Study Mandarin in Singapore: Free, Cheap, Online Classes for Adults

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Ni hao! Do you dream of conversing in fluent Chinese like a native? Although it can feel daunting to master the world’s toughest language, there’s no better place to learn it than Singapore. From kids grasping the basics to business people upskilling for new professional opportunities, the Asian country has something for everyone. So dive into this blog and discover where to study Mandarin in Singapore in 2024. Read on to find out!

Why Study Mandarin in Singapore?

So why should one choose to study Mandarin in Singapore? Spoken by 1 billion people worldwide, the language allows you to connect with the Chinese culture and people on a deeper level. With China being the topmost economy in the world, learning Mandarin can open up a world of opportunities for professionals on the business front. For people working in Singapore’s travel and tourism industry, knowing Mandarin can help them make Chinese tourists feel right at home in the Lion City. 

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Mandarin Classes in Singapore

Since Singapore is known for imparting quality education in linguistics, you can find many institutes and resources offering Mandarin lessons that fit your budget and are customized to your needs, abilities, and goals. Let’s take a detailed look at each of them one by one.

Study Mandarin in Singapore for Free

Yes, you can study Manadrin in Singapore for free! We have compiled a list of some free resources that can help you understand the basics of the language. But there’s isn’t always a free lunch, as some of these sources have a free-trial period of only a few hours. So only sign up if it feels up to the mark to you:

  1. Free Chinese Lessons – free learning source for Chinese
  2. Duolingo – Free gamified Chinese lessons
  3. FluentU – Fun-filled free trial with authentic Chinese videos
  4. YouTube –  Free Chinese videos
  5. Anki – Free spaced repetition software flashcard app
  6. Coursera – Free Chinese courses
  7. Pleco – Free dictionary app with example sentences
  8. MeetUp –  Free local Chinese language exchanges
  9. ArchChinese – Free Chinese exercises
  10.  MandarinX – Free Chinese courses
  11. – Free online Chinese language exchanges
  12.  BBC Chinese – Free online Chinese video and text lessons

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Cheap Mandarin Classes in Singapore

If you’re running a little tight on your budget to study Mandarin in Singapore, then there are cheaper options available as well. The cheapest Mandarin classes in the country ranges from $189 – $1600. Let’s explore some these cost-friendly classes, along with their fees and duration:

Institute Course Fees (in SGD) Duration
Fun Learners’ School  Chinese Language Available on Enquiry Available on Enquiry
Elite Linguistic Network Beginner Chinese Term 1 $450 12 x 2-Hour Classes
Inlingua School of Languages Intensive General Chinese $730 1 week
Berlitz Singapore  Mandarin Courses Available on Enquiry Available on Enquiry
Lingo School Of Knowledge Chinese (Basic 1) $300 12 weeks
Alliance Française de Singapour Chinese Language Courses $410 Every Monday 7pm to 9pm
Agape School of Education Mandarin Available on Enquiry Available on Enquiry
Edupedia  Chinese Language Available on Enquiry Available on Enquiry
School Of Language International Conversational Mandarin Course $520 2 weeks
Alpha Language School  Business Chinese Available on Enquiry Available on Enquiry

Study Mandarin in Singapore Online

Do not fret if you aren’t able to work out a time slot in your daily schedule while you study Mandarin in Singapore. Numerous online Chinese classes are available for local as well as international learners to study at their own pace and convenience. They are as follows:

Institute Course Level Fees (in SGD)
Linda Mandarin Beginner and Higher $550 (for all courses)
Yi Mandarin Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Upper-intermediate $6 (Beginner)
Chinese Edge Premium course for Children, Chinese Group Classes, HSK course, Chinese course for Adult, Business Chinese course $520 (for group class)$1,540 (for private class)
Kunkwan Singapore Online Mandarin Classes Available on Enquiry
Stanford Language Centre Basic Conversational Mandarin $189 (10 lessons)
Mandarin Plus Adult Standard Chinese, Business Chinese, Premium Business, ChineseCorporate Training $720/24hrs (for Adult Standard)$700/20hrs (for Business Chinese)Fr$85/hr (Premium Business Chinese)
From $700/20hrs (for Corporate Training)

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Q1. How can I be sure these online classes are actually free/cheap? Are there any hidden fees?

Ans: Many courses are genuinely free or budget-friendly, thanks to government initiatives and community groups. However, some might have optional paid materials or certification costs. Always read the course descriptions carefully and look for keywords like “fully funded,” “scholarship-based,” or “low-cost.” Don’t hesitate to contact the organizers if you have any doubts.

Q2. I’m a complete beginner. Do these classes cater to different levels?

Ans: Absolutely! These classes come in various levels, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. Be sure to choose the level that best matches your current Mandarin competency. Some websites have level placement tests to help you determine the right fit.

Q3. Do I need any special software or equipment for these online classes?

Ans: Most classes work perfectly well with a standard web browser and microphone. Some might require specific video conferencing software, which they’ll usually clarify beforehand. Check your internet connection speed to ensure smooth communication.

And that’s it! We hope that this blog gave you all the information you need to study Mandarin in Singapore. Keep following Leverage Edu to discover more courses to study abroad. Thank you for reading!

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