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Paper Engineering

The paper industry is a thriving industry and is a key component in several businesses. The significance of the paper industry lies in the fact that the paper industry touches several aspects of our lives.  A paper engineer can work in process engineering, technical services, pollution prevention, research and development, marketing and sales, and the manufacturing sector.  This course prepares a student from the STEM courses ( Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field to gain an understanding of the paper-making processes and converting biomass into useful products. Keep reading to know more about paper engineering books, courses, salaries, jobs, and popular colleges.

Why Study Paper Engineering?

  • Be a part of the sustainable process that is impacting people’s lives in a positive way
  • Paper engineering strikes a balance between mechanical engineering and chemical engineering 
  • Qualify for departmental scholarships and engage in a hands-on project with local industry
  • Be eligible for employment in process engineering, technical services, research and development sector, among others.

Paper Engineering: Syllabus

Below is the syllabus for paper science and engineering. It is a bachelor’s degree course that is often pursued by students interested in this course.

First Year  Second Year
Chemistry – A Molecular Science 1 Chemical Process Principles
Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving Organic Chemistry Lab
Introduction to Computing Environments Chemical Process Principles
General Chemistry Laboratory Calculus III
Academic Writing and Research Paper Properties
Calculus Physics for Engineers and Scientists II
Fundamentals of Economics/  Principles of Microeconomics/  Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics Physics for Engineers and Scientists II Laboratory
Physics for Engineers and Scientists Pulping Process Analysis
Physics for Engineers and Scientists  Laboratory
Pulping and Papermaking Technology
Third Year Fourth Year 
Engineering Thermodynamics I Paper Industry Strategic Project Analysis
Pulp and Paper Internship Modelling & Simulation of Pulp & Paper Processes
Wet End and Polymer Chemistry Process Control in Pulp and Paper
Pulp and Paper Unit Processes Bioenergy & Biomaterials Engineering
Wood and Pulping Chemistry Process Design and Analysis
Pulp and Paper Unit Processes  Process Engineering
Pulp and Paper Products and Markets Paper Process Analysis

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Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility requirements for pursuing this degree are as follows.

  • The student should have cleared the 12th standard examination with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • For admission into IIT in India, the student should also have cleared the JEE Mains Examination
  • For admission into foreign universities, the student needs to bring the necessary documentation as well. It includes submitting the English proficiency score (IELTS/TOEFL), and academic transcripts.

Paper Engineering Courses 

Below is the list of courses that a student can pursue in this field:

S.No Courses
1 Pulp and paper engineering degree 
2 Bachelor in Paper Eng.
3 Bachelors in paper science and engineering 
4 M.Tech in packaging technology
5 MSc in Cellulose and paper technology
6 Diploma in wood and paper technology
7 Advanced diploma in pulp and paper technology

Top Universities

Below are the best colleges in India and abroad that offer this course. Interested students can apply to these universities.


Here is a list of colleges abroad that offers this course:

College Name  World Qs Ranking 2023 Course offered 
Western Michigan University 1001-1200 Paper engineering degree
NC State University 312 Paper science and engineering 
Sunny college of environmental science and forestry  401-450 Paper engineering degree 


Below is the list of the colleges in India providing this course:

S.No Colleges
1 Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
2 Forest Research Institute, Dehradun
3 Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University (SGBAU), Amravati
4 Government Polytechnic College, Kannur
5 Jagirod college
6 Central Pulp and Paper Institute, Uttar Pradesh

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Jobs Prospect

Below are the jobs that a graduate with this degree can take up.

Positions  Top Recruiters
Engineering  Domtar
Project directors  Expera Specialty Solutions
Researchers  Graphic Packaging International
International Paper
Kimberly Clark


Below is the expected salary of paper engineers abroad. In India, the salary of a paper engineer is approximately INR 4.7 lakh per annum.

Countries  Salary Per Year
USA $80,641 (INR 66.04 lakh)
Canada $80,000 (INR 47.48 lakh)
Australia  $83,938 (inr 45.4 lakh)
New Zealand  $86,000 (INR 43.13 lakh)

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Paper Engineering Books

Below is a list of books that a student can use to gain knowledge about this course:

Books  Author 
Paper engineering and pop-ups for dummies Rob Ives
Paper engineering for designers  Keith Finch
The pocket paper engineering Carol Barton
Cut and fold techniques for pop-up designs Paul Jackson
Paper engineering- 3D design techniques for a 2D material Natalie Avella 
Structural packaging – Design your own boxes and 3D forms Paul Jackson


Q1. What does a paper engineer do?

Ans. A paper engineer deals with all the aspects of this course. Starting from managing the recycling of paper for waste management, and forest management schemes, to ensuring that the natural balance of trees remains.

Q2. What are the basics of paper engineering?

Ans. The basics of this course for pop-ups include- a stage set, box and cylinder design. v-fold, and floating layers.

Q3. What are pulp and paper engineering?

Ans. Pulp and paper engineers use mathematical and scientific principles to develop, design, and manufacture paper products.

This is a viable career option due to the demand and importance of paper in our lives. A paper engineer can work in many different sectors such as technical services, pollution prevention,  research and development, among others. Need help with study abroad admissions? Call us at 1800 572 000 and book our free 30-minute counselling session today.

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