Nurse Salary in Melbourne: A Guide

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Nurse Salary in Melbourne

Nurse Salary, Melbourne, Australia: The nursing and healthcare industries are fast flourishing in the world. After the wake of COVID-19, the world is preparing itself with a healthcare force for any calamity. As a result, jobs in nursing and healthcare fields have surged and top organisations in different countries have started hiring the most talented and diverse task force as they can. Australia is also one of these nations building a shield of the best healthcare practitioners in the world. Melbourne being one of the major cities has also experienced a surge in this demand. If you want to move abroad as a nurse in Australia and Melbourne is your target destination, then here is a comprehensive guide to a Nurse Salary in Melbourne. 

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Nurse Salary in Melbourne: An Average

The average salary of a Nurse in Melbourne, Victoria is $43.92 per hour. If you are looking for a permanent full-time position then it will be around $5,568 per month. As of December 2023, this value is around INR 4,64,286. 

The annual average salary of a nurse in Melbourne is around $78,636 or ~INR 65,57,000 with the same conversion pattern. This average salary is taken after comparing all the salaries at various levels and classifications of nurses. 

Therefore, to have a clearer understanding we will dive into the Nurse’s salary in Melbourne as per classification and level. 

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Top Companies Hiring Nurses on Higher Salaries in Melbourne

Another important factor that influences salaries is the company you are working for. We have made a list of a few companies that hire Nurses in Melbourne at the best salaries. Following is the list of companies with average salaries. 

Company Average Salary 
Royal Children’s Hospital$91,707 per year
Your Nursing Agency$90,279 per year
The GEO Group Australia$83,297 per year
St Vincent’s Health Australia$82,045 per year
Australian Red Cross Lifeblood$75,224 per year
Alfred Health$74,104 per year
Bolton Clarke$73,962 per year
Mercy Health$73,932 per year
Ramsay Health Care$73,506 per year
Healthscope Limited$72,363 per year
Monash Health$69,090 per year
Baptcare$66,689 per year
Latrobe Regional Hospital$66,514 per year
mecwacare$61,153 per year

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Highest Paying Cities Near Melbourne for Registered Nurses

If you are open to looking for jobs in the surrounding area here are some of the best cities that offer competitive salaries for nurses in Australia. 

City Average Salary of a Nurse
Bendigo $120,092 per year 
Box Hill $105,023 per year 
Shepparton $100,415 per year 
Frankston $95,876 per year
Glen Waverley $95,566 per year
Mildura $92,897 per year 
Geelong $86,992 per year 
Altona $85,676 per year 
Ballarat $81,295 per year 

Note: These salaries as reported on Indeed and Glassdoor are based on salaries actually reported by employees working in the cities. However, due to irregular participation from various cities, the averages might not be exact.

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Different Nurse Salary in Melbourne 

Here we have mentioned the salaries of nurses specialised in different domains and having different expertise. 

Nurse ExpertiseAverage Salary 
Registered Nurse – Operating Room$78,018 per year
Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical  $78,131 per year
Clinical Nurse  $98,447 per year
Licensed Practical Nurse$85,606 per year
Registered Nurse – Home Health  $62.83 per hour
Dialysis RN  $80,000 per year 
RN Case Manager $62,500 per year 
Nurse Researcher$75k to $95k per year
Geriatric Nurse$70k to $121k
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner$70k to $90k
Paediatric Nurse$65k to $70k
Orthopedic NurseUp to $120k
Neonatal Nurses$70k to $120k
Health Policy NurseUp to $97k
Critical Care Nurse$75k to $121k

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How many days do registered Nurses work in Australia?

Nurses in Australia often work overtime. The average working time for a nurse in Australia is 38 hours per week. In the beginning, you might have to work 12-hour shifts over three consecutive days accounting for 36 hours a week. 

What Do Part-Time Nurses Get Paid in Australia?

Part-time nurses work 24 and 32 hours per week and earn around $43.92 per hour. 

Do registered nurses have to pay taxes in Melbourne Australia?

Registered nurses can claim deductions in tax. This includes parking taxes and education costs. 

Can overseas nurses work in Australia?

Yes, you can work in Australia if you are qualified as a nurse abroad. However, one needs to meet the Australian Nursing and Midwifery (NMBA) education standards and also fulfill their requirements. Moreover, proficiency in English is a must. 

We hope that you now understand how a Nurse’s salary in Melbourne is calculated. If you want to read more about such a good profession that pays you well, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu.

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