topic and explain your viewpoint in detail.

Extend your viewpoint and exploring
different perspectives
This part will depict your ability in balancing your in-depth analysis of the topic.

Try exploring other opinions while adhering to what you think about the main idea.

Conclusion (Summarisation)  Summarise your entire argument with a proper conclusion. 

IELTS Sample Essays

IELTS Essay Sample 1

According to you, what are the major problems due to which developed countries have become the major contributors to global warming? What are the main problems leading to global warming?

Certainly, the increasing level of venomous gases in the atmosphere have caused environmental degradation to a massive extent. To an extent, it is true that the developed nations are turning into prime contributors to global warming. With our planet facing unprecedented climate changes, one of the major factors behind global warming is the anthropogenic approach and the inception of the industrial revolution. It is believed that the industries have emitted tonnes of carbon destructing our natural resources and thus adding to the climate crisis. 

As per my opinion, rapid industrialization and urbanization are hazardous for the environment. While developing countries were the main contributors to global warming, it is unfortunate that developed nations are following the suit. The conversion of greener lands into residential areas lead to deforestation while the reckless discharge of industrial wastes resulted in a hazardous impact on our natural resources. Greenhouse gases majorly include water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. Amongst these, carbon dioxide contributes up to 60% of the greenhouse gases which has resulted in the disturbance of the carbon cycle and global warming. 

Since developed countries are the role model for developing nations, they must realise the harm they are doing to our planet and why it is important to take a thought-out approach in combating the same. Many prominent environmentalists have played an imperative role in spreading awareness about climate change. Sustainable development and environmental conservation have become the need of the hour. The world needs to understand the repercussions of climate change on the planet earth and how we can take effective measures to minimise it and secure our future generations from 

IELTS Essay Sample 2

Do you believe that celebrities are ill-treated by the media or it is the price they have to pay for their stardom? Regardless of fame, should their privacy be respected or not?

As the digital age dawned upon us, the emergence of social media platforms prominently changed the way we communicate as well as perceive the whole world around us. While the lives of celebrities have always intertwined with media, they are often mistreated by media outlets especially tabloids that tamper with their right to privacy. The media coverage of a celebrity essentially shapes how they are perceived by the public and it is often said that media holds the power to bring an individual to fame.

In my opinion, the ill-treatment of celebrities by media outlets is quite prevalent. While many believe that it might be the price of being famous, the media still holds the responsibility to give every celebrity that right to protect their private lives. Many famous personalities might utilise the media coverage to maintain a certain image, it still does not equalise to the capacity of manipulation the mass media holds. I definitely support the argument that regardless of fame, every individual’s privacy should be respected. Celebrities are also human beings and feel the same emotions regardless of how famous they are. With social media becoming a significant part of everyone’s lives, we have more access to follow our favourite celebrity closely as compared to earlier times. On the other hand, celebrities should also be aware of their use of social media and how they are impacting their fans.

To conclude, it is true that media outlets mistreat and tamper with the privacy of celebrities to fulfil their own selfish motives. It is important that every news media outlet follows journalistic ethics and presents its news reports in a fair and objective manner while also ensuring that they are treating celebrities with respect keeping in mind that they also have the right to secure their privacy in the way they want to.

While going through the IELTS Sample Essays, you must also check out IELTS Essay Topics

IELTS Sample Essays Writig Topics

  1. Some people think that illegal Internet downloads are having a negative effect on the music industry. Others feel that they have little or no impact on artists. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
  2. Doing an enjoyable activity with a child can develop better skills and more creativity than reading. To what extent do you agree? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.
  3. Some people think that new houses should be built in the same style as the older houses in an area. Others believe that the government should allow people to build houses in the style they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
  4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a car.
  5. Some people think that exams are a good way of assessing a student’s level. Other people believe that they put unnecessary pressure on young learners and tell us very little about their actual ability. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
  6. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city to living in the country side.
  7. Some people like to spend their leisure time with their colleagues. Others think it is better to keep their private life separate from their work life. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
  8. Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and methods of preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  9. Some people today prefer to get advice for medical problems and do not want to visit a doctor. Why is this? Is this a positive or a negative development?
  10. To succeed in a business, one needs to know maths. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Writing Tasks Sample Papers

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Hence, the aforementioned IELTS Sample Essays will certainly help you in acing the writing section of the exam. Needless to say, devising a proper strategy for an exam like IELTS is important to successfully crack it. Book an online demo session with our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you throughout your IELTS preparations, providing you with useful tips and study materials to ensure that you achieve a higher band score and actualise your dream of studying abroad.

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