Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Spain 2024

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Highest paying jobs in spain

Spain offers a range of high paying job opportunities across various industries.This blog explores the highest paying jobs in Spain, providing valuable insights for professionals seeking lucrative careers. Whether you are an expatriate or a local professional, understanding which roles offer the best financial rewards can enhance your job search and career planning. In this article, we will discover the highest paying jobs in Spain and other aspects related to it.


Benefits Of Working In Spain

While working in Spain an employee can avail of many benefits and some of the benefits are listed below after this we will explore the top 10 highest paying jobs in Spain  –

Health Insurance

The Spanish government offers essential healthcare to its citizens through National Health Services. An employee becomes automatically eligible for public health insurance when they contribute to social security and pensions.

Employees who are working in Spain full-time get a minimum of 22 days of paid annual leave and this duration gets increased depending on the sector agreement and employer.

Highest paying jobs in spain

Sick Leave

In Spain, an employee can get sickness or disability benefits for 365 days, and these leaves can be extended for up to 180 days.

Maternity Leave and Paternity Leaveor Partner Leave

In Spain both the partners get around 16 weeks of Partner Leave. Both the parents are required to take 6-week leave immediately after the child’s birth and the remaining leaves can be taken anytime until the child turns 12.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Spain 

For people who are searching for jobs in Spain, the top 10 highest paying jobs in Spain are listed below for your convenience-

Data Science

To get to know about the trends Data Scientists analyse complex datasets and to analyse data they use different statistical methods and machine learning algorithms. they are also responsible for the better business decisions and product development.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Data Science39,000 Euro

Investment Banker

The responsibility of Investment Banker’s role is to help in capital raising, acquisition, and advising clients on mergers and inaccurate financial transactions.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Investment Banker65,000 Euro


Surgeons are at the top rank in the healthcare industry. they do surgical procedures to treat diseases, injuries etc. To become a Surgeon is hard but well worth it as they get compensated well for their role.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Surgeon8,540 Euro

Petroleum Engineers

The extraction of oil and gas resources is controlled by the Petroleum Engineers. Petroleum Engineers use different- different advanced technologies and engineering principles to better production, drilling and management processes of reservoirs.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Petroleum Engineers89,592 Euro

Chief Executive Officers

The Chief Executive Officer plays multiple roles such as leading organisations, planning strategic direction, presenting the company to stakeholders and managing operations. A Chief Executive Officer has to supervise the work and control the administrative activities.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Chief Executive Officers109616 Euro
Highest paying jobs in spain

Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyers check the business decisions and they look after the legal compliance of a business entity. Corporate Lawyers make all of the decisions for the organisation to benefit the organisation.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Corporate Lawyers50,000 Euro

IT Manager

IT manager manages different things such as planning, implementation and maintenance of IT projects. They also look after the implementation and development of customised systems and oversee all computer-related activities.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
IT Manager50470 Euro


Psychiatrists help to improve people’s mental health. To help patients improve their mental health and well-being they provide therapy, medication and other interventions.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Psychiatrist6,870 Euro

Web Developer

Web developers manage the whole website interface which includes designing, building a website, and creating user-friendly interfaces in CSS, HTML and Java Scripts.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Web Developer26,750 Euro

Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers deploy and develop algorithms which make a computer make and learn predictions or decisions based on offered data, they are experts in using data to train models.

Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
Machine Learning Engineers68,598 Euro

Ways To Get A Job In Spain

Here few ways are described below to search for jobs in Spain-

  •  Networking-Networking is best for searching for a job people who want a job in Spain start to attend workshops related to their field and skills. and if you get any chance to pitch for you then don’t hesitate just go for it.
  • Creer Pages organisation has their career page so if you are looking to aim for some specific organisations then you can explore the career page and apply there while filling application form and uploading your CV and resume.
  • Job Sites- The easiest way and most convenient for all is to search for jobs on job sites and some of the best job sites are also mentioned below.

Explore Part-Time Jobs In Spain

6 Best Sites To Get A Job In Spain

Here are 6 Best websites mentioned below with the links for your convenience-

Job Todayhttps://jobtoday.com/

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Highest Paying JObs In Madrid

Here is the list of Highest paying jobs in Madrid the capital of Spain you can explore salary of different occupations in the below given list-

Job Title Salary
Bank Manager7,270
Chief Executive Officers6,830
Chief Financial Officer6,390
Marketing Directors4,189


How much salary is sufficient in Spain?

A salary of 30,000 Euro or more is considered a good salary and with this much of salary, you can survive in Spain comfortably. Overall Spain is affordable to stay.

Is it hard to find it job in Spain?

It might be hard to get a job in Spain but it is not impossible if anyone searches for the job according to his/her qualifications and skills and cracks the interview with a correct approach then it is possible to land a job in Spain.

Which city in Spain yields the highest average salary?

Employees working in Madrid obtain the highest monthly salary which is around 2,077 Euro per month. although in Basque and Navarre, employees get an average monthly salary of 2,051 Euros and 1,883 euros.

Here we complete our article which was about the highest paying jobs in Spain and to get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad you can stay connected with Leverage Edu’s page.

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