Quantity Surveyor Course in NZ: Top Courses and Universities in New Zealand

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Quantity Surveying, also known as Chartered Surveying, is a vital profession in the construction industry. Quantity surveyors, or chartered surveyors, play a pivotal role in cost estimation, project planning, and cost control during building construction. They ensure that projects adhere to estimated budgets, making them invaluable for contractors during bidding and budgeting processes. Beyond cost estimation, their responsibilities encompass tender management, bill preparation, contract oversight, and evaluation of construction progress. Quantity surveyors are among the highest earners in the construction field, making it an attractive career choice in New Zealand. Consider pursuing a quantity surveyor course in NZ, where institutions offer excellent educational opportunities in this field.


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About The Program

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the construction industry, equipping you with skills in construction management, project planning, cost estimation, cost control, and quality management. Opting for this program grants you a globally recognized degree, enhancing your employability on a global scale. As a quantity surveyor, your core responsibility is to ensure projects stay within their estimated budgets from inception to completion. You gain practical expertise through hands-on experience with real-world projects. If you aspire to be a quantity surveyor, consider pursuing your education in New Zealand, where prestigious institutions offer these programs. Explore job prospects and the advantages of studying in New Zealand further.

Why Study Quantity Surveyor Course In NZ?

Studying in New Zealand offers a multitude of compelling advantages. First and foremost, it provides the opportunity to study and live in one of the world’s safest countries, ensuring a secure and welcoming environment for international students. New Zealand’s education system is renowned globally, granting your work and qualifications international recognition, and enhancing your career prospects significantly. The country also boasts abundant job opportunities in various fields, making it an ideal destination for aspiring professionals.

Obtaining a degree from a New Zealand university adds prestige to your resume and increases your marketability on a global scale. Furthermore, despite the high quality of life, the cost of living in New Zealand remains relatively affordable, allowing students to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while pursuing their education. The nation’s political stability further contributes to a conducive learning environment. Additionally, many top universities in New Zealand offer scholarships for international students, easing the financial burden. Moreover, the straightforward process of obtaining a student visa makes setting up your education in New Zealand an accessible and appealing choice for students worldwide.

Top Universities Offering Quantity Surveyor Course in NZ

Distinguished New Zealand institutions have a long-standing tradition of delivering top-tier education and conferring globally recognized degrees. Among their diverse course offerings, quantity surveying programs stand out. Some notable universities and institutes that provide these programs include:

Institute NameProgram NameAverage Fees
Otago PolytechnicBachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying)$23,438
Massey UniversityMSc Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying$25,680
Toi Ohomai Institute of TechnologyDiploma in Construction (Quantity Surveying)$25,000
Wintec Institute of TechnologyDiploma in Construction – Quantity Surveying$24,000
Southern Institute of TechnologyDiploma in Construction (Quantity Surveying)$26,000
NorthTecDiploma in Construction (Level 6) – Quantity Surveying$25,000

These esteemed institutions open their doors to international students seeking quality education in quantity surveying. It’s an opportune moment to consider planning your overseas education journey in New Zealand.

Admission Requirements 

In the below section, we have discussed the basic Admission Requirements


Though the requisites may vary from one institute to another, here are some common eligibility criteria you can’t do away with if you are aiming to take a Quantity Surveyor Course in NZ

  • In case you do not possess a relevant background, you ought to provide evidence of aptitude or appropriate work or other life experience that would indicate a successful outcome in the program
  • Letters of recommendation, and SOP are important documents that need to be submitted
  • Make sure that you have earned a brilliant score on English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL

Admission Procedure

Here are the steps to navigate the application process for the Quantity Surveyor Course in NZ in a simplified format:

  • Gather your college transcripts or final mark sheet.
  • Ensure you have a valid passport.
  • Write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) explaining why you want to study physiotherapy at a specific university.
  • Choose the university and course you wish to pursue (you can use Leverage Edu’s AI Course Finder for help).
  • Register on the university’s website and complete the application by providing your personal information.
  • If you receive an admission offer, accept it and start organizing funding.
  • Once you secure funding, initiate the visa application process.
  • Remember to check the specific requirements and deadlines for your chosen university, as they may vary.

Documents Required

To help you get started with your course, below we have mentioned a list of documents that you will need during the application process- 

Job Opportunities

Completing a degree in Quantity Surveyor Course In NZ institution opens doors to a world of promising career prospects in the construction industry. Graduates can step into roles such as Site Supervisor, where they oversee on-site operations, ensuring projects run smoothly. Planning Engineers are responsible for project scheduling and management, while Quantity Surveyors are crucial in cost estimation and project financial management. Billing and Estimation Engineers focus on financial aspects, ensuring accurate project billing and cost estimation. Contract Managers handle project contracts and negotiations, ensuring all parties adhere to agreements. These opportunities showcase the diverse and rewarding career paths available in construction and quantity surveyor course in NZ. Pursuing your education in this thriving industry in New Zealand can pave the way for a prosperous future.


Where can I study quantity surveying in New Zealand?

Institutes like Southern Institute of Technology, Ara Institute of Canterbury, and Massey University offer Quantity Surveyor Courses in New Zealand.

Are quantity surveyors in demand in New Zealand?

Yes, quantity surveyors are in demand in New Zealand due to ongoing construction projects and infrastructure development, offering promising career prospects.

How much do entry-level QS make in New Zealand?

The average salary of a quantity surveyor is $100,000  in New Zealand

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