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The duration of the BA Tamil program is three years. Based on their achievement on an entrance exam or the most recent qualifying exam, applicants are either given admission to this full-time undergraduate program or are not. Students can study linguistics from the standpoint of both grammar and literature through the BA Tamil degree. Although teaching Tamil is the only focus, students are frequently taught English literature, environmental science, and one other fundamental topic. Read the blog to know everything about the BA Tamil Literature program and decide if it is the right fit for you!

Course Name  Bachelor of Arts in Tamil Literature 
Course Level  Undergraduate 
Merit-based  3 year 
Examination Type  Semester wise 
Eligibility  10+2 with at least 50%
Admission Process  Merit-based 
Average Course Fee  INR 2lakhs- 8 Lakhs 

What is BA Tamil Literature?

BA Tamil Literature is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of the Tamil language and literature. Tamil literature is one of the oldest and richest literary traditions in the world, with a history that spans more than two thousand years. The program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of Tamil language, culture, and literature.

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Why Study BA Tamil Literature?

There are several reasons why one might consider studying BA Tamil Literature. Here are a few:

  • Tamil literature has a rich cultural heritage that spans more than two thousand years. It is one of the oldest and most extensive literary traditions in the world, with a diverse range of genres, styles, and themes.
  • Studying Tamil literature can help you develop advanced language skills in Tamil, one of the most widely spoken languages in India and Sri Lanka. You will learn grammar, vocabulary, and syntax and develop a deep understanding of the language.
  • Graduates of BA Tamil Literature can pursue careers in various fields, such as teaching, publishing, journalism, translation, research, and more. They can also pursue higher education in Tamil literature or related fields such as linguistics, comparative literature, or cultural studies.
  • Studying Tamil literature can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, allowing you to explore the rich history, culture, and literary traditions of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. It can broaden your perspectives and deepen your understanding of the world.
  • Tamil literature offers many research opportunities for students interested in exploring the cultural and historical contexts in which it was produced. You can examine the influences of various social, political, and economic factors on Tamil literature and its impact on Tamil society.

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Top Colleges

The list of top universities that grant BAs in Tamil literature is provided below, along with information on how to apply, typical tuition costs, and placement rates.

College  Location Average Fee 
DSC  New Delhi  INR 2-4 Lakhs 
Hindu College  New Delhi  INR 5-6 Lakhs 
Ramjas College  New Delhi  INR 4-6 Lakhs 
KAHE  Coimbatore  Apex International College 
Annai College of Art  Tamil Nadu  INR 3-5 Lakhs 
Anna Malai College  Tamil Nadu  INR 3-4 Lkahs 
Appex International College  Punjab  INR 4-4.5 Lakhs 
AVK Institute  Bangalore  INR 2-3.5 Lakhs 

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Course and Syllabus

The following table lists the main topics covered in a three-year BA Tamil literature program. Depending on the college, a semester’s course load may change.

Semester 1st  Semester 2nd  Semester 3rd 
Language Course- I  Language Course- II Language Course- III 
English Language Course  English Language Course- I  English Language Course- II
Core Course- I Core Course- III Core Course- IV
Core Course- II First Allied Course- I  Second Aliied Course- I 
First Allied Course- I First Allied Course- II  Second Allied Course- II 
First Allied Course- II  Environmental Science  Non-Major Elective- I 
Semester 4th  Semester 5th  Semester 6th 
Language Course- IV Core Course- VI Core Course- XI
English Language Course- III Core Course- VII Core Course- XII
Core Course- V Core Course- VIII Core Course- XII
Second Allied Course- II Core Course- IX Major-Based Elective- II
Second Allied Course- III Major-Elective- I Skill-Based Elective- I
Non-Major Elective- II  Skill Based Elective- I Extension Activities 

BA Tamil Literature: Elective Subjects 

Below is a list of the electives that are covered in a three-year Tamil literature programme. Various colleges may have varying requirements for some subjects.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the program may vary slightly depending on the university or institution offering the program. However, here are some general requirements:

  • Candidates should have completed their Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) or an equivalent examination from a recognized board.
  •  Candidates should have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination. However, the minimum percentage required may vary from one institution to another.
  • Candidates should have a good command of the Tamil language. Some universities or institutions may require candidates to pass a Tamil language proficiency test.
  • There is no upper age limit for admission to BA Tamil Literature. However, candidates should be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission.

Entrance Exams

The entrance exam for BA Tamil Literature may vary depending on the university or institution offering the program. Some universities may have a separate entrance exam for admission to BA Tamil Literature, while others may admit students based on their performance in the qualifying examination.

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Admission Process 

In order to enrol in a reputable university that offers a BA in Tamil literature, keep the following in mind:

  • The majority of admissions are made based on the grades obtained in the 10+2 test.
  • To be admitted, students had to achieve the grade point average specified in the merit cut-off lists.
  • Some State and Central Universities, including Banaras Hindu University, hold entrance tests.
  • The results of the entrance exam and the grades attained in the 10+2 exams are used to determine admission to these colleges.

Salary and Job Prospects 

Tamil literature BA jobs are highly sought after. Freshmen in BA Tamil Literature may find employment as follows:

Job Profile Average Salary 
Teacher  INR 2-4 Lakhs 
Copywriter,  INR 2.5-3.5 Lakhs 
Speech Writer  INR 4-5 Lakhs
Translator  INR 3-5 Lakhs 
Multimedia Reporter  INR 4-5 Lakhs 

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Career Scope  

After earning a BA in Tamil Literature, there are many employment options. Graduates with a BA in Tamil literature have many career options. After completing a BA in Tamil literature, there are various work opportunities in a wide range of job classifications with competitive pay.

  • Speech Writer
  • Teacher
  • Content Writer
  • Editor
  • Tutor
  • Speech Translator
  • Administrator
  • Copywriter
  • Proofreader
  • Translator
  • Reporter


Q1. Which Delhi Colleges provide courses in BA Tamil Literature?

Ans. Ramjas College, Kirori Mal College, Daulat Ram College, and Gargi College are some of the best colleges providing a BA in Tamil Literature in Delhi. 

Q2. What is the 5 famous Tamil literature?

Ans. The Five Great Epics (Tamil: ஐம்பெரும்காப்பியங்கள் Aimperumkāppiyaṅkaḷ) are five Tamil epics according to later Tamil literary tradition. They are Silappatikāram, Manimekalai, Cīvaka Cintāmaṇi, Valayapathi and Kuṇṭalakēci

Q3. What is Tamil literature called?

Ans. Tamil literature is known as Sangam literature because they were composed and compiled in associations called Sangams.

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