Doctorate of Musical Arts: Salary, Online Courses, and More

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Doctorate of Musical Arts

Music has been an integral part of human life for thousands of years, and the study of music continues to evolve and expand. One of the highest levels of academic achievement in music is the Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) degree. This advanced degree is designed for musicians who wish to specialize in their area of musical expertise, and it offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth. In this article, we will explore the salary and benefits of holding a DMA, the steps required to earn this degree, and the availability of online music courses.

Course Level  Doctoral Degree 
Course Name  Doctorate Of Musical Arts 
Course  Duration  3-5 Year
Examination Type  Semester 
Eligibility Post Graduate from a recognised University 
Admission Process Entrance+Interview 
Average Annual Fee INR 20,000- INR 1Lakhs 
Average Salary  3Lakhs-5Lakhs 
Job Opportunities  Musician, Lecturer, Artist, Visualization Professional, Illustrator Designer, Researcher

The Benefits of Holding a Doctorate of Musical Arts

The DMA degree is widely recognized as a mark of excellence in the music field. Graduates of DMA programs often hold high-level positions in academia, performance, and administration. Some of the benefits of holding a DMA include:

  • Increased earning potential: According to recent studies, individuals with a DMA degree tend to earn higher salaries than those with a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in music.
  • Professional recognition: A DMA degree is a sign of exceptional achievement and is respected by music professionals and employers.
  • Opportunities for advancement: Individuals with a DMA degree are eligible for leadership and management positions in academia, performance, and administration.
  • Personal growth: The process of earning a DMA degree can be challenging and rewarding, and it offers opportunities for personal growth and development.

Top Abroad Universities Offering Online Doctorate of Musical Art 

These are the Top Universities that offer student online programs in  Doctorate of Musical Art:

Universities  Online  Program
Boston University Online DMA in Music Education
The University of South Africa DLitt et Phil in Musicology
Monash University PhD in Music Composition
University of Birmingham PhD in Musicology
University of Southern Queensland PhD in Creative Arts and the Media
University of Winchester D.C.A. in Performing Arts

Colleges/Universities in India Offering Doctorate of Musical Art 

These are some of the university that offers a Doctorate program in Musical Art 

Colleges  Location  Average Fee
Banaras Hindu University  Banaras 10,000INR 
Lovely Professional University  Jalandhar  37,000INR
Madurai Kamaraj University  Madurai 81,700INR
Banasthali Vidhypeeth  Jaipur 1,07,000INR
Mysore University  Mysore  15,000INR

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Skills Required for a Doctorate of Musical Arts

Skills Required For Doctorate Of Musical Arts: 

  • Advanced knowledge of current compositional techniques and materials, as well as the development of a distinctive voice.
  • knowledge of tonal and post-tonal score analysis.
  • knowledge of and competence in related fields such as theory, ethnomusicology, and musicology.

The Steps to Earning a Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree:

Earning a DMA degree requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. The following are the general steps to earning a DMA degree:

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s degree in music or a related field
  2. Earn a Master’s degree in music or a related field
  3. Apply to DMA programs at accredited institutions
  4. Complete required coursework and exams
  5. Complete a dissertation or creative project
  6. Defend your dissertation or creative project before a panel of experts

Eligibility Criteria For Doctorate of Musical Arts

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts will vary depending on the country/university. Hence, we have provided you with general entry requirements for the Doctorate of Musical Arts in India and Abroad.


  • Candidate must be a Master in Music with a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • Admission of a candidate is based upon the score of the entrance exam. After the examination, based on the score, a merit list is prepared and students can take admission based on the cut-off.
  • The candidate visits the website of the university and also visits the admission centre of the same institute.


In order to pursue a Doctorate of Musical Art In abroad, you will need to meet the following criteria:

English Language Requirements

In the admission, process candidates may be required to prove their  English proficiency. Here is the minimum score required to pursue a Master’s In Education abroad, score can vary, depending on the university eligibility criteria:

Test USA Canada UK
IELTS Overall 7 Overall 7 Overall 7
TOEFL 91+ 91+ 91+
PTE 58+ 58+ 58+
Duolingo  110+ 110+ 110+

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Admission Process for Doctorate of Musical Arts

Admission to the Doctorate of Musical Arts in music may be based on merit or an admission exam. 

  • For the purpose of making the final applicant selection, the majority of colleges use an interview process.
  • You can obtain admissions applications via the university’s website or by going to the admissions office of the same institution. 
  • Candidates must complete the necessary information in accordance with the current documentation.

Entrance Exam

These are some Top Entrance exams

  • UGC-NET,
  • BHU RET.

Documents Required

Career and Scope For the  Doctorate of Musical Arts

After pursuing a Doctorate In Music, candidates can find job opportunities in many fields, both in India as well as in foreign nations

  • The job roles include Music, Music director, Music teacher, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Performing, musician, Music, Editor, Lyricist, Music publisher, Musician, etc.

Job Prospect and Salary 

Some of the job options are mentioned below:

Job Profile  Average Annual  Salary
Music producer  INR 3,25,000
Music Therapist INR 2,40,000
Musician INR 2,00,000
Private Music Teacher INR 2,55,000
Sound Designer INR 3,48,000
Sound Engineer INR 4,10,900


Q1. What is the average salary for individuals with a DMA degree?

Ans. The average salary for individuals with a DMA degree varies depending on the individual’s area of expertise and location. According to recent studies, individuals with a DMA degree in music performance tend to earn higher salaries than those with a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in music.

Q2. What is the typical length of a DMA program?

Ans. The typical length of a DMA program varies depending on the institution and the individual’s area of study, but most programs take between 3 to 5 years to complete.

Q3. What are the admission requirements for a DMA program?

Ans. The admission requirements for a DMA program vary depending on the institution, but most programs require applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree in music or a related field and a Master’s degree in music or a related field. Additionally, applicants may be required to submit transcripts, recommendations, portfolios, and test scores.

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