Arts Courses in Singapore for International Students

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arts courses in singapore

Studying arts courses in Singapore offers international students a unique blend of cultural diversity, cutting-edge facilities, and a global perspective. Further, renowned institutions like LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts provide world-class education in a dynamic, cosmopolitan setting. Singapore’s strategic location facilitates exposure to diverse Asian influences, enriching artistic perspectives. The city-state’s commitment to the arts is evident through festivals, galleries, and a thriving creative scene. 

With a focus on innovation and a robust arts community, Singapore provides an ideal environment for international students to hone their creative skills and thrive in a globally competitive artistic landscape. In this blog, we will talk about the art courses offered in Singapore. 

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Why Pursue Arts Courses in Singapore?

Embarking on an art course in Singapore as an international student promises a culturally rich, academically rewarding, and globally connected artistic journey.

Pursuing arts courses in Singapore as an international student offers a multifaceted opportunity:

  1. Cultural Fusion: Singapore’s diverse population creates a unique environment where international students can experience a rich blend of Asian and global cultures, enriching their artistic perspectives.
  2. High-Quality Education: Renowned institutions like LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts provide top-tier education, equipped with modern facilities and experienced faculty.
  3. Global Networking: In addition to Singapore’s strategic location and international connectivity, it also opens doors to global networking opportunities, connecting students with the broader arts community.
  4. Innovative Atmosphere: The city-state’s commitment to innovation and creativity provides a stimulating atmosphere for artistic exploration and development.
  5. Cultural Festivals: Students can immerse themselves in Singapore’s vibrant cultural scene, with numerous festivals and events showcasing various forms of artistic expression, fostering inspiration and collaboration.

Educational Institutions in Singapore Offering Art Courses 

Here are some universities in Singapore that offer art courses, with their course name and average tuition fees: 

University Name Course Name Average Tuition Fees 
National University of Singapore MA (Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship), Masters of Arts (Coursework) in Japanese Visual CulturesSG$ 40,000.00 per year
Lasalle College of the Arts Diploma Animation, Diploma in Fine Arts SG$ 24,514.00 per year
Raffles Design Institute, Singapore MA (Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship), 
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Art History, BFA in Art, Design and Media Annual fee – Subsidised tuition fee: SG $17,550

Career Scope

Singapore stands out as a prominent business hub that attracts significant investments and encourages companies to establish their presence. It creates a plethora of job opportunities and also serves as an ideal destination for an international career. The city offers diverse roles, catering to the skillsets of experienced professionals. 

Moreover, the remuneration in Singapore is highly competitive. Companies are willing to offer lucrative salaries and attractive perks to overseas talent. This provides an opportunity for individuals to earn substantially more than in their home countries. 

According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in 2019, the average gross monthly wage was 4,560 SGD (3,300 USD), equivalent to an annual salary of approximately 55,000 SGD (40,000 USD), including contributions from the Employer Central Provident Fund (CPF).

Student Life in Singapore

Studying in Singapore holds numerous advantages for Indian students, including:

1. Diverse and Inclusive Community: Singapore boasts a community of individuals, creating a welcoming atmosphere akin to a home away from home. In addition, Indians constitute 9% of Singapore’s population, with Tamil being one of the country’s official languages.

2. English-Medium Education: Enjoying Commonwealth status, the majority of degree programs are conducted in English, offering Indian students the opportunity to pursue various academic levels, including a PhD. Furthermore, this language compatibility simplifies the learning experience.

3. Simplified Visa Process: The visa application process for students seeking to study in Singapore is straightforward. Obtaining a student pass typically takes a few weeks when all required documentation is in order.

4. Pathway to Permanent Residency: After residing in Singapore for a minimum of 3 years, with at least 1 year under a residence permit, students may have the opportunity to pursue permanent residency. This opens up a long-term prospect for those aiming to establish a more enduring life in Singapore.

5. Secure and Dynamic Environment: Singapore provides a secure setting for both studying and working, nurturing a dynamic and diverse community. This inclusive atmosphere extends to students, educators, and colleagues, fostering a sense of belonging.


Q1. What is the experience like for international students living in Singapore? 

Ans: The nation boasts a robust healthcare system and provides exceptional transportation facilities within university campuses. Stringent laws contribute to a crime-free environment, ensuring the safety of international students, even when exploring beyond the university campus.

Q2. Is Singapore a suitable choice for foreign students? 

Ans: Governed by the Ministry of Education, the education system in Singapore is highly regarded globally. Hence, it is an ideal destination for international students seeking a quality study abroad experience.

Q3. Is Singapore a favourable option for students from India? 

Ans: Singapore provides a hospitable environment for Indian students, delivering education in English, a simplified visa application process, and ample employment prospects. The cost of courses is comparatively lower than in the US or the UK. Moreover, the average student tuition fees at Singaporean universities range from SGD 22,000 to SGD 55,000.

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