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bpt scope in abroad

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is a popular degree that offers many career opportunities, both in India and abroad. Pursuing BPT abroad can be a great way to gain experience and knowledge in the field, as well as open up the possibility of working in different countries. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why you should consider pursuing BPT Scope in abroad, the best universities for Bachelors of Physiotherapy, the eligibility requirements, documents required, the cost of studying, the scope of BPT abroad, popular job profiles, and the salary offered. Keep Reading!

Why Pursue BPT Abroad?

There are numerous reasons to pursue BPT abroad including one of the major benefits of higher job opportunities at top organisations all over the globe. Some of the common benefits of pursuing BPT abroad are as follows; 

  • Pursuing BPT abroad provides students with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the field, as well as opens up the possibility of working in different countries.
  • Studying abroad also allows students to gain a global perspective and understand different cultures, which is invaluable in the medical field. 
  • Additionally, a BPT degree from a foreign university is highly regarded and may lead to increased job opportunities.

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Best Universities for Bachelors of Physiotherapy Abroad

There are many universities around the world that offer BPT degrees. Some of the most popular universities for BPT abroad include the following;

Name of the UniversityWorld QS Rankings 2023 as per subjects
Loughborough University1
The University of Queensland 2
The University of British Columbia 3
The University of Sydney 4
University of Toronto 5
Deakin University6
University of Birmingham 7
University of Bath8
Liverpool John Moores University9
The University of Melbourne 10

BPT Scope Abroad

The scope of BPT abroad is very broad, as there is a high demand for physiotherapists in many countries. In addition to working in hospitals, clinics, and private practice, physiotherapists can also work in rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, schools, universities, and sports facilities.

Popular job profiles for BPT graduates include 

Salary Offered

The salary offered for BPT graduates varies depending on the country and job position. 

Name of the CountrySalary Offered INR Conversion
Australia AUD 89525 49.17 lakhs  
UK£38,000 39.08 Lakhs 
USAUSD 69,45957.06 Lakhs 

Top Recruiters 

The top recruiters for BPT graduates in abroad include top hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centres. Some of the most popular recruiters include Apollo Clinics, Max Healthcare, Fortis Healthcare, and Sankara Nethralaya. These organizations have an excellent reputation for providing quality healthcare to their patients. They also pay competitive salaries to their staff, making them a great option for BPT graduates.

Career Scope 

The career scope for BPT graduates abroad is quite vast. They can find a job in any number of settings, such as hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, and many more. Additionally, they can also apply for research positions in universities and other educational institutions. With the right qualifications and experience, BPT graduates can find a job in any country of their choice.

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Another great advantage of pursuing BPT in abroad is the extensive alumni network that is available to graduates. Many of the top universities and colleges have established alumni networks that are designed to help graduates find job opportunities and stay connected with their peers. This is an invaluable resource for BPT graduates, as it helps them network with potential employers and strengthen their career prospects.

Eligibility Requirements of BPT Abroad 

In order to pursue a BPT degree abroad, students must meet certain eligibility requirements. 

  • Generally, the requirements include a minimum of 12 years of formal education, with at least 50% in Science and Mathematics
  • Additionally, applicants may need to take an English proficiency test such as the IELTS or TOEFL, depending on the country and university.

Language Proficiency Score Requirements 

As a part of the application process you are also required to submit language proficiency scores in case English is not your first language. The average score requirements to pursue BPT Abroad are as follows:

Language Proficiency Scores Score Requirements 

Documents Required

Applicants will need to provide a variety of documents in order to be considered for admission. These documents typically include 

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Cost of Studying BPT Abroad 

The cost of studying BPT abroad will vary depending on the university and country. Generally, tuition fees range from $15,000 (INR12,33,155.25 ) to $25,000 (INR 20,55,258.75) per year, while living costs can range from $8,000 (INR 6.5 lakh) to $15,000 (INR 12 lakh) per year. It may vary depending on various factors such as location, university and much more. 


Q1. What is the scope of BPT abroad?

A1. The scope of BPT abroad is to provide physical therapy services to patients in need of such services. This includes assessing the patient’s condition, developing a treatment plan, providing treatment, and monitoring progress and outcomes.

Q2. What is the average salary for a BPT abroad?

A2. The average salary for a BPT abroad varies depending on the country and the individual’s experience. Generally speaking, the salary range for a BPT abroad is between $50,000 (INR 4110517.50) and $100,000 (INR 82,21,035.00) per year.

Q3. Are there any special qualifications needed to work as a BPT abroad?

A3. Yes, depending on the country, there may be certain qualifications or certifications needed to work as a BPT abroad. It is best to research the country you are interested in and determine what qualifications are needed.

Pursuing BPT abroad is a great way to gain experience and knowledge in the field, as well as open up the possibility of working in different countries. There are many universities around the world that offer BPT degrees, and the scope of work is broad. Additionally, BPT graduates can expect to earn competitive salaries in most countries. Are you planning to pursue BPT abroad? To know more about the universities abroad and kickstart your study abroad journey, get in touch with the team of experts at Leverage Edu.

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