MA Admission Process

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MA Admission Process

Master of Art (MA) is one of the most pursued postgraduate degrees by students across the globe. Almost every university offers an MA program with an array of subdivisions. Completing an MA degree, as the name suggests, makes the student ‘Master’ of the subject in which student is seeking the specialization. Moreover, Australia, Singapore, the USA, Canada and the UK are the favoured study destination for outbound students. But have you wondered, How does one apply to universities abroad? What is the Admission Process cross country? We are going to answer such general queries of study abroad studnets through this blog on MA Admission Process. Given below is a stepwise guide for the same. 

Studying abroad comes with heavy investment. Knowing all about the country, university and the course you would be wanting to do is must-have information. Self-research as well as going to an overseas education consultant are two options available for the applicants. While education counsellors might fo the job very quickly, it would take a huge time investment to dig out this information on own!

Step1: Check the Eligiblity 

Checking the eligibility criteria is an essential thing when it comes to taking admissions, whether it be in India or abroad. Given below is a general outlook of what is required for MA admission process:

  • The student must have a bachelor’s degree from recognised University and College.
  • The Universities and Colleges accept candidates who have done full-time bachelor’s program, but there are some of them accept applicants who have completed their graduation via distance learning modes.
  • Applicants  must have to submit their academic transcripts in order to prove the credentials

Step 2: MA Admission Process: Language Proficiency Test

The next step in the MA admission process is to appear for a Language Proficiency Test like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Anglophone countries require these scores to check the English speaking and writing abilities of inbound students. Countries where English is not a primary language, candidates might have to take some other Language test. 

Step 3: Subject Proficiency Test

Another set of exams required to complete the MA admission process are the subject proficiency tests. GMAT and GRE are readily accepted in most of the universities abroad for MA, MBA and MS programs. 

Step 4: MA Application Process

Getting admission into the MA program in foreign Universities and Colleges is not an easy task as it takes time and a complex procedure. Proper preparation with guidance is required to secure an admission. Students have to pay attention to the given below key areas during MA admission process.

Essays– A student must write an essay in a way which elaborates the objectives and aim of the student behind applying to a particular MA course/ specialisation. In the essay, students must explain their candidature, work experience, strength and weakness, professional skills and post-MA plans.

Letter of Recommendation– Candidates who want to study abroad has to submit 2-3 LORs to the University. Submitting the Letter of Recommendation is an integral part of the MA admission process.

Submit an Updated Curriculum-Vitae(CV)– A student while applying for an MA degree at choosing university are required to submit an updated resume which details skills and work experiences. Students must make sure to list down work experiences and also their experience on what they have learned during that period of time. A well-written resume submitted by a student will help University committee members to assess and make a selection the profile of the student for an MA program at their University. 

Step 5: Interview for MA Admission Process

The last step in the MA Admission process is the interview round. An interviewer would evaluate the personality of candidates based on the academic performance, GRE and IELTS/TOEFL scores, Essay, and LOR’s. A student must answer the questions honestly and politely. When asked in the interview about why to choose a particular program from this university only, the student must elaborate on their experiences and interest to state a valid reason behind the same.

Top Universities and Colleges 

There is a wide range of academic institutions across the globe that offer a plethora of MA courses. The MA admission process might vary from university to university. Given below are some of the leading ones: 

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
Stanford University, United States 3
University of Oxford, UK 4
University of Alberta, Canada 110
Harvard University, United States 5
Australian Catholic University, Australia 801-1000
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 21
Yale University, United States 18

MA Colleges in India

The following are the popular colleges in India to pursue MA:

Colleges Avg. Fees
Lady Shri Ram College for Women 30,041
Hindu College 18,010
Hansraj College 17,269
Mithibai College of Arts 25,000
Mumbai University 34,405
Calcutta University 2,314
Tata Institute of Social Science 66,500

[Bonus] Top MA Programs

Here is a list of the choicest MA courses pursued numerous study abroad students: 

MA EducationMA in PhilosophyMasters in Journalism 
Masters in Human Resource ManagementMasters in Management Studies MA Economics

MA Jobs and Salaries

The following are the popular careers to pursue after completing MA:

Job Profile Avg. Salary
Human Resource Manager 7.94 Lakh
Social Worker 3.88 Lakh
Teacher 5 Lakh
Assistant Professor 4 Lakh
Consultant 5.5 Lakh

This was all on MA admission process if you are willing to pursue the course from abroad but can’t decide which specialization to pick, get in touch with Leverage Edu. Our unique AI tool will help you select a course that lines with your interests.

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