Know About Animator Salary in Japan 2024: What You Can Expect? 

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Animator Salary in Japan

Animator Salary in Japan: If you have a good interest in catering a cartoon character, animation is one of the perfect and good fields to start your career. Working as an animator in Japan earns a high salary with various employee benefits. An animator typically has a certificate of bachelor degree in a related field. However, many animators are self-taught and have gained experience through internships or other opportunities. We also have an article that goes more into the details of animator salaries in Japan. Of course, salaries will vary depending on experience, skill level, and industry.


How Much is an Animator Paid in Japan?

In Japan, an animator’s salary can vary significantly depending on their experience and expertise.  The average animator earns a yearly salary of 4,777,400 JPY, which translates to a monthly paycheck of 398,116 JPY.  However, this can range quite a bit.  Entry-level animators might start at around 2,435,600 JPY annually, which is 202,966 JPY per month.  On the other hand, highly experienced animators with a strong reputation can command salaries as high as 7,356,900 JPY a year, or 613,075 JPY monthly.  This highlights the importance of building your skills and experience in the animation industry to maximize your earning potential.

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Animator Salary in Japan Based on Experience Level

When determining an animator’s pay in Japan, experience is typically taken into account as a primary factor. The experience-based pay trend is broken out as follows:

Animator Salary in Japan

Animator Salary in Japan Based on Education Level

If you are an animator, having a relevant education is considered a great advantage since it shows that you have the ability to work on high-end projects and have a high level of proficiency. This is also where you can see how much money you can make given your degree of education. 

Education Average  Salary Per Year 
High School3,277,900 JPY
Certificate or Diploma3,769,500 JPY
Bachelor’s Degree5,292,500 JPY
Master’s Degree6,815,700 JPY

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Animator Salary in Japan Based on Organisation

Candidates with suitable job experience are given preference when hired by Japanese companies. You may view the wage range for animators offered by reputable Japanese companies here. 

Organisation Average  Salary Per Year 
Toneplus Animation Studios2,00,000 JPY-4,00,000 JPY 
Square Enix3,00,000 JPY-4,00,000 JPY 
Polygon Pictures2,00,000 JPY-2,50,000 JPY 
Toneplus Animation Studios80,000 JPY-1,00,000 JPY 
Marza Animation Planet56,000 JPY-96,000 JPY 
Shirogumi90,000 JPY-2,00,000 JPY 
IGG65,000 JPY-80,000 JPY
Domerica2,00,000 JPY-3,00,000 JPY 
NACB69,000 JPY-90,000 JPY 
AnimationCafe1,50,000 JPY-2,00,000 JPY 
Square Enix50,000 JPY-90,000 JPY 
Toneplus Animation Studios1,00,000 JPY-2,00,000 JPY 
Marza Animation Planet95,000 JPY-2,00,000 JPY 
Megalis3,00,000 JPY-6,00,000 JPY 
Studio No Border2,00,000 JPY-3,00,00 JPY 
COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD.1,00,000 JPY-2,50,00 JPY 

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Animator Salary in Japan Based on Cities

For highly trained animators, the majority of Japanese cities provide competitive wage packages. You can check your pay for working in several Japanese cities here. 

Animator Salary in Japan

Animator Salary in Japan Based on Position

Japan offers a wide range of fascinating career options in both established and emerging Japanese businesses. The following is a list of several well-paying occupations that are comparable to animation: 

Positions Average  Salary Per Year 
2D Animator4,32,857 JPY
3D Artist2,90,000 JPY
Advertising Coordinator3,00,000 JPY 
Advertising Manager10,00,000 JPY 
Digital Campaign Manager6,87,000 JPY 
VFX Artist6,40,000 JPY 
Technical Animator4,00,000 JPY 
Storyboard Artist5,00,000 JPY
Character Designer6,00,000 JPY 

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Are animators still underpaid in Japan?

A recent research by the non-profit Nippon Anime & Film Culture Association, which aims to enhance working conditions in Japan’s screen industries, reveals that the nation’s anime employees are frequently subjected to harassment, overwork, underpayment, and lack of appropriate training.

Is animation in demand in Japan?

The Association of Japanese Animations estimates that the value of the Japanese animation business, which includes movies, TV shows, products, and events, was $20 billion (¥2.9 trillion) in 2022—a 6.8% rise from 2021 and the biggest amount ever.

Is 2D animation in demand?

Due to the enormous need for new content, technological developments, and the proliferation of streaming services, 2D animation is now far more necessary than it was in the past. These days, there are plenty of options for animators to try out various formats and techniques in order to create fresh and distinctive stories.

How much do 2D animators make in Japan?

In Tokyo, Japan, the average gross compensation for a 2D animator is ¥11,097,295, or ¥5,335 per hour. This is 38% more than the average wage for a 2D animator in Japan (+¥3,059,290). They also receive bonuses, on average, of ¥237,482.

This was all about animator salaries in Japan. For more information on salary articles, follow Leverage Edu and stay tuned to our main page, Jobs Abroad. 

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