Bachelor of Nursing in New Zealand for International Students

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bachelor of nursing in new zealand

When considering studying Nursing in New Zealand, international students can pursue a three-year undergraduate professional degree that leads to qualification as a General Registered Nurse. Alternatively, they can opt for a master’s course for 1-2 years, depending on their previous qualifications. The decision can be based on the individual’s educational background. The nursing programs in New Zealand aim to equip graduates with robust academic and practical skills across various nursing domains. 

Additionally, students interested in specializing in specific areas, such as mental health, paediatrics, or oncology, can explore tailored courses.

Why Pursue a Bachelor of Nursing in New Zealand?

New Zealand experiences a significant demand for skilled and professional nurses, making it a preferred destination for nursing courses among students worldwide. The following are key reasons cited by international students for choosing to study Nursing in New Zealand:

  • One notable advantage is the absence of age restrictions for students applying to various universities and courses in New Zealand. This policy instils confidence in students, encouraging them to consider New Zealand as a viable option for their academic pursuits.
  • Moreover, the Return on Investment (ROI) for studying in New Zealand is notably favourable.
  • The cost of pursuing a nursing education in the country is reasonable, along with affordable living expenses.
  • This, coupled with the competitive salary range offered to nurses, serves as a compelling factor for students keen on pursuing a nursing career in New Zealand.

Bachelor Course: Bifurcations

A professional nursing degree is designed to prepare students for roles as healthcare practitioners in medical settings. The essence of nursing lies in the care and support provided to patients to facilitate their full recovery from ailments or conditions.

Students from the Science stream have the option to apply directly for nursing programs upon completing Grade 12. Additionally, the course is open to graduates or individuals with a Bachelor’s degree who wish to acquire advanced skills in the field through pursuing a Master’s course in Nursing from a recognized institution.

For international students seeking to study Nursing in New Zealand, a range of options is available at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Some of the highly sought-after nursing courses in NZ include:

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Top Universities

New Zealand boasts numerous highly acclaimed universities, as evidenced by their outstanding global rankings and reviews in World University Ranking reports. Here are some of the top universities and nursing colleges in New Zealand, as per the QS World University Rankings 2024:

UniversityQS World University Rank 2024Next Intake for International Students
The University of Auckland68Sep
University of Otago206Jul
Massey University239Jul
Victoria University of Wellington241May
University of Canterbury256May
University of Waikato250May
Lincoln University362Jun

Scholarship Opportunities

For international students lacking the financial resources to support their studies in New Zealand, exploring available scholarships is crucial. These scholarships serve as invaluable assistance in facilitating your pursuit of higher education without financial constraints. If you are considering options such as an education loan or need assistance with international money transfers, Fly Finance is ready to provide support.

Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Amount 
University of Auckland International Student Excellence ScholarshipInternational students studying at the Auckland University NZD 9,717 (INR 5 Lakh)
VueVille Future Technology ScholarshipInternational students studying in New Zealand, Canada, UK, GermanyNZD 1,472 (INR 75k)
New Zealand Excellence Awards Indian students studying for their graduation NZD 8,250 (INR 4.2 Lakh)

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Career Opportunities

Explore the following top job profiles and their corresponding highest salaries achievable upon successful completion of your Bachelor of Nursing:

Designation Salary 
Clinical Nurse Manager NZD 76,776 (INR 39 Lakh)
Nursing Manager NZD 87,481 (INR 45 Lakh)
Clinical Nurse Manager NZD 85,858 (INR 44 Lakh)


Q1. Is New Zealand a suitable destination for nurses?

Ans: New Zealand is rapidly gaining popularity among international students seeking a Nursing degree. The nursing programs in New Zealand universities equip students with extensive academic and practical skills.

Q2. What educational requirements are necessary to work as a nurse in New Zealand?

Ans. To become a nurse in New Zealand, one must complete either a Bachelor of Nursing degree or a master’s degree.

Q3. Is a gap period recognized in New Zealand?

Ans. New Zealand acknowledges a gap year of up to 10 years, considering relevant work experience, studies, and skill development during that period. 

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So, this was all about the bachelor of nursing in New Zealand. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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