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bachelor in foreign language

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Foreign Language is a three-year undergraduate course that helps the learner to gain better knowledge about diverse languages, rituals, histories, and their origin present in today’s world. This course also provides an intensive understanding of the literature and culture of different countries by focusing on linguistic skills and understanding people and their cultures. This study program can be aspiring for many students who are creative as it throws light on the proper utilization of language for seamless communication. Students with a basic understanding of grammar, reading, speaking, and comprehension skills can be the perfect candidate for this particular study program.

Full Form Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language
Degree TypeUndergraduate
Average Duration3 Years
Minimum AgeNo Age Limit
Application ProcessMerit-Based Exam plus Submission of Basic Documents
Average FeesEUR 30,000 (approx INR 30 Lakh)
Average Salary INR 20 Lakh per annum
Job RolesFreelance Content Writer, Foreign Language Trainer, Tourist Guide, Air Hostess, etc 

Benefits of Studying Bachelor in Foreign Language

There are tons of pros to this particular study program like boosted confidence and better opportunities for jobs but here we like to highlight a few of the benefits related to Bachelor in Foreign Language:

  • Marketable skills in the global economy due to diverse knowledge of other languages
  • Better edge in the workplace like dealing with foreign clients and better salary packages
  • International travels get easier and more subtle if you choose to pursue BA in Foreign Language
  • Improved scores on SAT and GRE due to a second language
  • Develop a better understanding of other cultures
  • Removing hindrances like communication gap
  • Improved communication skills

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Top Colleges for Bachelor in Foreign Language

Here is the list of  top colleges for a Bachelor in Foreign Language if you are considering studying abroad:

UniversityQS World Ranking 2023Average Tuition Fee
University of Oxford #4EUR 33,250 (approx INR 33.2Lakh)
Harvard University#5USD 54,200 (approx INR 44 Lakh)
Standford University #3USD 55,000 (approx INR 45 Lakh)
University of Cambridge#2GBP 23600 (approx INR 24 Lakh)
The University of Tokyo #24JPY 5,35,800 (approx INR 32 Lakh)
The University of Edinburgh#15EUR 27,000 ( approx INR 27 Lakh)
Colombia University#22USD 48,000 (approx INR 40 Lakh)
National University of Singapore#11EUR 23,000 (approx INR 23 Lakh)
University of Chicago#16USD 50,000 (approx INR 40 Lakh)
Seoul National University#29KRW 50,38,000 (approx INR 30 Lakh)

Eligibility for Bachelor in Foreign Language

The basic criteria that need to be fulfilled to pursue Bachelor in Foreign Language as an International Student are:

  • The candidate should have completed 10+2 with minimum marks of 50%
  • There is no age limit
  • Applicants need to qualify for an entrance exam which will be merit-based
  • Documental proof of proficiency in the selected language is required

Documents Required 

The following documents will be required for applying at any of the mentioned Universities:

  1. Academic Transcripts
  2. Financial Documents
  3. School reports and teacher recommendations
  4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  5. SAT or ACT scores (only if applicable) 
  6. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  7. Resume

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Application Process

Here are some steps to make your application process a bit easier:

Step 1: Research and find a suitable university

You need to find out the best suitable university and program according to your liking and then cross-check other fees like tuition fee breakup, accommodation, etc. After that, you can head over to the official website of the university to apply for the BA Foreign Language study program.

As mentioned earlier it is mandatory to prove your proficiency in the English language by qualifying for exams like SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL. Other documents like LOR, SOP, essays, updated resumes, and previous academic degrees are also necessary. So keep those documental proofs because you will need them while filling out the application form.

Step 3- Submit your application and wait for the offer letter

Once you got all the required documents in one place you are ready to fill out the application form. Make sure you are entering all your personal details correctly. After the application is submitted you may need to wait for a few weeks for your offer letter as the university needs to evaluate your application properly. Once you receive your offer letter you now need to apply for a Student Visa for your Study abroad dream to come true.

Top 5 Colleges in India for Bachelor in Foreign Studies

Here are the Top 5 colleges in India for Bachelor in Foreign Studies and you should definitely check them out:

  • Amity University
  • Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University
  • REVA University
  • University of Lucknow
  • Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts

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Major Subjects in Bachelor of Foreign Language

Here are some subjects listed below in a tabular format that is related to a Bachelor in Foreign Language and a few of them are elective subjects:

1English Language Usage Essentials 
2World Literature and European Culture History
3Introduction to Communication Skills
4Individual Society and Nation
5French/ Spanish Media Studies
6History of France/ Spain/ China/ Germany
7Professional Communication for Recruitment and Employability
8Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking
9Foreign Business Language
10French/ Japanese / Spain Culture and Industry 
11Social Communication
13Management and Entrepreneurship Development

Salary and Job Scope

Studying Bachelor in Foreign Language is extremely beneficial as we discussed earlier under the benefits but here are Job scopes along with their salaries which are definitely worth checking out:

Job ProfileAverage Salary (India)Average Salary (Abroad)
InterpreterINR 9.1 Lakh per annumINR 23 Lakh per annum
TranslatorINR 5 Lakh per annum INR 25 Lakh per annum
Tour GuideINR 3.2 Lakh per annumINR 35 Lakh per annum
Teacher/ Private TutorINR 1.5 Lakh per annumINR 27 Lakh per annum
Diplomatic CoordinatorINR  6 lakh per annumINR 19 Lakh per annum

*Courtesy- Ambitionbox and Indeed

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Q1. Which specialization is the best for foreign language studies?

As this is a very subjective matter, we cannot point out one best specialization in the field of foreign language studies but you can choose linguistics, history, literature, and film studies according to your interest.

Q2. Which foreign language is most demanded in India?

There are different foreign languages like French, German, Spanish, etc which are highly demanded in India.

Q3. What is the benefit of getting a Bachelor of Foreign Language degree in India?

There are various benefits and as we mentioned earlier getting a slight edge while applying for a Job, dealing with International clients, and getting Global recognition are a few of the benefits of pursuing Bachelor in Foreign language.

This was everything related to Bachelor in Foreign Language. As we all know how hectic and overwhelming the whole process of studying abroad can be so if you are searching for a top university and planning for studying abroad, you can reach us at 1800 57 2000 and contact our Leverage Edu experts also for such more amazing blogs you can always stay updated by following Leverage Edu Blogs. Additionally, you can also connect with us through our socials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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