10 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

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If you are preparing for a job interview you must be prepared with all the technical and behavioural questions. However, only these things will not help you crack the interview. Along with technical knowledge and answers to behavioural questions, you must also know things you should never say in a job interview.

It is of utmost importance that you do not start an interview with a negative attitude and be sceptical about your future in the company. Even if you are elated about the new role or you feel that your future does not lie here, make sure that you do not allow yourself to pour these thoughts into your words. 

To help you avoid making blunders in your job interview, we have compiled a list of things to avoid saying or asking in an interview. Let’s proceed!

10 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

Here are 10 things you should never say in a job interview:

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1.“Why did the previous employee in this role leave?”

One of the first things you should never say in a job interview is, “Why did the previous employee in this role leave?”. Directly asking this can indeed be problematic, as it may pressure the interviewer to share potentially uncomfortable or sensitive information.

Therefore, you must not put the interviewer on the spot with such a blunt inquiry. If you are genuinely interested in understanding the role’s dynamics and potential for career advancement, a more tactful approach could be to ask something like, “What is the progression of this role if I excel in my work?” 

2. “My last boss was incompetent”

Moreover, it is essential to refrain from making negative comments about previous employers and their staff during job interviews. Such remarks can reflect poorly on you rather than on your previous company. Interviewers typically assess candidates from a senior perspective and understand the challenges management teams can face with personnel.

3.“What does the company do?”

Furthermore, a question like “What does the company do” is one of the most common things you should never say in a job interview because it can jeopardize your job prospects swiftly. Usually, employers anticipate that you have conducted thorough research before the interview.

If you appear in the interview room without a clear understanding of the company’s activities or the job’s responsibilities, it will immediately raise questions about your suitability. Thus, giving off the impression that you are not familiar with the company or its core activities is not a favourable stance to take in an interview.

4.“What is the salary?”

Further, you must resist the urge to inquire about salary, company policies, or benefits until you have received a job offer.

While these are valid questions to discuss with your future employer, you must not divert your interview time on this question. In the interview, you should be focused on showcasing your relevant skills for the role and avoid discussing topics like salary, remote work arrangements, or vacation days.

5.“I am very excited about the role”

One of the most important things you should never say in a job interview is “I’m excited about this role” in a bland voice. It is not just about using these words specifically, you must not be explicit in your excitement about the role.

Your body language is essential in an interview because people often verbally express enthusiasm for a position while their non-verbal cues suggest otherwise. For example, stating, “I’m excited about this role,” with a monotone voice, lack of a smile, and avoiding eye contact can erode rapport and trust with the interviewer.

6.“I will do anything”

Besides, you must never say “I will do anything” in a job interview as genuine recruiters prioritize hiring individuals with a strong sense of passion. You must always keep in mind that failing to articulate your career goals and aspirations can signal to interviewers that you lack a genuine commitment to a particular role.

You can always frustrate interviewers by asking questions like “The role I wanted is in a different department within your company. Can you introduce me to that recruiter?” or, even worse, “Are there any other job openings? I’m open to anything!” Even if your interest is in a specific role, expressing a willingness to do “whatever” can dilute your professional image and undermine your candidacy. 

7. “In my entire career, I have never made a mistake”

Furthermore, the list of things you should never say in a job interview includes “In my entire career, I have never made a mistake” as no human being is infallible. Your conviction that you are perfect reflects your inability to recognize your shortcomings.

Also, it highlights your inability to take responsibility for your actions and address the consequences, thus hindering your personal growth. Also, you come across as a person who tends to shift blame onto others and you may not be an effective team player.

8. “How much break do I get?”

Additionally, in a job interview, you must avoid asking questions like “How many breaks do I get?” or “How many vacation days are allowed in the company?”. 

You should not ask these questions because in an interview your primary goal is typically to make a positive impression and secure the job offer. Bringing up topics like vacation time during the initial interview stages can indeed create the impression that you are primarily focused on your own needs and desires, which may be seen as a self-centred quality and could negatively affect your candidacy.

It is usually more appropriate to save these discussions for a later stage in the hiring process or when the employer has expressed a clear interest in hiring you.

9. “I don’t have any questions”

During the concluding stages of an interview, interviewers often inquire whether you have any inquiries. It is considered a thoughtful gesture from the employer’s end. At this crucial aspect, you can pose relevant questions to the employer. With your question, you demonstrate that you are keenly interested in the company or the specific job role.

Thus, “I don’t have any questions” is also on the list of things you should never say in a job interview.

10.¨ What will be my salary and benefits?¨

Last but not least, avoid asking about salary, bonuses, or benefits too early in the interview process. It can make you appear more focused on compensation than the job itself

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1. What words I should never say in a job interview?

Ans. You must avoid the following words in your interview:
It is on my resume
I don’t know

2. What are the 5 things you should never say in a job interview?

Ans. Why did the previous employee in this role leave?
What does the company do?
I will do anything
In my entire career, I have never made a mistake
I don’t have any questions

3. Can I say “What is the salary” at the start of my interview?

Ans. No. it is a wrong practice to ask about benefits during the initial interview.

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