BSc Artificial Intelligence: Pursue Your Goals in the Booming Field of AI

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BSc Artificial Intelligence: Pursue Your Goals in the Booming Field of AI

Artificial intelligence or AI is the science that deals with the development of machines capable of thinking like a human brain. It focuses on the stimulation of human thought and behaviour in machines including learning from data, reasoning, and self-correction. With the advent of technologies and applications (apps) that can gratify our wishes and cravings at the touch of our fingertips, BSc Artificial Intelligence has become a sought after course that offers excellent opportunities in the upcoming field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Course NameBSc Artificial Intelligence 
Course LevelUnder Graduate
Eligibility10 + 2 from recognised board; Science with Physics, Chemistry & Maths compulsory; Minimum 50% Marks 
DurationThree Years
Admission ProcedureMerit-Based + Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)
Course Fee (Average)INR 1- 40 Lakhs
Expected Stipend (Average)8 Lakh- 1 Crore
Job PositionsData Analyst, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, AI Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Robotics Scientist
Top Placement CompaniesApple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Reliance, EdTech Startups

What is BSc Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be seen as a demonstration of intelligent behaviour as opposed to the natural intelligence demonstrated by humans, through the construction of artificial systems. Pursuing a course under BSc Artificial Intelligence provides for an understanding of natural intelligence through the use of computer models. Moreover, it gives knowledge on techniques and technologies for building systems capable of taking intelligent actions. By studying BSc Artificial Intelligence, students are able to get hands-on experience in creating systems that perceive their environment and take innovative actions to maximize their performance and achieve their goals.

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Why Study BSc Artificial Intelligence? 

The following are the top reasons to pursue BSc in Artificial Intelligence:

  • BSc Artificial Intelligence is one of those courses that is set to not lose its pertinence in several coming years.
  • Knowledge about artificial Intelligence can be considered the skill of the century due to its relevance in today’s life.
  • With the coming of different technologies, apps and the internet, the amount of data generated, by both humans and machines, has made it impossible to manually process this ‘big data’ and make complex decisions based on it.
  • BSc Artificial Intelligence is a course to go for because artificial intelligence is the basis of all computer learning and is the future of complex decision making. 
BSc Artificial Intelligence
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Leading Universities Abroad for BSc Artificial Intelligence

The following are the top universities to pursue BSc in Artificial Intelligence:

University RankingUniversity NameCourse Names
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceCourses under Institute for Data, Systems and Society
2Standford UniversityData-Driven Impact course under Action Learning Program
3Harvard UniversityA.B.-S.M. in Computer Science
4University of California, Berkeley Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science
5University of OxfordHonour School of Computer Science

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Colleges Offering BSc Artificial Intelligence in India

The following are the popular colleges in India to pursue BSc in Artificial Intelligence:

College RankingCollege Name
1Indian Institute of Technology
2Indian Institute of Science
3Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
4Vellore Institute of Technology

Eligibility Requirements for BSc Artificial Intelligence

The candidate must meet the following criteria to pursue BSc in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Passed 10+2 or equivalent from a government recognised board
  • Minimum 50% passing marks with Physics-Maths-Chemistry (PCM).
  • Sit for university-specific entrance examinations (If applicable)
  • Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)

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Admission Process for BSc Artificial Intelligence

Apart from the basic eligibility criteria, the application procedure for BSc in Artificial Intelligence also depends on the institute the student intends to pursue the course.

  • The admission procedure may differ in each college the student is applying for.
  • The candidates are suggested to inquire about their respective courses from the institutes to which they are applying.
  • However, the basic process requires the candidate to register themselves and fill up an application form available on the college website.
  • The aspirant must ensure to take a note of the last date for sending in the application form. The candidate will then have to provide their previous academic transcripts for verification by the college authorities.
  • Some colleges also conduct entrance exams to gauge the candidate’s aptitude in the course they are applying to.
  • Almost all colleges accept application forms in online mode, making it fairly easy for the candidates to apply. 

Syllabus for BSc Artificial Intelligence: 

The course syllabus for most of the UG Certification courses usually follows the same pattern. We have tried to jot down the syllabus below

Pre-preparatory Content Statistics Essential
Introduction to Python for Data Analysis Investment Assignment
Python for Data Science Analytics Problem Solving
Data Visualization in Python Inferential Statistics
Data Analysis using SQL Exploratory Data Analysis
Advanced SQL Group Project
Math for Machine Learning
Machine Learning – I Machine Learning – II
Linear Regression Advanced Regression
Logistic Regression Support Vector Machine (Optional)
Model Selection Tree Models
Model Selection – Practical Considerations
Unsupervised Learning: Clustering
Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis
Natural Language Processing Reinforcement Learning
Lexical Processing Classical Reinforcement Learning
Syntactic Processing Deep Reinforcement Learning
Syntactic Processing – Assignment Reinforcement Learning Project
Semantic Processing
Building Chatbots with Rasa

Deep Learning

  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Syntactic Processing
  • Convolution Neural Networks – Industry Applications
  • Recurrent Networks
  • Neural Networks – Assignment
  • Neural Networks Projects – Gesture Recognition

Placement/Job Prospects & Salary after BSc Artificial Intelligence

The salary of professionals working in the artificial intelligence industry may range from INR 8 Lakh- to 1 Crore. The more varied the application and the job role are, the more is their respective salary package is. For example, the entry-level salary for professionals working in the Artificial Intelligence sector in India earns around Rs. 6,00,000, but the mid-level as well as senior-level artificial intelligence salary could earn more than Rs. 50,00,000.

Placement in this industry may range in fields as vast as

Artificial Intelligence Courses include the study of broader disciplines like Big Data, Deep Learning, Data Science, Machine Learning, etc. Students learn both, theory as well as practical focused subjects in Artificial Intelligence. 

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Job Profile and Salary

The following are the popular careers in the field of artificial intelligence:

Job Profile Avg. Salary
Big Data Engineer 8.7 Lakh
Data Scientist 8.7 Lakh
Business Intelligence Developer 6 Lakh
Machine Learning Engineer 7.34 Lakh
Research Scientist 7.8 Lakh


What degree is best for AI?

Students commonly select a computer science degree or BSc in Artificial Intelligence while aspiring to pursue an undergraduate degree in the field of artificial intelligence. A lot of colleges offer computer science courses with syllabi revolving around artificial intelligence or machine learning. This course lets the students learn skills that help them to make a career in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Are AI and ML better than CSE?

The answer may lie in the fact that some people may prefer the artificial intelligence part of computers and machines and thus might be interested in AI and ML more than computer science engineering. The students that are more interested in the conceptual and orthodox studies about computers may opt for Computer Engineering as their career path. 

Is artificial intelligence a good career?

The field of artificial intelligence is known to have a great career outlook. The Bureau of Labour Statistics, a unit of the United States Department of Labour, has predicted an increase of 31.4 per cent in the jobs of data scientists and mathematical science professionals by 2030. These professions, which can be pursued after BSc in Artificial Intelligence, are crucial to AI. 

Delve into pursuing an undergraduate degree in BSc Artificial Intelligence if you wish to hunt for placement opportunities in the fast-growing AI industry. However, choosing the right course and university that runs parallel to your interests is very important. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to have the assistance of an AI-based tool at Leverage Edu that gives you personalised suggestions based on your skills, qualifications and interests. Contact our experts at Leverage Edu they will assist you in your study abroad endeavour. To get a free consultation from us, call us at 1800 572 000 now!

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