Top Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Programs Online 2023-24

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in Medical laboratory science, you might want to consider enrolling in an online MLS program. It can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this field. Medical laboratory science (MLS) is a field that involves the analysis of biological samples for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.This blog will review some of the top online MLS programs for 2023-24 and their admission requirements, pros and cons, and scope. Read on to learn more about the top online MLS programs for 2023-24.

Course Name Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)
Levels offeredDiploma, Bachelors, Masters, Certification
Course duration2 years (Diploma), 3.6 years (Bachelor), 2 years (Masters), 3-6 months (certification)

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Top 5 Online MLS Programs 2023-24

MLS professionals work in various settings, such as hospitals, clinics, research labs, and public health agencies. Online MLS programs are designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals, as well as students who prefer the flexibility and convenience of online learning. Let’s a take look at some of the top online MLS programs for 2023-24.

University of Cincinnati

If you have an associate degree in CLT or MLT, you can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science online from the University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences. This program is designed to fit your busy schedule and help you overcome the common challenges of returning to school. 

Duration2 years
Financial AidAvailable
Tuition Fees$3,528/semester
Eligibility RequirementsA minimum GPA of 2.5A NAACLS-accredited MLT/CLT associate degree or
equivalent education or experience like military MLTs.ASCP, AAB or AMT CLT/MLT certification proof.

Austin Peay State University

APSU offers another one of the top online MLS programs that will help you earn credit for work experience in addition to completing the course at your convenience. The course provides fundamental knowledge in areas such as:

  • Human physiology
  • Biotechnology
  • Molecular diagnostics, and so on
Duration11 months
Financial AidAvailable
Tuition Fees$2770/semester
Eligibility Requirements$2770/Semester

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South Dakota State University

The South Dakota State University offers online MLS programs under its Upward Mobility Program. The program gives students an opportunity to complete their bachelor’s in MLS at a schedule flexible with their work timings. The course curriculum covers topics like Chemistry, Clinical Research, and so on.

Duration16 months
Financial AidAvailable
Tuition Fees$5,642/semester
Eligibility RequirementsAn associate degree and a CLT/MLT certification or equivalent. A minimum score of “C” or “70%” in all the required courses.Work experience from a Lab accredited by TJC/CAP/COLA/CLIA Letter of support from your current laboratory employer (Laboratory Director/Supervisor).Agreement from your current employer and any other sites where you will get additional clinical experience.

Auburn University of Montgomery

The online MLS program of Auburn University of Montgomery is a bachelor’s degree program. It also teaches students essential knowledge and skills for working in medical laboratories. The program consists of online courses, on-campus sessions, and clinical rotations and prepares students for the ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) Board of Certification exam.

The program is accredited by NAACLS (National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences).

Duration4 years
Financial AidAvailable
Tuition Fees$23,100/year
Admission RequirementsA bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.Completed prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, and mathematics with a grade of C or better.Be a certified medical laboratory technician (MLT) or have equivalent clinical laboratory experience.A certified medical laboratory scientist (MLS) as a clinical facilitator or equivalent to supervise your clinical training at your workplace.

University of Southern Mississippi

If you are a certified medical laboratory technician or scientist, you can pursue higher education at the University of Southern Mississippi without leaving your job or coming to campus. Their online MLS programs are fully online and cater to your needs at any level for both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Duration2-4 years
Financial AidAvailable
Tuition Fees$5,049/semester
Admission RequirementsAn associate of applied science degree in MLT from an accredited program and an MLT(ASCP)cm certification.2 years of work experience as a technician and you live in an eligible area.

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Online MLS Programs: Career Scope

Apart from their online MLS programs, students graduating through this medium can expect careers in the following job profiles, such as:

  1. Medical laboratory scientist
  2. Medical technologist
  3. Medical laboratory technician
  4. Biological technician
  5. Immunology technologist
  6. Chemical technician
  7. Pharmaceutical technician
  8. Veterinary technologist


Ques 1. What is MLS qualification?

Ans. To qualify for MLS, you need to:
1.Earn a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or clinical laboratory science, 
Or a bachelor’s degree in a field related to science or health (e.g. chemistry or microbiology). 
2. Finish a clinical laboratory program or internship either through a hospital-based program or as part of your education.

Ques 2. What is the difference between MLT and MLS?

Ans. The main difference between Medical Lab Technician (MLT) and Medical Lab Scientist (MLS) is that the former is prepared to work entry-level jobs in laboratories in the public and private sectors, while the latter has more responsibilities and knowledge.

Ques 3. What is the full form of BSc MLS?

Ans. The full form of BSc MLS is Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, a 3-year undergraduate program.

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